G'day there! Bit of a 'photo heavy'  post. Our OFF THE RAILS challenge for JUNE is:
Plenty of scope to let your imagination run wild, eh?
I was reorganising my study, & needed a box for a bunch of papers....
& thus, this project was born!
Original box:
Obviously needed a total makeover!!!
SOOOOOO: a coat of gesso, some paint, some PVA glue [works like a gel medium or clear
gesso - sort of seals your paint!]..... 
& while the glue was wet, I added some lace:
Then with a hot glue gun, some metal elements:
NOW we're talking, right? Prettier already. More gesso over these elements. Then ink sprays, some
stenciling, some stamping & some Mica glitter......
Almost there, Just needed a few finishing touches - sequins, seed beads, some flair-like
elements & a decent coat of Mod Podge [gloss]. FINALLY:
 Dunno how that rust developed....but I liked it! The beads/heart have been 'set' with Glossy Accents.
Can you see the little silvery heart above the key? Love how it all blends into the blue tones!

 Above is some patterned paper that I've punched out then covered with one of those acrylic
sticky rounds. Sort of 'fake flair'. Works a treat!
 A close up of the stenciling around the edges & below,
 the full box: you inspired to get out some lace, metal & an old box?
 Or to join in with our OFF THE RAILS challenge?
 I hope so!
Blessings ~ Lizzy H ♥♥♥


  1. Ohhh!!! You make it seem sooooo EASY!!! Just FAB!!!! I wish I could say that I have done that box ;) Love it! Anna xo

  2. Oh my! rock star with the happy accident rust and the super lace! looks nice and sturdy! Love it!

  3. Fabulous makeover Lizzy. Great step by step instructions (didn't realise you could use PVA glue as a medium .. brilliant) and I love the textures and the colour .. gorgeous!! Isn't it fab when happy accidents like the rust happens?? Should just say you planned it that way .. LOL!! Looks absolutely amazing .. you will love having it on display. Enjoy the rest of the week .. hugs xx

  4. this looks cool great step by step tutorial love color just amazing done!!

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  6. how great your altered box is Lizzy! adore those textures and colors! you rock! ))))

  7. I see your new grand boy has arrived! Congrats to you all! I hope both mum and Bub are doing well! Your box looks magnificent all jazzed up like that'! Love how the lace looks and great colors too! I guess you will be busier now so enjoy your Friday' !

  8. I honestly would have no idea how to start a project like this - though you have made it look and sound do-able, for sure. I'm fascinated by all the layers and the way you cover something up with another layer, yet you can see it all looking amazing at the end.

  9. Wow wow wow ... you simply amaze me!! This is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. what a transformation, looks like a lot of fun creating it. Congrats on the new bubba
    Mary x

  11. A beautiful makeover Lizzy; from utilitarian to showpiece in the space of a blog! You make it looks easy and I'm sure it's not. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Wow..It looks Awesome with lovely textures n color!

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  14. It's beautiful Lizzy, an inspiration, think I may try something like this on the box file I store my stencils in ... Love the colours you've used :)

  15. Ooooh...this turned out soooooo pretty!

  16. Love the gorgeous and textured! The shabby chic styling always works for me and I love it through and through! ;-)

  17. That looks brilliant and I have a load of old boxes lying around!


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