CSI - Major Case #202 for June 2016. And some more UK photos...

Goooood day, my friends!
I haven't joined in with CSI for a good long time. I keep LOOKING.....but....
then this Monthly Case File popped up:
Hmmmn. Buildings. CASTLES, maybe? Our holiday. Perfect fit!
PLUS, I was majorly inspired by HELEN WALLACE & LIZZY CRUST.
I'm gonna share their LOs here, cos they're sooo beautiful in such different
Helen's.....CAS, just the way I LOOOVE it!
Look at how Lizzy has combined those colours...& the frames! 
So, this is what I came up with, based on the sketch.
And a couple of closies:
And just one of the journaling:
Used all the colours, the triangles, enamel drops & white background
from the 'Evidence' & of course, my 'Testimony' is
about a building!

I thought I'd take you through our journey of discovering this amazing
In the train on our way to BOGNOR REGIS [a seaside resort we thought
would be interesting to visit], we saw a MASSIVE castle out the window as the 
train stopped at a tiny station called 'ARUNDEL'. So, I googled it as we
continued to BOGNOR.....which turned out closed up, hunkered down, with
little open and a cold pebble beach.....sooooo we hopped back on the train to
Walked the 1/2 mile into the VILLAGE & found a nice pub [St Mary's] to eat
lunch at:
Now, I'm sure some of you peeps will laugh at me taking
a photo of wood. But for us it was AMAZING!
[Please note heart banner over mantle piece, scrappers!!!]
The food was GOOOOOOOD!
Then we wandered around trying to find the castle entry.
It was soooo big, it filled the horizon.
Was this it?
Nah! Just the entrance to the local C of E church. Nice one & 
interesting, though.....
Rather large walls to scale!! Loved the tulips:)
Explored the 'keep' where the Lord could survey
all that was his [probably still is!] & check out attacking marauders!
Shame the moat is now empty! That'd keep us
pesky [but well paying!] tourists out. No crocodiles here Mitra ;)
Then inside the Castle:
No photos allowed, as they DO live here...at times!
This is their PRIVATE CHAPEL inside the castle.
Nice little spot to pray!
Then, of course, there is also the OUTSIDE chapel:
I swung around the other way:
It's a decent walk from the castle!
And finally, my favest shots:
 Thank you for a MAGICAL, unexpectedly amazing day, Arundel...
Byeeeee ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Oh!!! This is super awesome both your take on the case and the PHOTOS!!! AAAHHHHH!!! Thanks for sharing Lizzy!!! Anna xo

  2. What a great post Lizzy. Loved reading the story of the happenstance which drew you to Arundel. Those little twists of fate which lead to a glorious day of discovery make the best holiday memories. Your C&S take on the challenge is perfect for your photos and thanks for the shout out for Lizzy and me. :D

  3. super job with the challenge, love all the details, thanks for sharing your photos too :) love England :)

  4. Fabulous take on the challenge Lizzy!! Love all the details .. a super CAS page!! Love the story on your visit to Arundle Castle and the photographs are fabulous!! I love Helen's and Lizzy Crust's pages too .. so sweet of you to share their work!! Have a great weekend .. hugs xx

  5. That is a nice case file prompt, I haven't done a CSI for ages either. The 3 layouts are all so different and each fabulous, love them all. Loved your trip to Arundle Castle documentation. The unplanned turns often turn out the best days. Looks amazing

  6. Oh thanks for the encouragement! I enjoyed that CSI challenge! Great layout perfect photos re houses! And stunning castle, my goodness it looks magnificent! Love the floral aspect of it too, what a great time you have had exploring over there!

  7. Ooooh I haven't done a CSI for so long and this is making me itch to have a go! Love all three pages, such different takes on the challenge. Love your photos of Arundel too Lizzy, I've never been there - yet but it's on my list! So glad you enjoyed the UK :o) Isn't it funny how you don't always see a place when you live nearby? We had a trip to Cornwall last week and visited the Eden Project - wonderful place, but I never got around to visiting when I still lived in Cornwall!

  8. Your lo is gorgeous! LOVING the photos and that title work!! And LOVING the UK photos ... someday I will visit a castle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Lizzy, those are amazing pictures! Wow! I would LOVE to visit a castle - wow! Your layout is so much fun! I love love the gold triangles! Terrific job!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Lizzy, those are amazing pictures! Wow! I would LOVE to visit a castle - wow! Your layout is so much fun! I love love the gold triangles! Terrific job!! I hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Aww Very much CAS..almost white bg ..no mist ,texture ?? Loving this CAS take of yours Lizzy !

  12. Oh how beautiful picture You have enough picture to create awesome design what you have made
    Having a wonderful weekend!!

  13. Google really comes into its own in situations like this. Doesn't it make holidays even more fun? Last time we were in Scotland we used google to find the house my FIL had been born in when we only had a vague memory of an address and area to go on.

    Very clever page! Because that's quite a list of requirements

  14. Beautiful page and I always enjoy seeing more about your trip to the UK.
    Thanks Lizzy!

  15. The perfect challenge to scrap your gorgeous photos. Love your cas layout, fabulous take on the challenge.......I enjoyed reading the journaling! Your holiday pics are amazing :)

  16. Yes I'm back....and I still want a castle! What an enchanting post! Hugs!

  17. Love the use of triangles on your fun layout!
    And those are some amazing shots!

  18. sometimes white bg and several embellishments is all we need to scrapbook our stories )))) beautiful LO Lizzy!
    and thank you for your post and photos from UK - it was great to read about your impressions of the journey!

  19. Oh Lizzy, great pages from other Lizzy and Helen and yours is too. It is one of the things that I love about travelling in Europe it is so easy to hop on a train or bus and go somewhere and there are wonderful things to discover in every town you visit... Beautiful take on the challenge. Great job

  20. Helen and Lizzy did great pages and yours is really cool too! You have a fresh and gorgeous take too! Beautiful photo's of your travel....so very good for the soul! ;-)

  21. It looks like you had a great day at Arundel and I love your flower photos.


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