Winner Winner....chicken dinner.... quote a dear bloggy friend [MITRA!] .....
so, for our OFF THE RAILS BLOG RAK winner is......
You can thank DH for drawing your name....NOT my fingers. Just saying;)
So, Jo, your happy mail will be flying away soon! Congrats:)
I've been really busy working on my UK holiday PL album....but not much else.
Sometimes I get a bit obsessed & 'have' to do something 'til it's done. Good in
some ways - bad in others!
While we were away, I used my Becky Higgins Project Life App [iphone] to create some
collages. So it's made it easier - like this:
 Not that it's in the album yet....
And below, is an 'excuse-the-glare' quick look at one page I have done:
AND #1 Grand Boy has a birthday coming up. So I whipped up a card after 
checking out Pinterest. Washi is being USED!!!! So has Glossy Accents;)
 I 'found' [cough!!!] a gold glitter pen I'd bought from Typo [Aussie store I think?]
& it works a treat for a bit of birthday candle sparkle:
So I HAVE been doing something. Oh! And DH [bless him!] decided I needed
more shelving - or more streamlined shelving in my scrap room. Now, this is no
Bec Cruger makeover.... check hers out HERE.....but.....
Scrap Room Mayhem:
Before - but we'd moved my desk off the Right hand side wall.
View from the door looking in.
This is one end of what was our garage:
And now:

The basin has to come out - it hasn't worked for years..... & then I'm dead scared 
what's happening next. DH LOVES 'recycling'. So it's going to be a hotch potch
....but anyways - I'm LUCKY to have my own room. So I will 'make it work'!!!!
That's it for now ~ Cheers, Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Yay for the winner !Loved your revamped craft space !

  2. ...and there I was just about to say lucky you, you have running water! I have to go down a flight of stairs every time I want to wash out a brush. But I guess if the basin comes out, you'll have more space for another little set of shelves maybe

  3. Lizzy your PL is so pretty! and hope your crafty space will be more comfortable now )))

  4. Love your PL page, you are very clever with your apps, you will have to teach me :) and what a great use of washi, those candles look brilliant. AND how organised does your scrap room look , Looks good !

  5. what? Grand boy is 4? goodness that has come around quickly..... love the card.. love the gold flames... and I am sure after all the dust cough cough has settled and the sink is gone and your shelves are all up and you go through your stuff and give it all a new place your room will look marvelous... it is just all that has to happen in the meantime....hehe..

  6. Oh and I forgot your pl pages look great and a very clever idea of collating all your photos like that.. it would sure be a great way to keep them organized and help you remember where you were..

  7. Oh!!!! I just Love to se your pages from the trip. And a happy card for the little man ♡ I think your scraproom is perfect and will be even better now. I just have moved into a room of my own with my scrapcorner. I feel so blessed even if it is not the most beautiful furniture but it is my scraproom! Have a grate day ♡ Anna xo

  8. Loving your pages and those candles look awesome!! Congrats to the winner too!! And LOVING your work space!! I wish the sink worked, I know I would LOVE one in my room!!!!!!!!

  9. oh, yay for me!!
    Thanks :)
    I love your cute candles :)

  10. Drooling over the holiday photos, especially the blue bells and how wonderful to stay with the amazing Ali. Glad you like MY collection too - I chose it especially when I knew you were coming!!! Are sure you can't get that sink to work? It seems like such an asset in a scrappy place. Love the glittery candles for your big boy turning 4. Such fun to visit here and see all the bits and bobs you've been up to. :D

  11. Your craft space is looking great. It looks like you got some fabulous shots of London :)

  12. Your PL spread is gorgeous, as always! You did a superb job! Lovely to see the before photo' I have no already seen the after photo's! Enjoy your new space! ;-)


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