G'day! It's time for our new LESSology challenge.
Have you ever decorated an envelope?

Or maybe it's something you like doing?
Either way, we'd love you see your take:)

Now, I know you won't be freaked out by me starting a Christmas
project.... and I wanted to go TOTALLY recyclable this time round.
So I found an old K-Mart sales 'junk mail' catalogue.
Decided I'd do an image transfer of this Chrissy tree.
Ooops! Didn't work....paper too thin..so changed tack, & decided on a
mosaic idea. I layered lots of little bits of paper. A bit fiddly, but fun!
Three layers later:
I found another star to pop on this one. 
Fussy cut a tiny deer out & added him:
Cut my 'to' out of this:
And cut some baubles from these. But I backed 'em onto cardboard
to make them a bit easier to cut:
And finally, the chevron placemats looked like washi tape to me!
Somewhere in there, I thought about Klimt...& whilst the glue
was still wet on the tree, tossed on some embossing powder in
gold glitter. Then added some Inka Gold.
So, here's what it looks like all decorated up:
 Oh! I added glitter to the baubles. Of course ;)
 And some stamping on my 'washi'!!
The back I also added some 'faux' washi & that's about all:
I'm sorry for all the photos....but I was so excited to get the brain
thinking about different ways of using junk mail, giggles;)
Thanks for looking & we'd love to see your prettied-up envelopes
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. This has to be one of the coolest Christmas envelopes ever! It's a present just in itself!

  2. I decorated an envelope once but it didn't turn out nearly as nicely as this one! Someone will be delighted with their Christmas mail this year

  3. Fabulous creating Lizzy! Love the way you have have used things we usually put in the wheels bin!

  4. This is so cool!! What a fabulous way to recycle your junk mail .. a totally brilliant idea and so gorgeous too!! A really fun post Lizzy and so inspirational!! Love, love, love this!! xx

  5. Wow wow wowwwwwwwwwwwww! This is amazing! I loveeeeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yup...I think I just freaked out...because I am thinking of card all cut and ready to be assembled...cut 2 years ago and still not assembled. At least you get your cards out. Love this, very artistic.

  7. Wow! Lizzy, you turned 'junk' into a fun card! Amazing! I really like it! I like the baubles and appreciate the effort of cutting out the deer. Brilliant!

  8. Great recycling .......I save Myers Christmas flyers for the cool images. Love your festive envelope 😀

  9. wonderful recyclling envelope! just amazing creation!

  10. WOW, Lizzy! Now that's an amazing decorated envelope! . . . and yes, you did freak me out a little looking at Christmas already! I barely got my Christmas cards out on time last year! LOL!!!! I love what you did to make your tree and the baubles! Pure genius! Thank you for sharing how you made this with us, too! Take care - I hope all is well with you, my friend! HUGS!

  11. I left a comment over at Lessology for this, and I think it's brilliant. But Christmas! stop it !

  12. Really clever! Love how this turned out!
    P/s: This is the standard Christmas envelope this year right? *winks*

  13. Very cool...you did a super job using all the bits and bobs! ;-)

  14. Fab collage, Lizzy, your entire envelope looks awesome!


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