The Year that February Flew...

You do agree, don't you? I feel like we need to replay February
just so I actually know it DID come and go......
Funny, we were so busy, with tripping around, that the rest of the
month I squeezed into ONE Project Life page spread!
Of course, using photo COLLAGES helps a heap!
We did lots of day trips with our visitors. Weird how you generally
only do that stuff when you have visitors....SHOULD make the effort
to do it anyways....but somehow that simply doesn't happen. Or maybe
that's just me:)
And you can have a closie of my date card. Since it's practically the
only 'artsy' one on the page!!
I DO enjoy PL...but find I'm always filling it with photos and not using up
the masses of 3x4 & 4x6 cards I've got in my stash. Roll of eyes....aaaaah well....
Happy Scrapping now! Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Looks fab and a busy but good month. I am busting to do some PL to use up all those PL cards that look oh so pretty and I just have to buy them and they are still looking pretty sitting in the containers ! You might have inspired me to do some today.

  2. I couldn't agree more.... Summer months fly!! I cant believe we are already heading into April!! Its like 'what????' Happy Easter!!! Love your PL page! Makes me want to get a wriggle on with mine! Have fun tripping around!!!

  3. Well February was a shorter month with less days... But hey we are looking at the end of March soon so by crikey where did March go? Fabulous pl page, great photos and memories.. I hope you are having a great time!

  4. LOVE your February spread....great way to use up those little bits. PL hasn't worked for me because I refuse to buy those PL cards...and hate to cut papers to fit the pockets....and it takes me way longer than a scrapbook layout. Guess I should just fill it up with photos and decorate the photos instead! *lightbulb moment*

  5. Love this Lizzy looks awesome, yes Feb sped by way too quick, :)

  6. This is awesome Lizzy!! Love your project life pages. Almost makes me want to start scrapping myself .. almost .. LOL!! Yes, February went by way too fast .. but then, so did January and we're nearly at the end of March. Each year just seems to fly past faster and faster. Scary!! I'm afraid we're just like you .. only time we do day trips is when we have visitors.. bit sad really. Anyways .. love this page .. awesome!! hugs x

  7. Looks amazing Lizzy! LOVING the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lovely! Absolutely no harm at all in having more pics than cards. The cards are fun but what's life without the pictures, eh?

  9. You certainly managed to fill a lot in! i find that I fill my pages with photos and end up with a ton of Project Life cards to use up! x

  10. Feb certainly flew and this year just seems to be flying!!!! Your PL spread is gorgeous and I certainly don't mind all the photo's.....but yes would be good to use from your PL stashy too! He he he....BTW hope you had a good and blessed Easter! xx

  11. I agree with you on doing trips whether you have guests or not. We have said the same thing. :D Time is flying by so fast my head is spinning. This is a beautiful PL layout and I am so far behind now. Not stressing anymore I will get back to stuff when life slows down a bit.:D

  12. your PL looks like it was a very busy month but happy too! great moments )))

  13. You are too cute! love your PL life layout...and yes we only do day trips when we have visitors...funny how that works! And I think if they gave us a couple of extra days in Feb. we'd have felt like we actually had a month but boy did it fly!


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