I simply did NOT know how to introduce this one in my heading. 
So here's the K+ CHALLENGE for you!
Houndstooth. There's a story here. As I was searching for a
completely irrelevant thing I found ONE piece of 6x6 houndstooth
pp. SCORE! So I gleefully created not one, but TWO complimentary
cards. Was so happy! Here, I'll show you.
You can figure out what I did wrong.....

Sooo... 'back to my lonely writer's room in the attic...' [you have to be a 
Harry Chapin fan to get that song reference!!!
AND I had to print a houndstooth pattern off the internet. 
Spot the houndstooth, folks!
Too cute! I've done a heap of journaling on the back of this one.
Basically saying how busy The Family were when this was taken.
Both Neri & Alex studying - the boys young. Little did they realise
just 12 months after this photo was taken, baby #3 would have arrived.
Life is forever changing....
 Some close ups:
Stickers from my mate Jo R, cork from Jennifer Grace...
Flair from Funky Flairs....

And a pile of washi & bits that I pulled out & piled on!
Only a couple of months now, & we'll see whether it's a 
3 boy family or a 2 boy & 1 girl! Exciting times ahead:)
And nothing like a surprise, I reckon!
SURPRISE us at K+ & join in this one....it's not called a challenge
for nothing, LOL!!!
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Awwwh - those little kidlets just melt my heart. Hounds tooth or no hounds tooth, their smiles are gorgeous. I do love the design of the Life page with the apricot houndstooth and the orange flair. Great stamping to draw it all together and a sense of great expectations waiting for a sibling. A lovely little slice of life.

  2. These are gorgeous! LOVING the numbers on your lo and those precious photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the cards , especially the second one and the layout is fabulous. The orange and blue is a great combination. Good to document how busy this period of your life is , good to look back on

  4. Too cute! Wow, yes: it's a while since I've seen any new houndstooth papers. They were a thing when I first started scrapbooking. A perfect pop of orange .

  5. Hi Lizzy, what a fun post - I still love houndstooth and love the fresh way you've used it here, layered with different patterns and textures and peeking through the cork. I still have embossing folders, stamps and and washi with houndstooth on, and just last weektried out a Zentangle design called "Bitten" which looks just like houndstooth - maybe this challenge is calling to me .... :o) Thanks for the inspiration as always Lizzy! Annie xxx

  6. Well I think your layout looks wonderful.. and I cannot see anything wrong with the cards.. I love em.. and fabulous layout documenting the life of your grandies.. love all the words/phrases flair.. and it will be very exciting for the arrival of number 3 too!

  7. I love all of the little detail on the layout and the photo is so cute x

  8. Loved the cards specially the tag on second one!! So many things going on on the layout but you still managed to guide the eye!! Loved the little Bob's n bits around photo .

  9. Loved the cards specially the tag on second one!! So many things going on on the layout but you still managed to guide the eye!! Loved the little Bob's n bits around photo .

  10. wowo so gorgeous works Lizzy! and your layout soooo awesome! love the numbers on the bg, lloks so fresh and intresting!

  11. Lpve love love the cards with the houndstooth background and butterflies! Super cute! The scrap page is precious! There is so much fun pictured on that page!

  12. Houndstooth is my favorite print of all time ever. That funky shoelace? was such a neat, textural addition. And then we get to your string of adorableness in your scrapbooking page. I can't even handle the cuteness!

  13. Your cards are so super Lizzy and that page absolutely adorable! ;-) Love the funky and fresh styling! ;-)

  14. Love the cards .. absolutely gorgeous .. even though there's no kraft paper and you used up all the houndstooth. The layout is cuteness overload .. adorable photo and such a fun page!! Love all the stuff you 'piled on' and the colour mix is simply perfect!! Congrats too on getting the previous post subject published .. awesome and well deserved!! Love all of these Lizzy!! hugs xx

  15. I pulled out houndstooth washi yesterday in honor of this challenge! Totally dig it. I am proud you had two pieces in your stash...pretty sure I don't. Printing it was genus! Love the two cards and layouts! I'm excited for them to have three! Can't imagine a baby in my life at the moment. Hugs!

  16. As always you are Spoy On!! Love it ALL!!! What's wrong with those cards...? :) Thanks for some great inspiration my friend!! Anna xo

  17. What a sweet photo of your little ones. Gorgeous page Lizzy...so if all fails we can just download a pattern from the Internet. Have to remember that xx


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