Hi there! This month I got to join the FUNKY FLAIRS challenge.
You link up on their FB page HERE, but I thought I'd pop it on my
 blog as well. 
Here's the LOVELY mood board:
I've used old and new stuff together...that lovely striped heart is from JO R.
The crocheted flower is from YEARS ago!!
And the 'freshly squeezed' will make sense when you see the photo!
 Thank you MITRA for the wood. Didn't take me long to use it;)!!
Below is the Funky Flairs flair. YUM! Especially the flamingo!
 Another fabulous acrylic embellie from Mitra. I backed it
with white card stock, to make it stand out...
 The title is Kaisercraft word stickers. It matched the bit I cut from a Kaisercraft
plastic shopping bag I know, 'waste not want not'!!!
 I've also backed the little heart locator so the heart 'popped' &
added another cute Funky Flair flair to the 
top cluster....
OOOPS! Just realised I've written 2016; should
be 2015! Must change that;)
I'm really, REALLY needing to use up the stuff I have in my room.
Tom came in & took a photo of me working. Don't ask me why! 
But when I looked at what I was surrounded by, EEEEEEK!!!!
Wanna see?
I have a feeling a lot of you will be having a
giggle and nodding their head.
Anyways.....that's enough from me for now!
Happy Scrapping ~ Blessings, Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. This is such a fun and happy page! I love the colour combo and the gorgeous elements. That crocheted flower and the flamingo button are fabulous! ;-) certainly can feel quite at home in your messy scrappy room...literally and figuratively! ;-) My room looks like that 80% of the time...its only 20% clean and that's when I am not creating! He he he

  2. LOOOOOVE IT TO PIECES!!!!! This is STUNNING!!! I am just speachless <333 YUM!!!! Anna xo

  3. Love love love love this! LOVING the colors, the photo and the flair!! And loving the photo of you ... I think we can all relate! LOL!!!!!!!

  4. Another fun page and so gorgeous!! Love that moodboard .. so pretty and your take is awesome!! The crochet flower and the flairs are so yummy and I love the little acrylic embellies .. so cute!! Fab photo of you in your scrap room .. looks way tidier than mine usually does, even when I'm not creating .. LOL!! Awesome post Lizzy!! Enjoy the rest of your week .. hugs xx

  5. Hi Lizzy! I hope you are having a good day! Lovely layout, love all the cute embellies, fabulous ripped edges and special photo! And great scrap corner, it looks perfectly fine to me!,, a great place to hang out!

  6. I loved the beautiful mix of pattern papers for the bg ! the bold words on vellum are my secog favorite and first one..plastic "fun".Yes I had a smile seeing your photo !

  7. And the problem is? Your studio looks incredibly tidy to my way of looking Lizzy! Love all the bits and bobs pulled together on your layout!

  8. Oh I am so with you there!!! I love how you included that photo! My area is just as crazy as yours, but somehow it's my sanctuary....I LOVE your page Lizzy! So sweet and fun, love the whole mood, you are an amazing designer!!!

  9. Aw, what a lovely picture! On your page I mean.

    I like the one of you working away too. At least you still have space to work on the table. I've filled the table and moved onto the floor!

  10. You have nailed the colour challenge, and such a happy , lovely photo. Good on Tom sneaking and taking a pic of you scrapping away amongst all that scrappy goodness

  11. As always, such a fun layout! Brilliant colours & design :)

  12. Such a fun and happy layout! LOVE the use of those embellies!

    P/s: I have been using more on my layouts too....trying to use them all up if possible (*joke*). Well, your stash collection has certainly grown since my last visit.

  13. I love that layout, especially the colour combination. That is a great photo of you in your creative space :)

  14. Such a lovely layout, very cute pic too. LOVE the pic of you in your creative space too. I keep saying I need to use stuff up too :/ Really tying hard not to buy new stuff but there is so much out there :D

  15. Lizzy I had to chuckle - mine is worse, so much so that John has been told to no way come near that room with a camera or iPhone. :) Your page looks super!


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