TIPS'N'TRICKS post for ARTASTIC ~ FEB 2016: Creating a background:

Good morning my scrappy friends!
I'd like to share with you how I created this background,
from my last month's ARTastic DT LO.
Here's a reminder of the finished page:
 I'm hoping something from this tutorial will inspire you in your crafting:)
Coat your card with clear Gesso. I use Liquitex.
Scribble on your Gelatos:
Using a water spray, mist over your Gelatos & smudge with your fingers.
Keep doing this until you're happy with the effect:
Your LO may 'curl up' - don't worry. We'll fix that later!
To get some texture for the sea, add the Molding Paste to your page,
then using bubble wrap, dab over it to create a bumpy look
Let dry:
Add blue Gelato, in the same way as above:
I used crackle paste over a stencil for the sunburst effect: 
I liked how it still allowed the colour to peep through underneath.
To finish the sunburst, once dry, I sponged over it using Distress ink.
Here's a close up:
Because this background was textured and bumpy, it was easier
to simply staple my bg layers of patterned paper to the card stock
then adhere my photo to this.
I have NEVER regretted buying my long arm stapler. They make
a fabulous birthday gift!!
When you've stapled or sewn through your card stock it makes it neat
& stops threads coming undone by simply covering with some masking
When you've finished 'playing' with your page, to 'uncurl' it & make it flat,
simply turn it over & using any wet medium - I use white gesso - 
paint the whole page. The 'push-pull' effect will uncurl your
LO beautifully:)
There you have it!
Thanks for reading this. I hope it helps in your 
creative journey.
And as always ~ Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. I have some gelatos on order and I can't wait to try them. I'm only catching up on a lot of this other stuff. Next, I buy moulding paste! Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration

  2. so bright and beautiful .. great tutorial too .. love the way you use color ... beautiful work Lizzy x

  3. Great tutorial Lizzy, you are a whizz with colour and your layout is super cool too :) have a great week

  4. I do love that page, so bright and sunshiny (?? is that a word?? don't care .. it fits. LOL!!) Fabulous tutorial with some great tips and I agree .. you are a whizz with colour! Fantastic post! hugs xx

  5. A great tutorial and fabulous tips, I hate curled paper so will give that a try next time x

  6. Just love love love this sooooooooo much!! LOVING the colors and those fabulous textures!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for the step by step Lizzy, it's always interesting to see other crafter's process. Too cute for the little Bubba's beach page; essence of an Aussie Summer day in the sunshine :D

  8. Fabulous step by steps for your background! Great tip for a warped card stock page too! I usually just put something heavy on it overnight!!!

  9. love this fun and bright layout Lizzy! and crackle sunburst is sooo gorgeous! thanks for the tutorial )))

  10. So fresh n bright !! Very useful tricks...specially the uncurling. I often use iron on backsides but it does not work with embossing ,texture pastes :)

  11. So fresh n bright !! Very useful tricks...specially the uncurling. I often use iron on backsides but it does not work with embossing ,texture pastes :)

  12. Ok Lizzy! This layout is amazing! I love the bright sun against the blue sea! The colors look perfect together and compliment your adorable photo beautifully! And I can't even tell you how much I LOVED your tutorial! All of your tips are wonderful, especially the uncurling your page tip! Thak you so much for sharing your talents with all of us! And Hugs to you for a great visit to my blog, too!!!

  13. A bright , sunny layout. Fab tutorial, I really must use my gelato's and you are making me want to ! Love the crackle effect.

  14. Awesome Lizzy - Great tip for uncurling the paper too !

  15. I love the texture and the crackle...thank you so much for showing us the process...gonna get my hands dirty today xx

  16. Definitely a great page and thank for the tutorial and tips! I have been wanting a long arm stapler for a while now and I certainly helps to staple things down, especially when there's lots of textures etc.

  17. Nicely done! LOVE the bright colours!

    I spy Atelier Moulding paste....are they good?


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