Hi there! There is always a lag time between when our cards are
due for the CCC & the reveal. After all, they have to fly to many
different parts of the world, And that takes time.
This month I used the sketch to create this card. It
went to my bloggy pal, Gail, in Norway :)
White card became blue with the help of distress inks, following the ideas
I got from AUDREY BLAIZOT. It's a common one, but I think
she demonstrates it really well in her video.
Then I added some bokeh with heat embossing over it.
On the back of the finished card, I stamped 'made with love'.
Then accidentally cleaned it on the envelope.
So it then got decorated too!!!
 My whole card. I was given that little bird in a pocket letter swap.
And the flair is from Adri du Preez, Lynette J's mate. 
Contact her if you're interested in getting some. They are LOVELY:)
I hope Gail liked this card. It was great fun making it.
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. So cooool !!! Love, love this super cute card Lizzy. The bokeh, the shimmer and the cute wee bird. Thanks for the inspiration :D

  2. Sooooooooooo cute! LOVING the circles and the little birdie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! just ADORABLE!!! The bookeh with shimmer is awesome!!! i am pretty sure Gail did a happy dance when she got it :) Anna xo

  4. so nice card Lizzy! love this bokeh effect and heat embossing ))) also bright accent look sooo good here! and cute bird makes me smile ))))

  5. I reckon she would have! Love the birdie and the bokeh effect too! Another hot day.... Sigh...melting...

  6. Super cute card Lizzy!! Love the little bird and the background is fabulous! I know your friend will adore this!! xx

  7. Well normally I dont find your work cute but I have to say all those awww sweet, aww cute comments come out with this one. It is so ....CUTE

  8. I'm sure she'll love it. That's quite a trip it's making, all the way to Norway

  9. Your card is too cute, Lizzy, seriously! :)

  10. Totally dig this card! I always enjoy your background method with the different sized pretty! Hugs!

  11. That is a cute card, I'm going to try so hard to make some more cards this year!

  12. Such a cute card and envelope! Very sweet! ;-)


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