Being Away...

...this year, as I think I've mentioned, we've a few trips and bits planned.
So I envisage that I won't be quite as good at keeping in touch with blogging
& with posting. Or going in quite so many challenges.
And all that was an intro to a couple of PL pages I've done, for our recent
New Zealand trip to visit Tom's family. We had a LOVELY time.
All the photos were taken on my IPhone. Then I've created 4x6 size photo collages
using my  Becky Higgins Project Life App.
That way, when I get home, I simply print, then fussy up  - like with 
the arrow & washi, above. 
I also use my Little Moments App by Fatmumslim for most of my editing
& to add those cutsie words/stickers above. And the stars below:
This makes it sooo easy to do my PL. Semi digi scrapping, I guess
you'd call it. Here's the above photo on its whole page:
The black and white words are my writing, cut out on my Brother Scan N Cut
machine...... I like to think of my PL pages as 'eclectic' in my good moments.
A total 'hot mess' in my bad. But hey! It's what I do... 'so be it'!!!
For what I WISH I was like - but will never happen, check out
ELISE at FEED YOUR CRAFT. In fact, I'm sure she won't mind if 
I pop a sample up here:
Is that not DIVINE?
But I, just for contrast [LOL!!!} here's my other page:
Just missed the birth of Great Grand Child #4 by TWO days.
Aaaah well----good excuse to return later on!!!!
Blessings for all the different types of scrapping you do, folks.
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. oh Lizzy your PL stuff is so totally NOT a hot mess! They make me smile because they are FULL OF LIFE! hugs!

  2. I adore your PL pages, Lizzy, and it looks like you had a lovely trip! I agree with Mitra's comment that your pages are full of life and your enjoyment of it shines through your photos and embellishments! What a great idea of turning your handwriting into accents on your pages, so fab! xo

  3. Your hot mess is my fantastic page! Love your eclectic and exuberant pages; full of life and joy. I don't do PL, but I can see the advantage of it for holiday pics. TFS

  4. Congratulations on another great grand baby. I love your PL pages...not a hot mess at all and beautifully recorded moments. I am leaving for a 5 day scrappy retreat on will be my first and I am SO excited. Kobus is tagging along to play golf while I scrap ♥

  5. Oh!!! Lizzy♡ I so agree with all the lovely laidies above!!! And thanks for your encouraging post today!!! You are indeed the wise one!! Thanks for beeing YOU ♡ Anna xo

  6. Well Lizzy you have a great time travelling and catching up with those who are important in your life.. That is what life is all about really!! Your PL pages look great, it does no good trying to be something you aren't, just like me, wishing I could have white space on my layouts.. sigh, I just have to use the whole dang page!!! have a good weekend!

  7. I think these are FABULOUS pages! LOVING the colors you used and the photos!! Looks like amazing times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations on your grandbaby! The photos of your New Zealand trip are fab and so happy and colorful. I can see you had a great time. I also like the one of the cat 'why go out if you can stay in'.That has a different atmosphere but very beautiful nevertheless.
    Thank you for your many visits and kind comments,

  9. Fabulous PL pages and there you have your trip documented. I don't think you should wish your PL to be like someone else's because yours are fabulous just the way they are my friend

  10. Your PL has to look like YOUR PL, otherwise there isn't much point in doing it. There personality just wouldn't be there. There's nothing like coming back from a trip with lots of new photos :)

  11. I think your pages are great. I spent the weekend putting 15 weeks of PL photos in albums, I just need to tart the pages up now :)

  12. It looks like you had a blast Lizzy! Love your PL pages - what a fab way to get those photos scrapped! I've been on hols too (only locally though) so I've been equally quiet online.

  13. It looks like you had a blast Lizzy! Love your PL pages - what a fab way to get those photos scrapped! I've been on hols too (only locally though) so I've been equally quiet online.

  14. your PL pages so wonderful Lizzy! great photos, wonderful journalling and beautiful details!

  15. I keep telling you that your PL spreads are so amazing and how easily they flow....I think you do an amazing job and I wished mine looked half as easy flowing as yours! Love your work girl! ;-)

  16. I love your fuss-free way of documenting your life! Looks amazing! And congrats on #4!

  17. Your PL look amazing......looks like you are having lots of fun on your travels,.enjoy!

  18. Love your PL pages and they are not messy at all .. they are Lizzy-fied!! Which means they are totally gorgeous!!!! So much fun and so much to see .. I love it!! xx


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