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Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Strangely I've been feeling a bit 'bleugh' with doing scrapping
for a week or so. So, I thought I'd do something that both
needed doing and was a little different for me.
That being creating Ollie's birthday book. Since I've done
one for Lucas & the Next Baby is just around the corner,
I thought I'd better get a move on!
Took inspiration from the WORDS & PAINTERY challenge:
So, here is the inside of my little book that I've created so
you understand what I'm talking about!
Now, the outside is VERY 'messy' artsy and rather 'deep' colours
cos I figured this [now] baby will be a 21 yr old MAN when
he receives it. 
The back is a little plainer, but I used the same techniques:
It's held together with 2 rings. So, that's my entry.
It was quite a process to create this & I did take photos.
Might do a step by step at some stage!!!!
Cheers for now ~ happy scrapping! 
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. This is the greatest gift your grandchild can have, love it Lizzy

  2. Lizzy, this looks awesome! What a great idea to do! Looks terrific.

  3. Lizzy, this looks awesome! What a great idea to do! Looks terrific.

  4. Love the journalling, you are so good with words , and good thinking to do the cover to suite when Ollie is older

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhh this is looking amazing! I am loving the colors and the textures! And I feel ya ... I had to make a TON of stuff yesterday and I struggled!

  6. Hi Lizzy! This little book will be a cherished keepsake I am sure and each year you will put a new photo in it and I do hope you are able to,put the 21st one in too! Wonder what the trends will be in 21 years time!!!! Love the textures and those colors look fabulous together! Have a good day!

  7. Such a special book Lizzy and loving the covers....will be super for a guy! Just know it will be treasured and loved! ;-)

  8. Awesome texture n colors ..Fab mixed media cover !

  9. Sorry to hear you were feeling a bit bleugh Lizzy. One would not know it from this special project. I love the concept of a page a year and pray you will be there to celebrate with him. Gorgeous colours and texture :)

  10. I agree with Helen!!! And this is STUNNING!!! Hope your mojo is back after some days off with your friends!! I so know how you feel ( I think at least...♡) Love Anna xo

  11. I love your covers, Lizzy. What a great idea to do them like that! I have birthday books for the grandies too but with kiddy covers. Didn't think of that lol.

  12. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor over here Lizzy, this is marvelous! I LOVE the grunginess to this and the colors are perfect, what a great idea,I love how you bravely tackle such unique things...love it to bits! Thanks for your visits, you're the only blogger whose comments make me laugh out loud! you're a hoot, girl! Here's to another fun-filled year of inspiring each other...hugs!

  13. Forgot to say I love how you interpreted the Words & painterly challenge....so great to see you join in....xo

  14. Oh wow Lizzy what a fabulous idea. I think I need to do something like this even though the twins are two next week. I love the way you add to it each year. What a fabulous 21 present or something. You are a clever thing. I hear on feel meeeehh.... <3

  15. such a great idea Lizzy! wonderful cover for gorgeous photos of your boy!

  16. This will be such an amazing treasure of a gift!

  17. Hi Lizzy!! So sorry to see that you've been feeling a bit bleugh with your scrapping just lately, certainly haven't been able to tell because everything you've shown is just awesome .. and so is this!! What a fabulous idea to create a Birthday book for your grandies. They are going to treasure these books, especially because their gran made it for them. This cover is totally gorgeous!! Love the colour and all the texture .. simply magical. hugs xx

  18. You are so good at telling the story Lizzy. The cover is so beautiful.

  19. Oh Lizzy, I feel a little the same. I've had some mojo issues. But... I love this!! What a gorgeous piece of art hun, it's just a beautiful play of colour across the page and texture - STUNNING xx


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