The Finishing up of Last Year.

Well, of my December Daily anyways.
I wasn't going to show you anymore.
But.....well, here it is. The last pages.
The ones that aren't totally boring, at anyrate!!!
 This is the middle of the album with the middle photo/section being
the fold in for the 'flaps'.
And close up:
 The 24th was THE most exciting December day.
Actually, the most exciting of my entire life. Well,
the most surprising!
 Then my 2 pages of the 25th:
 We had a lovely, relaxed, easy day. It was good:)
 I do love my 'Miss Fisher' mysteries atm!
 Below is some old paper I'd fussied up. Worked well for this non photo day.
Luckily! Certainly not planned!!
I had to 'lateral' think to keep the dates going til the
end of the Z's came in handy!!
The rest of the month was truly ho-hum.
I've done them but I really, REALLY think that's enough DD
from me.
Thank you for all the lovely comments - I appreciate them very much.
And off we go, running into January. I've a few holidays coming
up over the first half of the year. So I'm apologising now
for not being around in 2016 as much as I was last year :)
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Lizzy - so glad you shared your MOST EXCITING DAY. What a fabulous surprise... Tim being home... YEAH!!!! This was a wonderful ending to your year. Thanks bunches for sharing!!! j.

  2. New year brings exciting new things and we have something VERY exciting to share with you!

  3. Love love love these pages!! How exciting that you had a surprise visitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. aaaaah Lizzy!!! FABULOUS!!! I love these pages... and never boring! What a moment (this I know!) when your son walked through the door! (Mind does backflip!) LOVE love love your happy place page too! Its an awesome dec daily! I'm going to be much busier in 2016 - all good things... Have an amazing start to January!!

  5. Your pages are NEVER boring Lizzy!!! Looove them all. So glad you share them with us ♡ Thanks!! Anna XO

  6. Boring Lizzy? that's an oxymoron for sure!! The best gift of all, a Son home for Christmas!!! Delightful. Sounds like a fun year ahead for you, you deserve a holiday after posting almost every day last year. Enjoy :D

  7. Have loved sharing your December Daily journey, Lizzy. More gorgeous pages here. What a wonderful surprise you had for Christmas too!

  8. LOVE the bright and happy pages! Nothing like a good surprise eh? )

  9. Lovely pages and wonderful memories! Enjoy your holidays Lizzy!

  10. I don't believe for one minute that any of your pages are boring! Enjoy looking forward to your holidays

  11. Was super glad your boy came home! That made me extremely happy! Hugs for doing a DEC DAILY and guess what, BLOGLAND is always around so when you come back from your holidays, we'll be here waiving!

  12. I love reading your comments like "got up late and scrapped' - that sounds like my kind of day! Not so sure about the'Cleaned scrap room' comment though. I have learned to just shut the door! Fabbo Lizzie!

  13. I love reading your comments like "got up late and scrapped' - that sounds like my kind of day! Not so sure about the'Cleaned scrap room' comment though. I have learned to just shut the door! Fabbo Lizzie!

  14. I'm not surprised that the 24th was your best day ever! It's been lovely looking through your album. I haven't started mine yet and won't be able to for a couple of weeks but at least it will prolong Christmas :)

  15. I have really enjoyed seeing your Dec Daily and I think you have done a brilliant job of it.

  16. What a wonderful way to finish up last year! The last pages are amazing and totally not "boring!!" LOL!!!! I love your talent and especially your sense of humor!

  17. I have loved seeing your December Daily .. almost makes me want to do one this year .. almost LOL!! What a fabulous surprise having your son home for Christmas .. best Chrissy present ever I think!! Love that you too sometimes get up late and have an easy day .. my kind of day!! One thing I can gaurantee when I visit here .. never boring .. always fun!! Have a great week Lizzy!! hugs xx

  18. I so love your December did a fabulous job! You have really inspired me and I am determined to do one this year. I have 12 months to prepare!!!!! LOL

  19. You did it...and you did it beautifully. Well done Lizzy.


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