TIM HOLTZ - DECEMBER TAG & some more December Daily pages:

& feeling a little smug. I set out in February to do them ALL, after
I saw them on Joi's blog. And I've done it, by golly gosh!
12 tags of 2015 - December | www.timholtz.com
You KNOW what I'm gonna say, yeah? 
Didn't have the proper hessian, but used some 'normal'.
Didn't have red distress spray, but had blue Distress Stain.
Hey ho. Not all THAT different!
And so it goes on....no red paper bow or die,
but a seam-binding one worked!!!
And of course, it had to go on a card for next year's 
Chrissy card stash, WINKS!!!!

the inspiration continues & I'm keeping up with the girls.
So far!!!
 We had an early Christmas get together with the family, as they're heading
to NZ for Christmas. Once again, I wanted MORE space.
Luckily the 13th was in a plastic sleeve, so I popped 
an extra page behind this one:
 And below. They asked me to take some photos so they could announce the
arrival of our newest addition. This was actually an 'out take'..... the wind
was blowing the wrong way. Gusty. Took a pile of photos after this,
but I was having some fun with words, so sent this to Neri & Alex who
decided they actually REALLY like the whole thing!
Funny thing, cos Sarah G
had just said that she liked 'out take' photos best, too!
Great minds...
 The following day was nice & simple to document!
Ooops! Just realised I wrote about the left overs twice. Well,
that's what we ate all day;)
Thanks for taking a look at these projects.... not long now 'til Christmas
Bells are ringing - well, in Australia that's metaphorically anyways...
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. I love how you made those tags work with what you have. And don't they look good!

    I'm a big fan of leftovers. We were watching a show about Christmas in the 40's and 50's and they pointed out that there were no leftovers in those days because nobody bought enough at one go. I'd never thought of that! I'd miss leftovers

  2. Lovely Lovely Lovely!!!! That Tag is just FAB!!! And I love that you have documented When you got the new baby news or at least saw the new little miracle for the first time <3<3<3 So BEAUTIFUL!!! Love Anna xo

  3. Did you say next years Christmas cards........ Stop it ! looks fabulous though and I like how you tell us what you use to replace what you don't have the same, if that makes sense lol.
    I am loving your Dec Daily and REALLY like the page of the announcement , very clever , love it
    Walked and survived as a cool wind is blowing

  4. oh my that outtake photo is the BEST! You rock! So pretty that tag! Thanks there girlie for the wee package! It's in my stocking waiting patiently for THE BIG DAY! I can't wait! Hugs!

  5. Love love love love these!! That outtake photo is the BEST! LOVING the words you came up with!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Aaahhh!!! Tim's Tags. Really wanted to get these done this year. I actually started January's, but it's still sitting in a drawer somewhere waiting to be finished. Love yours .. just gorgeous .. and I'm jealous that you have already started on next years Christmas cards .. you are just too organised!! LOL!! The DD pages are, again, fabulous!! I keep telling myself .. next year .. LOL!! probably won't happen but, you never know. I think 'out take' photos are the best because they are so natural and so much better than staged ones .. this one totally rocks, congratulations!!! Fabulous post once again!! hugs xx

  7. Alive your take on the tag... I king of fell by the wayside with that.. Think I need to get back into it... I also prepared DD but solos fell off the wagon with that...I need to get my act together x

  8. Fabulous tag Lizzy! Love the December daily and am I seeing it correctly that there is another baby on the way?? Congrats all round if it is! That's lovely news! Have a great week ahead!

  9. WOW! to your December Daily. You are managing very well to fit it all in soooooo beautifully. It is looking fabulous. Just LOVE your new addition announcement pic. teehee.........very clever. Gorgeous Timmy Tag too.

  10. Kudos on the 12 tags...that's a mighty feat considering I did none...lol
    LOVE the announcement of #3....super fun!

  11. Loved you take on Tim's tag !You always come up with the tag with the supplies at hand and it turns out Wonderful ! Your blog banners is ready for Christmas ;)

  12. beautiful tag Lizzy! love the burlap bg, looks soo cozy!
    and the photo with the words is sooo fun! just can't stop laugh!

  13. I always say yep going to do a December daily, but it never happens! Love your pages, super fun...specially the out take pics. Great way to announce #3. Fabulous tag too...Wishing you a magical christmas!

  14. Firstly - Sorry I haven't been by in a bit. I've been crazy in my personal life planning a huge charity gala for New Years and going through 2 rounds of interviews for a new work position (which I got!) I've read all of your lovely comments and just have to send you some virtual hugs for all the smiles you've given me. Except for that last comment about how on top of it you are with your Christmas cards - sigh.... Meanie!

    Anywho - that tag is sooooo awesome! The texture of that burlap is divine and it looks perfect all made into a card. I giggled at the photo of the baby reveal - perfect captions for their faces!

  15. Totally smiling - love the picture with the caption "3"??? Heheheheh - soooo adorable Lizzy!!! So fun seeing your pages. And... Tim's tag turned out just super. I love the tags that "make do" with stash - that's is perfect creativity to me!!! j.

  16. Fantastic photo , Dads expression is so appropriate. Love these journals of yours , might even give it a try in the New Year!

  17. Love the canvas tag....really so pretty! ;-) The Christmas daily so fun and super...so fabulous that there is another special little package on the way! ;-) Your family is growing and it adds to the love and blessings for everyone! ;-)

  18. <3 the tag! it´s gorg! and I had to giggle at the sticker texts on the photo of the 4 (well, 5) :) - you have nailed it with the photo and the texts to it :)


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