Some more December Daily inners:

Hi there! It's been a really busy month for us.
Even if I don't work, don't have kids to cart around or a
hectic social schedule.
Somehow, the month HAS
been full of stuff. Including my lemon pie...
So I'm glad I have recorded it, with the help of the inspiration
This needed 2 pages. Which I had NOT budgeted for.
So had to make do, with a little flip opening.
Which I'm not showing. Mostly journaling;)
But that's why you can see a bigger photo around the outside edge!
I've been alternating between handwriting & printing.
No rhyme nor reason, of course!
Fridays are always a joy!
Another 'mini' booklet cos I needed more room.
I'll show you this time!
That MAY be my big toe holding the page
down, below, to stop it being blurry!

A HUGE change for my older boy.Who has gone
from working in the Environmental Science consultancy business to
being a qualified and FULLY EMPLOYED [yay!!!] secondary
science teacher. V proud of him:)
It was a worry when it was all up-in-the-air...
And, whilst I'm at this sort of stuff, I've 1/2 finished November's PL pages, too!
So I HAVE been scrapping - just no challenges yet. Still time...
So, there you have it....a bit of what's been happening in our neck 'o' the woods
Bye for now,
 Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. It was a real pleasure to take a little dip into your daily life with this post :)

  2. Omg Lizzy you do make me laugh.. I seriously need to get my ass into gear.. I hAve to get my ass into gear in the new year... I live your DD and the PL page is lovely xx

  3. Oh my you have been very creative getting extra pages into your DD - sometimes ya just gotta do it! LOL (been there done that!) Your life is super busy and you are super duper organised! Look at you go! Love your pages, and your PL page is fab too - I'm behind on my PL.. always happens when DD comes along! And thanks again for sharing with Let's December Daily too!

  4. This is going to be so lovely for you all to look back on. You are doing a beautiful job with your daily Lizzy, it is gorgeous

  5. These look amazing! LOVING that necklace from Mitra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh Lizzy thanks for that snippet of LIFE! So cool you are getting all of this in! Love that first photo of you of COURSE! ;-) Hugs and happiness!

  7. Your December Daily is coming along beautifully, Lizzy. Love all of your creative pages and your PL page is gorgeous too.

  8. Your DD & PL projects are fabulous! Great RAK necklace!

  9. Goodness you are busy without having Christmas thrown in too.. fabulous pages.. will be great to look back on one day.. I hope your weekend is going well!!

  10. Wonderful post Lizzy. Your journalling is magic and I feel privileged to get to know so much about you and your family. And seems we have pocket letters in common too! Thanks for linking up with LDD.

  11. Almost missed this one!! Fabulous post .. I always get a giggle when visiting here .. need that right now so thanks Lizzy!! Love how the DD is coming together. That will be so much fun for you and your family to look back on .. and you thought you didn't do anything in December .. LOL!! Don't know how you find the time for all the scrappy things you make. The PL page is fantastic too .. more fabulous memories to look back on!! Love, love, love this post!! xx

  12. Wow. Sounds like a busy time indeed but more stuff for the December Daily! Looking really good!:)

  13. it's most busy time of the year, but also wonderful time! and capture these moments are priceless!

  14. You certainly have been busy....great December pages, maybe I'll start one next year? Thanks for the inspiration Lizzy!

  15. Love your Christmas daily and I am actually so jealous that you have managed to keep up with it and do such an amazing job! Gorgeous photo's and lovely catching up with your family life! TOO funny re your big toe in the photo...the things we do to get the best shots!!!!! TOE-day is the day! ;-)


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