Hey there! I've got a tutorial up at OFF THE RAILS:
Thought I'd show you what happened with my December DT page.
It was a journey! 
I'd chosen a black and white photo, then, for me, decided to follow
the colour palette. to this stage below.
And absolutely, categorically HATED what I'd created.
Those sort of circles around the frame were the wrong colour.
The blue and yellow blended when I didn't want them to.
GRRRRR! Doesn't happen often, but I almost tossed it in the bin.
But I decided to give it a coat of Gesso first, before I resorted to
such a drastic measure [winks!!!].
The result:
I had to pop the pen on so my camera could focus! Much better! Added
the yellow ink spray, & I like the way the texture pasted stars still show
through a little.
A refresher of my finished page:
 The process really did feel like I was pulling teeth, LOL!
But I'm SOOO happy with it now! So, please, when all else fails.
There's still  a little time to join in with
this OTR challenge, too!
Thanks for looking ~ Hope this is helpful
Lizzy ♥♥♥

PS: Here's a bit more of my December Daily.
Inspired by the girls at LET'S DECEMBER DAILY.
 I'm up to filling the pages in the middle fold of this booklet.
Almost up to starting on the pages on the Right hand side!!
Another little booklet cos I had too much to say.
I often do, it seems;)
 And I HAD to add a photo on the inside of my new 'love'.
Sure, you have to pull it out to see it.
But I know it's there!

No photos for a change above.
But Lucas is so cute, I couldn't resist
a couple on his last day of 2015 with us
Enjoyed doing that sort of 'ad lib' journaling!
This is a PL card done on my Becky Higgins iphone app,
then printed out....
added a few other bits, of course;)
I think you're probably over my DD pages,
so that will do!
I quite enjoyed doing one.
But not sure I'll do it again, as I felt like
I was repeating what goes into my PL album....
so, adieu 'til next year.....


  1. Ohh!!! Lizzy Hill !!!! You awesome!!! You made me giggle a bit here ♡ The queen of Gesso :-) And it turned out so GOOD!!! Have said it before, you are a Super Star :-)
    Thanks for sharing!!! Anna XO

  2. Love your "altered" page although I quite liked the original too. Love looking at your December Daily pages -definitely not over them. Teehee had a chuckle......we just bought a new kettle too and well you know about my printer troubles right in the middle of December Daily....not good. Have an awesome 2016, Lizzy.

  3. I was thinking I don't mind the first of your page, but then when I see it altered, yes agree, like it much better, it turned out really nice. Loving your daily. Really love the pic of Lucas twirling the umbrella in the rain and that printer looks the goods !

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh these are gorgeous! LOVING the colors on your lo and that sweet photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You considering ditching a layout??? That would be a first! But I know how it feels when the picture in one's mind is nothing like that which evolves on the page. Great save Lizzy and such a fun layout. Love the ad lib journalling :D

  6. I'd agree with Dolly B - not THAT bad, but I totally understand and you've just helped me make my decision about a LO that's sitting ready to throw but .... I'll cover it with Gesso and see what happens ... TFS and I now adore what you've done (as usual) xxx

  7. Oh yess gesso is a scrappers best friend at times!! love the end result, but I didnt mind the page before you hit it with the gesso!! fabulous december daily.. and wow to your new printer.. do tell us how it is as we may have to get a new one with wifi.. have a happy and safe new year..

  8. Gesso Is a saver !! Not only for covering up I use it to match the whites of different cardstocks too ! Though you didn't like the previous page I liked it ..and after gesso treatment it has turned out much brighter !

  9. WOWZA, Lizzy! I absolutely LOVE your layout and how you covered a "mistake." (Notice how I put mistake in quotes!!! LOL!) I really like the page you made - so creative, fun, and very beautifully designed!!!! And wow again! Your daily booklet is amazing and so cool! What a great way to remember each day in December! I want to take this time to wish you a very happy new year and to thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful support, for your sense of humor which always made me giggle, and especially for your friendship! Hugs to you, my friend!

  10. That layout is just stunning! Great tip about the gesso ;-) Love the texture pasted stars! I wish you a Happy New Year and THANK YOU for all your sweet comments, they mean a lot to me! Hugs Åsa

  11. Love the way your layout turned out, Lizzy, so glad you didn't put it in the trash! Your mini December album looks darling, too! :)

  12. it wasn't that bad at all!
    but after the cure it is just fab :)
    and I love the December daily, such a sweet tradition

  13. That really is a stunning layout and the gesso works so well! I love your December Daily pages, I really must make a start on mine now that I've finished making Christmas gifts!

  14. Hello! It's my second visit over here. Took a peek at your page last night from the couch but wanted to have a better look today! Love that you covered all that over with gesso and photographed the process. That is super cool! I myself spent today making page blanks....still off due to the holidays and it was lovely working in a bathrobe with the tv on!

  15. Just SUPER Lizzy - Really great - thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and then... your resurrection!!! It's a lovely layout now!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Hugs. j.

  16. A perfect injection of inspiration to finish the year with! pages which need tweaking are so much more fun to read about than pages which go perfectly :) And, oh, that printer..just a little bit envious. Our printer at the minute won't even print onto card. When my little selphy dies I'm definitely getting the print from iphone version.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  17. Love all your journalling and the little booklet to allow for extra words - just fabulous. So pleased to see your share pop up at Let's December Daily.

  18. noooo dont give up!! I do repeat a bit in the december month of my unusal PL album on the pages BUT.... if your DD becomes more of a 'decoration' at Christmas time.... its THEN the memories are used! Its out and its picked up and loved.... compared to people (family and friends) looking in your PL album for December - iykwim? I cant tell you how many times my DD's are pawed over in the time they are out with the decorations :)
    Otherwise..... I've LOVED your DD this year! Your pages have been fabulous including all sorts of wonderful December events and ordinary details! LOVE your new printer - lucky girl!!! Great page! And your LO save - what a great way - totally awesome gesso - works wonders! You are such a talented crafter!

  19. Love the December Daily album, you do have dedication I must say :D and I love how you rescued your are a clever chook xx

  20. Some times I think screw ups happen for a reason....the page kinda goes on a journey, the final result is always better! Fabulous creating, great page Lizzy!

  21. certainly turned that whoops around...and such a fabulous result! A much softer look to the page, which really goes well with the black and white photo! You did an awesome job with your December daily and so love what you did with it! ;-)


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