The challenge for journaling [on your page]
about a 'Christmas past' is up at
My LO:
Very CAS for me, eh? I wanted the heat & dry embossing
on the baubles to 'shine'...... some older papers, too:

Neat huh??!!!

And a little bit more of my December Daily.
 Another flip opening on the green side.
And it turned out green cos I SMUDGED the ink!
Below open:
And then the next 2 days.
Finally a day with no photo on the left!
The star on the 17th opens to reveal this:
 And our Fridays with the Grand Boy:
 I simply added washi for the hinge!
And star washi to back the photo.
I think I'll add some extra bits on the orange pp. too.
Looks a bit empty. Can't have that!!!!
This, like most of my posts, is scheduled.
So, hoping you had a LOVELY Christmas Day yesterday,
& can relax & eat left overs today:)
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. LIZZY HILL! I have spent the last half hour playing with the pocket card you sent me! I now see the awesomeness that I was missing when I spotted them on line! THEY FOLD UP! Yes, this is very exciting because there is no way I could have imagined that THERE WAS A POCKET LETTER IN MY STOCKING!!!Then I fanatically took it out of the plastic, rearranged, moved around to various lighting spots, photographed and in all ways kinda freaked out. Which means, I am making those for Valentine's Day...probably starting as soon as tomorrow...eeek! So, December Daily I am not big into, but probably by next week I will be all Lizzy Hill-afied and making one! Yours is super cool, do you check back to it each Christmas? Alright, hold on, must go mess with Christmas Dinner be right back.

  2. There I have composed myself! I did also want to tell you that your layout is Amazing with those stars! Super pretty for Another Freaking Scrappy! You are a rock star! Have a merry one!

  3. Merry Christmas Lizzy! ;-) I hope you had a gorgeous and special day yesterday! ;-) Loving your Chrissy the design and the gorgeous Christmas elements.. the gold embossing and the vellum stars are super! ;-) Your Christmas daily is also awesome and so many special elements and layers! Good on you for having found the time...a really special document! ;-)

  4. Another lovely page my dear!! Very YOU even if it is a bit CAS :) Very PRETTY!! Like the black thread and the stiching, of course ;) And your awesome December daily, a real treasure for you and your family. Have a great holiday now with your love ones!! Anna XX

  5. Love love love your lo and your DD pages!! GORGEOUS! LOVING those stars and ornaments on your lo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Wow - something I have never done... so wonderful to see all your incredible creativity here Lizzy. AMAZING. j.

  7. Gorgeous layout, love the baubles on the string :) And how to do you find time to do a December daily on top of everything else?? Totally inspirational.

  8. VERY Cas for you ! but looks great, those embossed Christmas baubles are fabulous and I get to thank you for playing along with AFSC .... thank you !
    I am loving your Dec daily, I bet you are super pleased with it, it is going to be so nice to look back on

  9. Fabulous layout for another freaking scrap challenge! Love the baubles! And fabulous December daily pages too! December is quickly clicking over too! I hope your Christmas Day was lovely and yes eating leftovers for a few days for us! Had a good day and good Boxing Day too! Now to try and find my scrap mojo which is buried somewhere in my scrap room I think! Haven't been in there for ages!!

  10. I just love that layout and that is a cool pic of you two. The baubles are great and you know me I love CAS. DD looks such fun too. I really need to try it .... Hope you have an awesome New Year Lizzy <3

  11. Love your CAS - you are very inspiring! Love you, chickie!!


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