KRAFT+ NOVEMBER challenge - Let's get Pink!

It's November. Eeeeekkkkk! To take your minds off the flying by year, try THIS for size.
Would you like some context for what I did?
I had NO IDEA who this 'Pink' was. Still don't, to be honest. I really don't 'do' music.
And my DH - well, he's a Classics Fan. As in Mozart, Beethoven.
So obv no help there. Anyways. I merely looked up a Pink saying & went with that.
Actually, it's half her saying. I added my bit on the end!
And. I've done a step by step.
It's always interesting seeing how other peeps create, don't you think?
So. First. Kraft paper. And in honor of Pink, with no thought to what photo
or anything else, this is what I did:
Then I thought....maybe some stamping? I'd seen a numbers one earlier in the day
that I hadn't used for a while. That seemed a good enough reason to use it!
In the same case, I had a few Teresa Collins, why not???!!
And a bit of colour. Maybe some more pink/red tones. You know. following the Pink theme...
My good scrappy mate, Sanna L MADE me that little 4 hearts stamp.
Being a bit of a 'bold' scrapper, I decided some black ink would help define the background.
Oh, and the big triangle is a Typo stamp. LOVE that one!!!
Hmmmnnnnnn.....what now? Still no idea....but......
I'm a bit fond of penciled circles. So I freehanded them. And LUCKILY my 
sewing machine had pink, to define the circle a bit more....
[still no idea what photo I was going to use. But it looks like I know where 
it's going to 'sit'!!!]
And then, a bit more Gelato work over the top. DONE! I found a photo......
and this is how it ended up:
MY bit of the saying is after the dots!
My journaling:

The Funky Flairs Studio badge is the camera one....the APOCD one was white.
Soooo I coloured it with alcohol inks! Blended blue and red & it worked a treat!
Loved how it turned out!!!
Couldn't go past some sequins & enamel dots, either;)
And some glitter tape! AND I decided I have so many alphas that you use them 
in a long title would do no harm!
You can't go past some Dusty Attic chippy, either!
 So. Pink. Bet YOU know her! Bet YOU can do something special, eh?
Would love to see your take this month
over at K+!!!
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. I love this because it's so darn carefree. Everything from the ad-hoc journaling to the puffy letters with that amazing sentiment - to your overall all process of creation in general. Why not indeed!

  2. Thanks for sharing your process. I agree with Becca love the carefree , go with it , see what happens style. LOVE the title and your journalling and I should tell you something...... You ARE beautiful !

  3. Love that you created without knowing the photo you would end up using, I do this often! Oh! and surprise, surprise I know Pink and love her and her music. Great layout Lizzy.

  4. I love everything about this, I love your process (going with the flow and seeing where it takes me is sometimes how I love to scrap) the colours and the photo are great and that is a perfect title x

  5. hehehehe ... P!nk is one of my FAVE singers!! I always work out to her music!! She makes me feel like I can kick butt! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeee your take on the challenge! LOVING the colors and all the textures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh wow! LOVE the bold use of pink here!
    P/s: Pretty much my way of doing backgrounds....attack it like it's a piece of meat! lol

  7. FIRST!!! You ARE an BEAUTIFUL awesome, amazing, gorgeous woman and friend!!! End of discussion!!! And second, this LO is just AMAZINNNNGGG!! Love it to pieces Lizzy!! So fun to se your step by step also!! But still it makes me a bit mad that the distance is so long to visit you in real life though.....Have a great day!! Hugs Anna <3

  8. This looks pretty darn good.. thanks for the step by steps too.. love how it all evolved... the pink alphas look spectacular!! And I have heard of Pink but do not know much about her.. my kids dont play her songs.. so I had to do some googling.. had a look at the lyrics to her songs.. hummm a bit rough for me.. but found something to work with.. and got my layout done.. just have to put it up one day... if the days slow down a bit!!hehe,,,

  9. Oh do have a very interesting "free" process. I wish I could learn that from you. I obsess for hours before I start with anything. If I could just create without thinking too much...I would actually get a few more pages out there. Your page is gorgeous...and I love that selfie you took with Wally x

  10. Such a COOL page.....loved the step by step! Great title too!

  11. You go girl - the artist! Check out the gelato work! Love the way your page developed!! how awesome is the grungy-ness - perfect inspiration from Miss Pink! what cool criteria!

  12. Amazing layout. Love the Pink :D I can't believe there is someone who doesn't know Pink. :D I don't know how you live without music I have it blaring in my studio every day. I love it. I think I need to join in some challenges to get my mojo going. :D

  13. This is just the coolest! Love the pink and the theme is so original, your text is incredible too! Fabulous page xx

  14. Pink is the best to rock out on during a work out, a bad day, or just to get going...she's pretty amazing....but despite your lack of pinkness ;-) you appear to have channeled her perfectly with your page! Love it! By the way, google F!*@&#@&'s a good listen...

  15. Such a fresh and funky page...and that's pink...funky and punky! ;-) Love the photo and your journalling and very cool! You are certainly beautiful, inside and didn't even have to try! xx

  16. Such a fabulous & fun layout! I love your step by step too...& that title, so perfect!

  17. LOVE the step by step. HOnestly as soon as I feel like scrapping again I'm going freestyle..this one is an inspiration

  18. Such a cool layout, Lizzy! Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  19. Hey that's seriously cool and i love your little tute on how you create that background.

  20. Love this layout! Love the quote, and so right you are - a beautiful life is far more valuable than a facade of beauty. Very uplifting layout. x

  21. You are beautiful, Lizzy, and so is this layout and your wonderful words! You are very, very wise for your age. Usually, you have to get to be my age or older before you really grasp that all the cliches you've heard your whole life are true! Enjoy every moment!! And enjoy your spring as it comes!! Hugs, Darnell

  22. gorgeous layout, fabulous photo!!! love, love, love!!! new fave!!! <3

  23. As Roal Dhal says - thing good thoughts and your face will shine like sunbeams and you will always look beautiful! Well something like that anyway!! Love the adventurous background especiatly!!!

  24. This layout is fabulous and you seem to put it together so easily, It has a real modern graffiti/ tattoo style about it which is so suited to the theme . Best of all are the words on your layout...


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