G'day! I thought for my Dusty Attic extra this month, I'd do
something Christmas-sy.
I had this CD & decided to create a sort of spinner decoration.
Here's the end result. This is my 'funny' photo. I found a hook on our
verandah, but DH was in the background. He decided to 'hide', LOL!!!
Giggles! This is a double sided creation....& I've done a step by step,
if, like me, you've got CD's that could be 'up-cycled':

1. Adhere ribbon through centre hole, onto both sides of the CD:
 2. Cut out patterned paper. Use CD as a template. I've used 2 different
 3. Adhere. I used PVA glue, which worked really well:
4. Add your title, or some nice Christmas words.
I outlined my words, as they didn't 'pop' quite enough:
5. Using the HANGING MASON JARS, I painted them white with a Sharpie
paint marker, then wrote the words on them. I added gold glitter nail polish
& finally some fine glitter, which stuck beautifully to the nail polish:
 For the 'wrong' sides, I added my own lid lines with a marker:
6. Time to fancy up the FEATHER CHARMS #2 & #3:
Using DUSTY ATTIC paint in VINTAGE GOLD over the Sharpie white
paint pen, then adding some Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze on the baubles, with
some fine glitter sprinkled over, this is how they turned out:
The ORNATE PENDANTS #2 got a coat of the paint only:
 I also added a touch of gold to some of the Hanging Mason Jars:
Here is how the front and back turned out:
I LOVE how you can actually HANG some of the little jars - on the 
right side, above.
I really find those 'traditional' colours of red and green hard to use, so
was pleased with these ones! Some close ups:
 You can see I also rubbed some DA Vintage Gold paint around the edges:
And the 'joy' side:

 I added a die cut bell behind the chippy on this side, too:
I hope this gets you enthused about some Christmas decorating. It is coming up fast!
Thanks for looking & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Hehehehe ... that first photo is soooooooooo funny!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! And loving your altered CD ... the colors are gorgeous and loving the little jars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I totally "GET" that red and green's hard for me too! I love those jars and that you paired them up with FEATHERS OMG this rocks! I love your first photo...he hid really was like he was wearing camo! Super cool post, made me giggle! Hugs!

  3. Wow!! This is so gorgeous, you clever girl you! What a fabulous way to recycle those unwanted cds. That fella, in your first photo, you should use him more often I reckon .. he could write little messages on the fly swatter thingy .. so cool!! LOL!! I love the traditional Christmassy colours but I love the blues too and I adore the little mason jars!! Absolutely gorgeous and brilliant make!! hugs xx

  4. Seems the mason jars are your Favorite Currently ! Loved the up-cycled Cd Ornament ,and the effect on charms is lovely goes beautifully with the blue pps !

  5. I love it Lizzy, I have plenty of CD that don't work anymore, great way to recycle them.
    I love the first photo, too funny :)

  6. Hi lizzy this is adorable, i love it. x

  7. Love how this turned out Lizzy, clever and innovative creating! I have used old cds for magnet bases but they are jolly good for chrissy decorations too! A hot day up here, but they say even hotter for tomorrow... only 2 days for missy to go to school.. then holidays.. the year is flying... enjoy the rest of the week!

  8. Looks fabulous , very clever ! hope some of your talent rubs off on me next week :) Really like the feathers and the little jars hanging from the decoration are a bit cute

  9. Very clever and great use of old CDs :-). I love, love your mason jars, way to cute. Next time kick hubby out of chair LOL. Thank you so much for always popping around on my blog and leaving your love. xx

  10. Absolutely amazing decorations Lizzy! I love how you used the chippies and the embellishments with the glitter are so pretty....very creative! Hugs Lisa

  11. Whaaaat?! How cool is this?! Let me answer my own question: super cool, and totally Pinned for future replication! Who knew that a windchime could be made from a CD?! As for me, I always find that working outside of the green and red color scheme for Christmas is so difficult so can totally appreciate when someone shows me how it's done! Love the little sparkly jars!

  12. This is so cool and fabulous Lizzy! A cool idea and a fabulous design and result! So festive and beautiful! ;-) LOL @ the top photo with hubby in the background, holding up the fly swatter to his face! TOO FUNNY! ;-)

  13. Haha, i would have never noticed your DH if you didn't mention - good hiding!! Love your project hun, quite unique and fun xx

  14. Love the quirkiness of your piece Lizzy!

  15. That's very clever! And you know how much I love a beautiful shade of blue

  16. Bwahahahahah!! LOVE that your dh thought he was invisible behind a fly swatter!! HOW funny!!
    On a serious note though...... your Christmas deco is just seriously amazing! LOVE what you created and those little jars... every single one of them ADORABLE! Awesomely festive!

  17. so gorgeous awesome creation Lizzy! love how you altered usual CD onto something intresting and beautifu!
    and sooo funny photo with your husband )))) laugh all morning today! ))

  18. That is a super cute and innovative ornament. You husband hiding behind the fly swatter is classic xx

  19. What a cool the up-cycle idea, yes I have heaps of cd's that I've been saving for the perfect project! Fabulous spinner thing :)

  20. That is such a cool idea and I have hundreds of old cd's. The kids would love them too. Thanks for telling me that DH was in the background I would never have found him otherwise. :D hahahahahaha Love the little bottles... did you draw or is it a stamp?

  21. well this is JUST STUNNING!!! I absolutely adore this little decoration element! those little jars are absolutely adorable!!! love what you did <3

  22. I love it! It is beautiful! :)

    P/s: He didn't do a good job of hiding...*lol*

  23. These are stunning!! Wow!!! (and love your hubby (not so good) hiding in the photo, lol!)

  24. This is so lovely, I really do love the colours that you've used. I have loads of old CDs that I'm going to have to dig out now and I'm even thinking I could make some for all of the seasons :) Thank you for the inspiration x


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