... I really liked the CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT CARD that
 Jennifer Grace created for her month of Festivities:
Christmas Ornament Circular Card (made with the Cricut Explore) at Jennifer Grace Creates
Isn't it clever? A card can become an ornament so easily!
My first one I forgot to over lap my circles. Ooops. Oh well,
I simply attached my ornament to a card base.
It means I got a 'two-fer' as Darnell calls them, Bonus;)
You can't see, but the diamonds are actually lovely shiny gold. So hard to photograph!
Anyways, I started again. And this time it worked.Oh, AND I used an old
6x6 pad. AND threw the remnants out. YEW!!! Stash busting at its best!!!
The glitter showed up a little better here :)
I really enjoyed making these. They were quick, easy and fun!
Then, Jennifer came up with a twine glass pressie idea:
Twine-Wrapped Gift Jar at Jennifer Grace Creates
I went on a journey. Loved the twine...
had these Mini Mason Jars from Dusty Attic...
still making cards...sooooo
 Looks big here, but they're TINY! Dug out this old Chrissy 6x6 paper
that has BRANCHES to hang them on!
 Made wee tags to match & I'd just gotten some gold
jeweller's wire [actually thought I'd bought gold thread -
hey-ho! Shopping online....]
Oh1 And I gessoed the chippy, then added diagonal lines
with a pink ink pen:)


...for a couple of years I've been following the LET'S DECEMBER DAILY girls.
They give lots of brill inspiration each year. And I keep thinking
about joining in. Except my life is boring. No wild end of year work break ups. Not even any ferrying around
of kids.
But hey! It's MY boring life. So this year it's getting documented.
I found an old Heidi Swapp sort of file folder thingy. Decided to 
re-purpose it, in the interests of stash busting.
And it didn't have enough pages. So I added extra on the back:
 as well as making some extra plastic pockets with my fuse tool. Once I'd
created the extra pocket, I simply ran my tool along the spine side & it fused
to the pocket behind it. BRILL!
So now I have about 33 pages. For 31 days. Plenty!
The cover, with those blue sunnies, wasn't QUITE
Christmas-sy enough, but I didn't mind
the colours. So I pulled out a pile of 6x6 papers
from my pile of paper pads & altered it:
I wanted to keep it really 'flat'. So out came the stamps:
 There is embossing on here...actually, 2 layers - gold then white!
I'll probably add a bit more yet, but the 'bones' are here:)
The next thing is to alter the inside pages.
I'm quite excited about it.
But won't burden you with anything more for this post.
Thanks for looking ~ if you've never done
a December Daily, maybe you'd 
like to join the girls HERE:)
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Loving your cards, Lizzy. How cute are those little jars! AND YAY! your first December Daily. (won't be your last lol). Love what you've done with those plastic pockets and the cover looks fabulous. You will find heaps to put in wild end of year parties or work break ups here either. Sooooooo looking forward to sharing your December 2015 journey.

  2. Oh!! I love those beautiful cards Lizzy!! Such a great card ide'a the two first an the third with those little jars!!! AAAHHH!!! sooo CUTE!!! You can have my addrss again if you lost it, wink,wink ;) LOL!! I even may pay the stamps for you, LOL!! Thanks for sharing!! Anna <3

  3. Beautiful card and album very creative you!!!

  4. Love your interpretation Lizzy and a v cute and handy diary journal. Look forward to see more of the pages as you fill it in.

  5. OOOOh exciting - your first December Daily!!! They are a lot of fun to keep. I did one each year for about three years when Benji was a baby and I love looking back over them. This year I am just sticking with my normal project life but I am relly looking forward to watching yours progress :) I love your customised album - I bought a fuse tool last week but I havent cracked it out of the packet yet - love 'em though!!! Ive decided I need another day in the week between sunday and monday to get everything done that I want to get done! Doesnt half annoy me when my kids mope around saying 'Im bored' lol!!! I would love to be bored for a few hours :)

  6. Oh and I really, really love your ornament cards!!!

  7. You have been busy!!! LOVING your DD album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Beautiful ornaments! Your December Daily mini album is full of goodness and fun!

  9. Hi Lizzy! I hope your day is going well! Gunna be a hot one up here.... Anyways you are excelling with the chrissy cards, love the bauble cards, really love the card with the jars, and yes online shopping can be a bit difficult to tell exactly what you are getting!! And love your DD and look forward to seeing all your wonderful exciting fulfilled momentous eventful December days... Sorry... Was that a bit much? Well I am sure you will fill it with memories that you will enjoy looking back on... P.s. My life is probably a tad more boring than yours.. If that is any consolation!!!!hehe!! I guess I could make it Gracie's first Christmas!haha! Have a good day!

  10. Every year I say I'm gunna make a DD.....and never get around to it! Love all the stash busting you are doing , your DD looks fabulous! Great ornament cards too, really creative!

  11. FABULOUS!!! So glad you are sharing with us over at Let's December Daily... and I can bet my bottom dollar that your album will NOT be boring! You will make it fun! It's already looking wonderful! So so glad! ANyway, love your bauble card AND your one with the little jars... so innovative - gorgeously wrapped in red! SWEET!

  12. Me again...I forgot to say " Love the super cute tiny mason jars"

  13. Oh my. You have been busy prepping for December. I LOVE those cute mason jars!

  14. Wow!! You are really getting ahead with your Christmas cards. Love the two bauble ones and the little mason jars are so cute on that third card. I've never made a December Daily either Lizzy, for the same reasons you mentioned .. wouldn't have anything exciting to write in it!! But then, I've never had a Christmas Planner before either and just made me one of those so, who knows, maybe next year!!?? Love your
    altered book and how clever making the little plastic pockets. Absolutely fabulous!! Fantastic post Lizzy!! Have a wonderful day! hugs xx

  15. Loved this two in one idea ,liked first one more.Those mason jars are super cute ,loved the card too and yes your december dairy looks nice too :)

  16. Loved your very Christmassy post. Those cards turned out fab and very clever adding the pockets to your daily. I have made a start on Christmas 2014....... getting there ever so slowly

  17. Well I'm with you in having a boring ordinary life, but Christmas always adds a little sparkle to it don't you find? And I'm loving your December Daily preparations and looking forward to watching your album grow.

  18. WOW love the card ornament... they are fabulous and a great idea. The tiny bottles are so sweet...makes a great card and I really love the December daily. Clever re-purpose. I am trying to do that now... I just have to stop buying new stuff :P but there is so much nice new stuff out there and I am sure I will need it at some point :P My story and I am sticking to it. Cant wait to see the DD with pics in it. I have good intentions every year and I just never seem to get it done. I am a wonderful procrastinator.

  19. Wow, Lizzy! You have been on a creative roll here with your beautiful twofer card ornaments and that sweet Mason jar card that literally melted my heart!! I'm with you on boring (well, except that now there are imaginary baby hamsters, and THAT's not boring!), but I prefer to use the word "contented." I'd rather have bor, er, contented days than all the drama some folks get into it! Boring is a blessing, eh?! So good for you to make yourself a beautiful diary to journal your contented days! Just writing on the pretty papers will be exciting!! Hugs, Darnell

  20. Hi Lizzy, what a fun post and really interesting to see how far Jennifer's inspiration took you! :o)xxx

  21. Dude! I knew the next post would have Christmas cards and I didn't even look! LOL! Love those cards with the itty bitty little jars! They made me so happy! Digging the pink stripes! Cool on the DEC Daily, I don't know anyone that has "interesting" lives like fact, I am not even sure we have any parties scheduled...

  22. Every year at this time I have a little pang of regret that I wasn't making Christmas albums when my kids were little and I had lots of concerts and things to record. I bet you'll find something to put in there, even if it's simply your feeling about each challenge you complete throughout the month!

  23. Such pretty and unique Christmas cards...and NO I haven't made one in ages x

  24. Those cards really are beautiful x

  25. oh, I love, love, love the birch Xmas card!!! if I´d say pretty, pretty, pretty please, would it by accident get into the mail towards moi?
    :) :)

  26. DD is always great idea! maybe this year I try to do it )))
    your card is so pretty Lizzy! the second one is my fav, so wonderful idea with jars! ))))))

  27. Your cards are festive and beautiful! Your December daily....looks just fabulous! ;-)

  28. Ahhh the little jars! So cute! That card is amazing. I mean, all the other projects are gorgeous and shiny (love the glitter peeping through the ornament) but that card totally steals my heart. Great work! Thank you so much for joining in with Frosty Festivities 2015! x

  29. Dec Daily looks great, so does the cards too :)


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