Photo Developers online in Australia...

...yup! A parochial post today. I asked on Facebook, a while ago,
for the different online sites peeps in Aussie used to get their photos
It opened a bit of a can of worms. I got LOTS of recommendations &
ideas. But opted to go with the most popular. 
 Top L-Harvey N; Top R-K-Mart; Bottom L-Snap Fish; Bottom R-Nu Shots.

Why was I even asking? Because printing my own snaps at home has become
way too expensive - the ink & photo paper. And I've been disappointed with
their quality.
 We have a local K-Mart, with 10c a print cost, so I thought this would be
 the sensible option. But when I got my 30 odd photos back, I was really
 disappointed. You could spit through the paper. They were fuzzy & pixilated.
Fatmumslim has, recently, done a post on developing too.
I had a peek HERE. She includes OS sites. But she 'wrote off'
HOWEVER, a LOT of you guys use them - so
I ended up choosing them, NuShots & Snap Fish for this experiment.
 Top L-Snap Fish; top R-K Mart; Bottom L-Harvey Norman; Bottom R-Nu Shots.

I think in the end I'll go with NUSHOTS. It's not JUST about picture quality!
Simple to navigate system.
The ability to choose a different size as you are editing your print.
The ability to choose matte or gloss individually.
The ability to choose a frame as you place your order.
They show the picture quality - with a percentage, which is great.
Sometimes phone photos are too pixilated, but you don't know 'til you've printed them.
This saves that happening!
Excellent auto correct tool.
THE best quality photo paper.
Quality of the photos was, overall, about an 8, I reckon.
Took 5 days to arrive.

Postage is $5-00. More expensive than the others.
Prints cost 19c each, regardless of 4x4 or 6x4. Also the most expensive.

Top L- Harvey Norman; top R-K Mart; Bottom L-Snap Fish; bottom R-Nu Shots.

HARVEY NORMAN  This came a close 2nd...
Speedy service.
Great auto correct tool.
Probably the best quality, just pipping Nu Shots. I'd give them an 8.5
Choice of matte or glossy.
I found the system difficult to navigate.
You are supposed to get free prints [7x5"] when you join, but it was all too hard,
so I ended up not even bothering.
I wanted some prints 6x4, but trying to figure out how to change some sizes
was also too hard. I got a bit frustrated with the whole thing and gave up.
So I ended up with all 4x4 photos.

Postage $2-95
Prints cost 15c.

 Top L-K Mart; top R-Harvey Norman; Bottom L-Snap Fish; bottom R-Nu Shots.

Good quality paper.
Choice of matte or glossy.
50 FREE prints on joining. So I only paid for
postage for my photos. VERY good deal.
And this was done by the system, so it was easy peasy.
Last to arrive! Took 6 days.
No 4x4 choice - then after I'd paid a box came up to
say some photos would be better quality if printed smaller so I
said yes. But when I got them back, they were cropped really
randomly. Not happy about that!
The editing tool was really painful. Difficult and fiddly.
So I didn't bother. The quality didn't suffer too much,
but overall I'd give this a 7.5 quality-wise.

Postage: $2-95
Prints cost 15c

Top-K Mart; Bottom- NuShots. I've tried to get close up so you can actually SEE the difference better.
Some of the K Mart photos look OK from the distance, but they're actually
over processed and 'fuzzy' up close.
Other developers peeps mentioned include:

 Anyway, this is all just my opinion based on the photos I sent off to get
processed..... hope this is helpful in one way or another to you Aussies out there:)
Cheers, Lizzy ♥♥♥

PS: I just sorted the photos out that I wanted to keep. Then counted which ones
came from which company. Some I kept 2 of,
as I sometimes scrap 2 of the same...
So, I ended up with this:
K Mart - 4 photos
Snap Fish - 8 photos
NuShots - 11 photos
Harvey Norman - 17 photos
Interesting, I thought.... I might have to try again at 
Harvey Norman's system & see if I can 'work' it better!!
But I still like NuShots paper & system best!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing, its very interesting to see the difference, I still like Harvey Norman the best and you can eliminate losing parts of your photo by cropping at home with Picasa or HN process. I find a difference between my cameras as to how much gets cropped from original photos ie. DSLR or point and shoot.

  2. Thanks for sharing, its very interesting to see the difference, I still like Harvey Norman the best and you can eliminate losing parts of your photo by cropping at home with Picasa or HN process. I find a difference between my cameras as to how much gets cropped from original photos ie. DSLR or point and shoot.

  3. Well done Lizzy - I tend to use Domayne which I guess is basically the same as Harvey Norman if I use a commercial print studio although I have tried K-Mart, Big W, Officeworks, Snapfish and Persnickety Prints out of the US which were excellent but our AU dollar and postage has just killed doing anything from the US these days. I have to admit I print most of my photos on a needs as basis at home with my Picturemate - I buy the paper/ink when on super sale and then each print works out at about 15c each.

  4. Great post Lizzy!! You've really gone into a lot of detail here and it will certainly help a lot of people make up their mind as to which way to go. I don't print my photos very often (don't scrapbook as you know) but when I do I actually go to Big W to get them done. They are in my local shopping centre so I take them in when I'm shopping and have them done on the spot. I have found they are really good quality and usually 15c each but they do have quite good specials too so that's when I usually get them printed. Thanks for this, it was really interesting and informative!! Have a lovely weekend!! hugs xx

  5. Great post!! I go between printing at home and going through our local Walgreens ... it's hard to determine which is more cost effective!!!!!!

  6. I only print photos at home UNLESS they are massed produced photos for a Christmas I would agree with Julie it's hard to say really...

  7. A thoroughly interesting post Lizzy. I hear your frustration with difficult to navigate systems, so rule many out for that reason. I do all my cropping and sizing at home, then save onto a USB, drop them in to B&W and sometimes they are available the same day. 24 hours is the usual turn around time. Occasionally I print at home, the colour and quality is good, but I'm not sure they would last the 80 years, that a professional wet processor offers.

  8. Wow. You were very thorough in your search for the most cost-effective/high quality prints.
    I used to print my photos at a particular FujiFilm store in town because I liked their colour adjustments. But when the store closed, I couldn't find another store that printed photos the way I liked so I started printing at home. I do photo collages so this method works best for me. It is probably cheaper for me to go to a Harvey Norman store though. But I've been scrapbooking layouts a lot less these days so I'm not feeling the pinch of buying ink and photo paper.
    I think it would drive me crazy to wait a few days for photos to arrive by mail...I'm an instant gratification kind of

  9. wow! didn't think that you too have a problem with printing photos! we have very expensive print now, and not so many of companies have the good quality - they use colour correction of their choise and often you can get photos with yellow, green or red tones.... not happy about it! so this time I decided to trying to print photos at home, because the price won't be so high but I can print any size I want

  10. Wow your good doing so much research, I am just to lazy I am afraid :(

  11. It's an interesting read. And I can see quite a difference in the results. I'm printing at home on my selphy at the moment but now I've been IG -ing I quite fancy giving one of the IG printing services a try

  12. Wow you have done quite a bit of research there Lizzy! I was so disappointed with k mart photos when I picked them up.. I find Big W is the best.. The machines are fairly easy to work out and the quality of print is good.. Nothing worse than getting back a couple of hundred photos and not liking them... But then we are so lucky with digi... Remember the 24 print film that took a week to come back... Now that was a real guessing game as to what a photos were going to look like!!! Have a good weekend!

  13. Well done on your research Lizzy....I cannot believe how the quality differs in the photos. I am still printing my own photos because I don't know which size and which photos I am scrapping until I sit down to create.

  14. What a shame I'm not in Australia as this is a fantastic post on comparing different photo places. In the UK a lot of people recommend Aldi but I got back some very disappointing quality photos, blurred and poor colours.

  15. An interesting experiment and amazing differences in the prints!

  16. Harvey Norman 6x4 prints are on special until 2 November 9cents each. Plus photo books and other things on special.

  17. Wow you've been thorough! I'm like Lynette, I print my own when I start on a layout. I do have to figure out what to do with the thousands of photos that are on my computer and aren't scrapped. :)

  18. Interesting analysis of them all. Ease of use of system is definitely a plus. Some of the differences in the photos themselves really jump out at you. I've tried local online processing here in Canada but for the most part wasn't happy with them - sometimes it's all in the people themselves that are doing the printing for you and some just can't get the settings on their printers right it seems. I've been going with a company in the States but boy is the shipping ever expensive so I always wait till I have a lot - which mean long waits at times.

  19. Very, very interesting Lizzy!! Well done for taking the time to do this. These types of reviews are just the best! It IS very expensive to print at home but still AWESOME for convenience at times. Do you have a Canon Selphy? This works out best for me (though still not cheap) as the ink cost is included in the per print price & I've found the cheapest local online source for the paper/ink cartridge combo (which is how the Selphy system works) & you'd LOVE the convenience of the new wireless one (mine is one model back so still plug in but still very easy peasy). Like you I do NOT go for the cheapest as I can't stand that rubbish photo paper & the really cheap places have dodgy ink too that comes off, which it never should. You can test it with Benzine or Turps & it should stay untouched. I clean up my photos after each page (once adhered) & before I started only using decent places the ink would sweep right off then I'd have to reprint & stick directly over the top!!

  20. Way to go Lizzy....such a super exercise and now you know!! ;-) The photies look great! I still do home printing and I am pretty nifty at getting out the sizes that I need. I am a loyal HP fan and I can honestly say that I still think it is reasonable to print my own photies and the convenience is just the thing that sells it for me! ;-)

  21. Thanks for all the great research Lizzy. A very interesting read xx


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