Some of you already know...some will be wondering where my 'usual' challenge entries are.
The long and the short of it is some scrappy mates reckoned I could NOT
last a month without entering a challenge.
 [Pocket Letter sent to Lizzie Crust]
Being an ARIES...stubborn, obstinate, lover of control....well,
I couldn't resist challenging myself to do none.  At all!
I must say, it's a bit hard. So I've had to find Other Stuff
to fiddle with. 
 [pocket letter for swap group]
And funnily enough, the scrap room is getting a bit of a clean up, too.
So, today I thought I'd share with you my latest craze.
 Basically, they are football swap plastic sleeves - which happen to
be the same size as ATCs [2.5 x 3.5"]. There are 3 rows of 3.
You fill them with pretty stuff, including, most importantly, a letter.
 Sort of a crafty pen pal swap with a few goodies thrown in for 
good measure.
Janette Lane began them - if you're interested, her blog is HERE.
There are a couple of Aussie swap groups - I decided they'd be too
expensive to send I've joined the 
 And I've done a few swaps, and gotten some back. 
And it's FUN! A great way to use up all those scraps, too:)
And share the 'love'!!
If you're a bit of a writer as well as a crafter, this is a bit of a 'fix'
for both!!!
Below is an example of what you can pop on the back. 
This was my first one; since then I've written longer letters &
actually folded them away:
One more:
And lastly, sometimes you can join in themed swaps.
Here is a Wizard of Oz one, which I swapped
with another girl!
 So, that's ONE thing I've been spending my time at.
I'll be back later in the month with another....
Cheers, & happy scrapping [& challenge entering!!] to you all
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Sorry, I have to laugh! I pinned your blog to my 300 comments in 30 days board and gave it a caption about how much you love challenges.

    Mind you, these pocket letters are gorgeous. What a great new adventure to turn your hand to. I'm getting so close to joining in on this too. Pretty, pretty stuff!

  2. Oh you are a funny girl and stubborn ! You have nailed the pocket letters though, these are fabulous ! The recipients are going to love receiving these. Have a fabulous day

  3. What a challenge! My goodness you must be strong willed. The perfect chance to blitz and purge the scrap room and play with these little pocket letters. I need a challenge to find my Mojo and enter a challenge or two. The good thing is, I've found lots of buried treasure in my s/crap room. Good luck. :D

  4. Oh my! no challenges! I had to do that myself a bit ago due to time...and I have had plenty of things to make!!! BUT winter is may have to take them back up after Christmas! Love these little cards! They are adorable! Hugs!

  5. Your pocket letters are beautiful! So much fun to create! Good luck with the challenge to not do any challenges this month! LOL

  6. Happy Monday! A warm day up this way today! Well I am challenges! But I know you will still be as busy as bee in spring doing other other creating! Love your pocket letters! They are very sweet and a good idea too for using the tiny bits of paper that are always hanging around on the desk... Well my desk is full of them! Well my month of creating for challenges is pretty pathetic at the moment... Half a layout and it is nearly the middle of the month already... Ah well puppy is settling in better each day. And she is sleeping in her bed like an angel at the moment so I am scoffing lunch and going to tip toe to my scrap room...sshhh..

  7. Oh boy! What a change! But then you set yourself another challenge not to join a challenge! I thought I didn't really like challenges as they have a deadline and that makes me nervous. I scrap for pleasure and don't want to be stressed about it. So I stopped.... and got nothing done! So I think I will have to join again (I did CSI).
    I really like those ATC 'letters'. You've done a really good job if those were your first. I'm sure the recipient will be super pleased to receive them!
    If I have understood well, the letter is not separate, but the writing is on the little cards (somewhere). I've not looked for those pockets yet. There are a few websites with reasonable shipping costs. I'll have a look. I keep saying I want to do ATCs. One day I'll get round it.

  8. have replaced one obsession with
    Those pocket letters look fabulous!

  9. ^^^^ hehehe to Yvonne's comment!! I loveeeeeeeeeee these!! LOVING that Wizard of Oz one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hey Lizzy what wonderful design you did made love it my friend

    hugs Carla

  11. I've seen this idea a lot & SOMEWHERE I have a whole book like this! My sons used to collect football trading cards, so it is probably still full of them. It's a sweet idea to fill the whole book with cards from different scrappy friends around the world but I feel you on the postage as Australia has one of the highest postal rates in the world!!

  12. Lizzy I just found this:
    you can receive postcards, also handmade ones, from all over the world... new obsession?

  13. Lizzy I'm sure you can do it! it's hard challenge but I believe in you )))))
    and pocket letters are so cute and nice, love this way to use scrap stash )))) and Mentos... how you can don't eat them???? )))))

  14. Love the pocket letters .. not sure if I would do them but those I have seen around (including yours) are just gorgeous!! I especially love the Wizard of Oz one .. so cute!!! Good luck with the challenge of not doing any challenges this month. You obviously have more will power than I do. I wanted to do one a month this year and have done two so far .. ah well, maybe next year!! Have a great day Lizzy!!

  15. Lovely work. Look forward to seeing back in the challenges.

  16. What a great idea! Love your little tiny LOs/trading cards. Lovely idea to include a letter. Lucky recipients!

  17. Lovely idea , love the Wizard of Oz one!

  18. These pockets letters are such a neat idea! Love the different themes....really stunning! The last 2 are my favourite! ;-)


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