Me On Monday/Tuesday...

Yup, this 'no challenge' month has certainly left me with time 
to join in fun things like Sian's 'Me On Monday' idea!!
It's quite fun wandering around the web, looking at what 
peeps have been getting up to!
Me? We went into Sydney to the ISB concert.
That would be the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army,
on tour from the UK.
Normally it takes us just over and hour. But the train line was
having maintenance. So it was by car to the outskirts, then train the
rest. Took over 2 hours each way.
Which meant we got home well after midnight.
Fortunately the rugby started at 2am.
So we stayed up! 
Tom was pleased 'his' All Blacks just pipped South Africa.
Great game!
Consequently, Sunday was a VERY rest filled day.
Recovering from late nights post-50s takes a bit!

I had to share this happy snap from my Friday's looking after
Lucas day. Ollie came to pick up his big bro with his Mum.
2 sweet boys!
I also had a play with my new fuse tool. Saw a video about using
steel cookie cutters to create Chrissy shapes.
Sorry - no idea WHO
to attribute this to.... you know how you just wander around
but I thought it was a neat idea.
It worked OK-ish, but of course, was much more difficult than
it looked on the video!
And I stitched on a DT LO I'm creating for 2016. Yeah, I like to be organised!!
So are some of my Team Bosses!!! You KNOW I'm not myself if
I'm stitching! This is all I can show atm ;)
Who KNEW hessian was so easy to colour with spray mists??!!!!!
That's it from me:)
Blessings to one and all ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. What cute and handsome boys. I love those Christmas decorations, I'm not so talented so am buying ones that look handcrafted instead. Hope you have recovered from your late night - and good luck in the Rugby next weekend. Have a good week x

  2. That photo of your two boys is gorgeous I see that coming a layout soon :) Fabulous idea with the cookie cutters, I went looking around in that draw that has everything in it and you can never find anything, but every time I decide to clean it out, nothing gets thrown out, because you know one day you just might need it. Well lucky I didn't throw the cookie cutters out ;) I am going to have a go, but I know it is quite difficult to do shapes , the mason jars were even a challenge. Yours look great though.
    Survived first trip to the dentist

  3. Loving the photos!! The kids are just ADORABLE!!!!! And loving those ornaments!!!!

  4. beautiful photos Lizzy! glad that you had a great time during weekend! )))

  5. Now, for all I know it could be Wednesday by now where you are..but I'm waving madly and wishing you all the best for the rest of the week. I bet that band was brilliant! My mum tells a story about stopping with me in the pushchair to watch the Salvation Army, and looking down, and seeing the tears rolling down my face. Band music can still make me cry today.

    Have a great week

  6. Oh lucky you! That must have been a great concert. The band is very well known (and very good). Good that you had Sunday to rest....
    No, I did not know that you could spray hessian. Another great idea. Thanks.
    Have a good week.

  7. HI ya LIzzy! I am sure your no challenge month is just as busy as any other month! and there is always dt work to do too! Love that photo of the boys.. they are so cute and both growing so fast! and yes a late night knocks me for days too! enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. Oh Lizzy not long to go now... just a few more days. I am seriously impressed that you did it. You have been so busy. I kind of think if I don't have the challenges and so on I get nothing done. I am such a procrastinator :P
    Your babies are so cute. They are getting so big too. Love the Chrissy decorations and how cool to go watch a band even if it did take so long to get there and back.
    I am so sad we lost the rugger... you guys deserved that win though :D

  9. Check you out visiting non-challenge places!! LOVE the pic of your boys!! Sooo gorgeous, and those Christmas sparkly 'baubles' you did with the fuse tool.... wow... fabulous!! who knew!! I've got one... and these look great... but I wonder... one could use the sewing machine instead of the fuse LOL.... sorry, had to dig. Love to see the whole stitching!

  10. Thanks for stopping by my Blog!...the Sally Army bands always make me teary -especially when they're playing Christmas Carols! xx

  11. Thanks for stopping by my Blog!...the Sally Army bands always make me teary -especially when they're playing Christmas Carols! xx

  12. Well, your no challenge month has certainly been chock full of stuff regardless and you've only got a few days to go .. good on ya'!! The Sallie Band must have been awesome and, I think, well worth the trip .. and then staying up to watch the Rugby, no wonder you needed Sunday to recuperate!! I probably would have needed a week!! LOL!! Your two grandies are absolutely adorable and I bet they keep you busy!! Love the Chrissy decorations .. really cute .. and looking forward to seeing that layout completed!! Enjoy the rest of the week! hugs xx

  13. What? You have a fuse tool? *So jealous*
    Love the little Christmas decorations....super cute!
    And that is a great photo of the boys!

    P/s: Last week of the can start playing along with challenges soon! Yay!

  14. Your trip to Sydney sounds like a schlep with the maintenance works...but glad you got to see the band! We were really disappointed that the Kiwi's did pip the Boks...we sat on the edge of our seats for the entire game! A good game though! Super Christmas goodies...blingy, colourful and bright! ;-)

  15. I bet the band were amazing, it's a shame you had such a long trip to see them, not so long when you think how far they came to see you though :) I love those decorations and Lucas and Ollie look adorable x

  16. Oooh too bad they scheduled that maintenance for that weekend. The decorations look great! Ok, I keep hearing about this fuse tool - I'll have to look up what it is. Although heaven knows I do not need anymore tools. :)

  17. No challenge month....hmmm sounds like a plan! Looks like you really enjoyed yourself. Love the idea with the fuze too......maybe its time I open the pack it came in and have a play. I've only had it a few months :) Enjoy the weekend :)

  18. You are way organised...already working on 2016 DT work...respect!!!!!

    The South Africa - All Black game was good and the best team won...your boys are so cute.

  19. Lovely mix of things going on in the life of a busy scrappy bee! Unfortunately my foot condition plus our house move has meant no more working in advance for me at the moment!!


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