Me on Monday/Tuesday....

..I get a bit confused, cos Sian, who is the 'it' girl for this ME ON MONDAY idea,
 is in Ireland.
And we're ahead of them.... 
ANYWAYS....I had a very quiet weekend, doing LOTS of scrapping!
I managed to do 2 pocket letters.I can't show them cos they haven't
arrived at their destination, but here's a couple of sneak peeks:
This one is completely different to the one below. I do like to swing
with my styles!
Then I made 4 LOs. For my Guest Designing gig
over at Lasting Memories - but that's not 'til December.
This came at the the right time, as being my 'challenge free month', I was itching
to do SOMETHING!!!
Of course, needed a nice big cuppa to keep me going;)
And of course, there was rugby on & an awful early start for the DH.
But not me! Is this where I mention Aussie won & the Irish lost?
Probably not good news for some...
I dived into my fave book series at the mo:
And we made some YUMMY pasta for lunch - the weather is really nice
at the moment, so it's outside eating. LOVE that!
We watched a host of Putt Putt boats go past,
& realised it was the Boat Festival. Aaah well.
Missed that one!
 So there you have it! A quiet but really, really fun weekend.
Hope yours was good, wherever you are:)
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Hello from England - please don't rub in the rugby or the weather, we are getting colder and darker here. It's ok when you have Christmas to look forward to but dreadful come January!
    Your sneak peeks look absolutely fabulous as does the pasta. Have a lovely week x

  2. Looks like a lovely week Lizzy. Even though a challenge free month, still lots of scrapping and pocket letters going on :) How lovely to sit on your veranda and watch the world / boats go by. Our Meet and greet on the weekend went well :)

  3. Loving all the photos!! Looks like you had a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ahhh...sounds like you had a lovely and productive weekend. I only wished I could eat outdoors...I have to check if the air is hazardous or not...

    P/s: If you were observant the last time you were on the LESSology DT blog, you would have seen something that could help you in this challenge-free month! *winks*

  5. I think I might have to become an honorary Australian. I need somebody to support now. That sounds like a lovely weekend, with the water and the sunshine and getting to eat outside. oh and the scrapping, of course! Four layouts? Very satisfying! Your peeps of your pocket letters look gorgeous..I'm sure the recipients will be chuffed to bits when these arrive.

    Have a great week Lizzy. Thanks for giving us a wave this week

  6. OMG I am so over the rugby :P I can't believe you are doing a challenge free month :D how is that working for you. I am struggling still to get back into the swing of things. Fitting in kids, trying to sort out all my pics which are now mixed up :P trying to decide if I even want to scrap. Thinking I would like to try pocket pages but with our shite postal service thats a no...I think I need to go away again :D these look cool... can't wait to see the real things :D

  7. Weekends just seem to fly by, they really should be 3 days I think! Fabulous creating, and yummy food and lots to see for you! Not sure exactly what I have been doing but the days fly by! And is it Wednesday already tomorrow ?

  8. Ahhh Lizzy...this is my kind of post. I love to have little glimpses into your life...and it really appears to be one fantastic weekend. xx

  9. your sneak peek is so intresting Lizzy! can't wait to see the work! )))and your photos absolutely stunning, you had a wonderful weekend! ))) here in Russia we are preparing for the winter (and the weather is too!!), so it's cold, cloudy and somethimes rainy (((( and our day light will be shorter and shorter, now we have dark in 6 pm and this is killing me (because I can't take photos of my works!)

  10. Right now in our part of the world it's all about baseball, while some hockey is getting started. I don't think Canada even had a major league team in the world cup games - how delinquent of me not to even be aware (lol). Interesting about the pocket notes. Hope you have a great week ahead.

  11. I don't think you would want to eat outside here although it's quite sunny it's getting cold.

  12. The sneak peek of your pocket letter is gorgeous! Sounds like you had a relaxing, enjoyable weekend. :)

  13. Hi Lizzy! Your sneak peaks are so beautiful! I am SURE the recipient will absolutely love them! I really like your cup, too! The yellow color with the daisies is so happy - I can see that you could scrap anything after drinking from it!!! And I also want to thank you so much for your heartfelt words of condolences, too. HUGS!! You are such a special person, my friend!

  14. Sounds like a nice full weekend. Sadly eating outside is finished with here till next May probably. Your pocket letter peek is lovely. We did a cruise around Australia last year and I was always getting mixed up as to what day it was at home.

  15. It sounds like you had a lovely relaxing and crafty weekend. I really love your cup, I have serious cup envy now! x

  16. What a fun post! Never realized that Phryne Fisher was actually a book series! I saw her on Netflix and loved her! Have to look for the books now!

  17. What a lovely post! I only read it today ( afew days late). You could have linked in with T for Tuesday as you feature a drink in your blog.
    I went to look up Kerry Greenwood as I have not heard of her. I do like a good murder mystery now and then so I will look out for those. I have a Kindle and Amazon offer three or four books for 99 pence each (different ones every day). I have got quite a collection of really good books. (for little money)
    Your pasta dish looks yummy indeed and sitting outside watching the boats go by sounds idyllic!

  18. NICE peek into your life!! These days I see that my Instagram, which I publish through to FB, seems to be a pretty good gauge of what I get up to!

  19. Glad you had a good weekend and glad you got lots of scrappy time too! I also got quite a bit done this past weekend and was really food for the soul! ;-)


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