Me On Monday. Well, Tuesday over here;)

...and just as well, cos despite the Challenge Free month. seems I still have
lots to post. Dunno how that happens!
ANYWAYS, I love reading SIAN'S 'Me on Monday' posts - but rarely
get a chance to join in. Til today.
And it was SUCH an exciting weekend.
But - that's life - not always filled with Stuff.
Saturday Wally & I took a walk down to the shops.
Past the GLORIOUS bottlebrush trees lining our street.
Past the kids on the oval.Cricket has started!
Don't you ADORE that particular 'thwack' that the cricket
ball makes when connecting to the bat?
AND I had a HUGE massive clothes clean out.
DH: "What's wrong with all those clothes? Why are you tossing them out?
I suppose this means you can say you haven't got any and need to buy
new ones."
I didn't have to say a word. Just grinned!
We also walked down to our little monthly
market. Bought some plants.
Aussie natives that will hopefully survive the 
hot northerly aspect and the dry, sandy soil. Sigh.
AND lastly,
I made some mini envelopes & gave some Typo tags
a new purpose.
Christmas is a-coming!!
Thanks for taking a peek.
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Those little envelopes you made are really cute! I really like these types of posts when I have a minute & a cup of tea in hand. I have also had a big clothes clean out the other week. Took 4 big bags to Nazareth House - felt great!!

  2. Looks like a fun, relaxing time; well, except for cleaning out the closet, that looks like work! The little envelopes are super cute!

  3. I am STILL trying to figure out the time zone difference between me and Bri right now, so I don't think I will ever figure out the time between me and you! LOL!! LOVING the photos ... looks like a nice weekend!!!!!!!!

  4. Ah yes I know you are still keeping yourself busy! I love bottle brush and so do the bees and birds up here! And I like to have a cull on clothes every so often too, just because they get old!!! Have a good Tuesday.. It is building up for a storm here I think. Lots of storm warnings on Facebook too.. Hopefully get the school run done before it hits! Need the rain!!,

  5. what a great time you've spent there! beautiful photos and those envelopes are so cute! )))

  6. Yes! I love that cricket sound too. It's so lovely that you have brought us a bit of your sunshine and a nice reminder that the seasons are changing, but differently, where you are. I've been clearing out clothes too..a simple method: I throw out or charity shop six things every day and I'm trying to keep it up for as long as I can.

    Have a great week Lizzy

  7. looks like you had a lovely weekend

  8. Love the look of those trees - how colourful! I love a good clothes sort out too :) good luck with the new plants and thanks for stopping by my blog x

  9. lovely to see a bottlebrush in flower and your monthly market looks fabulous

  10. I should SO have a clothes clear-out too - my wardrobe is stuffed to the gills, yet I only wear a tiny percetage of it. All the rest seems to have shrunk again - how does THAT happen?! Glad you're enjoying your challenge-free month Lizzy :o)xxx

  11. Ahhhh...nothing like getting rid of the old and preparing for new stuff to come in! It looks like you are having lovely weather over there!

  12. Gorgeous photo's Lizzy! Love that bottlebrush photo and is such a reminder of summer for me! Christmas is just around the corner....really quite scary!!!!

  13. Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend!

  14. I love that bottle brush tree. I wish we had trees like that around here.


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