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Sunday, 4 October 2015


It's new challenge time at ARTastic
This month the theme is VINTAGE & here is the art inspiration from E Phillips:
Isn't it gorgeous?
I've got a slightly different take, with an OTP project.
The neighbours gave me this set of drawers [tea included, LOL!!!]:
and I thought it would be a great little container for the flowers I have [which isn't that many!].
It took quite a bit of work. Heaps, actually! But I love how it turned out:)
I used the colours from the picture & lots of vintage-y elements.....
Initially I had to cover the whole thing with old cardboard because the plastic ridges
stuck out beyond the 'walls'.....then I taped over it
so I had a nice flat surface to adhere my patterned vintage papers:
Lots of layers! I added some pretty papers inside:
Below you can see that the ridges of plastic mean there was a bit of a gap - but a bit of lace helped
hide it nicely!
The sides I've added some Inkagold, then stenciling, then die cuts, then gesso!
 I did the same to the top:)
After this, it was a bit of decoration & we were done!!!
The wicker chair gave me the inspiration for the name tags on each little container:
And 'in situ':
I know this is a long post.....to match the long time this took!!!! And I'm sure some of you
will have a giggle at how few flowers I actually have!!!
So....vintage.....what does that mean to you? Hoping you join us at ARTastic this month!
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. What a great transformation, absolutely lovely!!

  2. YOU have more flowers than me! No seriously you do...but I kinda run through them....sorta. I love this idea!!! It's a dandy one and now I'm kinda itching to find a similar drawer set somewhere....interesting..very! Super cool alteration!

  3. You made that little drawer shine like a star!! A vintage star!! Beautiful and a great job!! WOW!! Hugs Anna :)

  4. Wow lizzy! I love the transformation! The outside with the die its looks wonderful! And it doesn't matter if you don't have many flowers.....I have enough for both of us..hahahaha!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  5. Oh wow, you're amazing the way you transform things into something beautiful, this is perfect for your flowers.

  6. That looks very beautiful! Yes drawers are quite a lot of work. Same with boxes! Now what is this you say about not entering any challenges this month?!? Giving yourself a break? I have all sorts of stuff going on in the background these last few months that is taking me away from my studio but I still get in there once a week so I'm also just surviving!

  7. Wow this looks fabulous, love how you decorated the draw, and now you have a great storage solution, amazing work, well done, :)

  8. Wow wow wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! I am simply AMAZED!!!!!!!!! This is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow! Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  10. OMG ..A lot of work but worth the effort ,the end result is beautiful shabby chic and fully functional container !

  11. Wow - your organizational drawers turned out beautiful and elegant - lovely papers and colors - and so very useful!

  12. It's practically unrecognisable! Well worth the work

  13. Stunning Lizzy! Well done on this beautiful project. A fantastic vintage make over :) xx

  14. Absolutely stunning of the page project. You really put a lot of effort into this. This beautiful container would be much to small for my huge flower addiction :-)

  15. Wow you have really made a transformation here! Amazing work and well worth the effort! :D

  16. Wow! What a gorgeous storage unit! Love every element you used to create this beauty.

  17. It looks amazing! I love what you did to transform the drawers. And yes, altered projects are terribly time-consuming but soooooo satisfying when you're done right?

  18. wow Lizzy how great transformations! I love your version of this set of drawers, really! so nice look and so comfortable to find flowers )))

  19. My gosh, Lizzy!! What a transformation!! Perfect for storage, perfect vintage - just perfecto!! xx

  20. Wow Lizzy....you really transformed that tea drawers into a fabulous scrap piece! Just beautiful and love the soft colours! Te he he at the flowers....you need to fill up those drawers!!! LOL

  21. Wow, such a clever idea & such a transformation...so perfect!

  22. Phew a LOT of work in this one. Worthwhile I reckon and now all organised :)

  23. Wowsers .. what a transformation!! Great idea using these little drawers for your flowers, doesn't matter that you don't have many .. I bet you have just enough!! Absolutely love this Lizzy .. wouldn't have believed the before and after if I hadn't seen it being done!! Stunning!! xx


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