TIM TAG TIME.... two fer one!

...you see, JOI has kept up all year. Every month. Well, since I joined doing
the TIM TAGS I've been really good. 'Til Scrap Camp.
Then amongst all that LO creating..... I MISSED August.
Well, I missed the chance to link in. But I refused to give up.
So, here's last month's tag which I did along with this month's tag.
Confused yet?? LOL!!!
AUGUST was supposed to look like this:
 12 Tags of 2015- August | www.timholtz.com
Since I didn't have a MAN cut out & I had a boy stamp I rarely use,
I used him! And my new Brother Scan N Cut to do the cutting on the
 bg. Then I sort of decided since my boy was 'cute-sie'...
the tag should incorporate a CUTSIE GRUNGE look!!!
Hahaaaa ...if there is such a thing! If not, there is now:)

Then I tackled September, found HERE:
12 tags of 2015: September | www.timholtz.com
I reckon Mitra should join in this one.... it's all about using alcohol inks as a base...
I didn't seem to get the nice swirly bg bit happening.....but, well, it 
worked OK. A bit different. You sort of have to use
what's in the cupboard. CupboardS, I mean.....
so I didn't have all the materials such as those PRETTY alcohol ink colours:
Stamped my butterflies on old plastic packaging, then
fussy cut them out!!
So there you have it. All caught up. 
Of course, these are now attached to card fronts.
So they're useful...
Happy Scrapping, my friends~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. I think you nailed the cutesy boy grunge . This is a good thing to join in with and you have made fab tags and great to put onto cards

  2. Your cute-sie grunge tag is adorable! The butterfly tag is gorgeous! Love that you plasticized those butterflies!

  3. You go Lizzy, these are gorgeous.

  4. You know, I should! I have to put away all the Halloween stuff first...I love both of your tags, but the little boy one has got that awesome green going on!

  5. Wow wow wow!!!! These are GORGEOUS!!! LOVING the colors and textures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You caught up! That must be a great feeling. Love these tags, especially the butterfly one; doesn't matter that it didn't behave as expected. I've been "gunna" get into these tags all year. Pffft! life is full of good intentions. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.

  7. AWESOME!!!!! Love Love Love the bg work of all the tags, you are so pro on this Lizzy!!!! And then you have done them all so different and so pretty each and every one. YAM!!! Thanks for sharing <3 Hugs Anna :)

  8. Well I think you are pretty amazing getting so much done anyway! Your tags look fantastic! Love the boy one, and love the fussy cut butterflies too! And another weekend nearly overrrrrr!

  9. Lol Lizzy - I can understand that this got missed with all the partying that was going on! I love your tag interpretations - and I especially love that you made do with whatever you had - awesome!

  10. Lol Lizzy - I can understand that this got missed with all the partying that was going on! I love your tag interpretations - and I especially love that you made do with whatever you had - awesome!

  11. I love your cutesy grunge .. totally rocks!! I have so wanted to get into the Tim Tags this year, but it hasn't happened yet .. maybe next year. (I think I said that last year too .. LOL!!) Love your take on both these tags .. simply gorgeous!!! xx

  12. Your work rate is monumental: I am consistently inspired and amazed by how much you manage to achieve! and not only did you get these done, you gave time to thinking how to put your own lovely spin on them

  13. Beautiful tags Lizzy! Tags are so great for a quick fix & to get us experimenting with new techniques too!!

  14. Oh wow! Well done with the tags! Love the cutesy grunge one, you weren't linking that one in so you had a bit more freedom I guess and it has become a much nicer tag.
    The butterflies are great. Learnt something new there.

  15. LOVE how you've put your own spin on those tags.That cute boy beats the dude with the outdated moustache hands-down! And that butterfly tag is really pretty! :)

  16. Beautiful work!. I love that cute boy stamp you used, and the colours on that tag. How are you finding the Brother Scan N Cut machine?

  17. Love the cutesy grunge looks tag better than that old guy! The butterfly is really pretty.....great use of packaging to create them! I'm wondering how you like the Brother too? ps. - thanks for joining the Halloween party :)

  18. Oh wow, Lizzy!! What fabulous cards! I love how you put your own spin on them, especially for that first one!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  19. WOnderful tags ..the first one being my favorite !

  20. Hey Lizzy,love your take on Tim's tags - I am too way behind to ever catch up but it's fun looking at yours instead! I think you have invented a new fave style for me - cutesie grunge, love it!! :o)xxx

  21. I always so love your posts...there's always a little giggle hidden in there somewhere! ;-) Loving the 2 tags...both are gorgeous and turned out splendidly! ;-) Definitely like the cutesie grunge look! ;-)))))

  22. so fun and colourful tags Lizzy! love the green one - it's so cute)))


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