One Layer Christmas Card #17 & Rubber Dance Stamps

So, I'm back to making Christmas cards. I've been a bit slack on
them lately. I was watching a video about that script writing.
Wanted to give it a go. Found it a bit harder than I imagined.
Here's the OLCC Challenge:
But, it worked OK for the background here. The first card I made I stamped
my image first, and then of course, when I painted, it covered the image.
So, I figured I'd just stamp another image & pop it up on some dimensionals.
 Fixed! BUT then I realised it's a ONE LAYER Christmas card. 
Aaaah well. At least I got the chance to practise my script writing on card #2!!

It must be a month of sort of 'oops-s'
Cos I started to do this challenge:
 I chose the JUNE colours & went with the celebration of 
Christmas. Surprise! Not;)
Anyways, I started with this card:
Which I don't like! Don't ask me why....but it did get
me thinking. What if I clear embossed the pine needles?
And used the inks from them on the background?
So, this got made:
Then I thought, what If I heat emboss the title
as well as the needles? And what if I
sponge the inks on, not do the water
spritzing as I did above on the bg.
FINALLY happy!!!!
AND a whole pile of Chrissy cards made to boot!
I just thought you might like to see what
goes on 'behind the scenes' for a change.
Sometimes it takes a bit of a journey
to get the result you want.
It's always fun getting there!
Happy Scrapping, now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Lovely cards Lizzy!! Specially those with love script on!! Clever clogs you may have said ;) Hope everything is going well in your corner of the world!! Have a nice day!! I will soon go to bed.... Hugs Anna :)

  2. Christmas cards of course ! stop it ! mind you it is sneaking up very quickly :/ I swear we are cosmic scrapbooking connected . I have recently watched a video on Pinterest on scrip writing & purchased a couple of Calligraphy Pens from Office works to practice .I like how you have shown us your progress on your creations. Especially like watching how the last card evolved , I like both the second and last results on your last card

  3. Wow wow wow!! These are gorgeous! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love seeing what you are up to even if you dont like what the result is, it is a learning curve for us too.. love the cards, but must admit I do like the last one.. the gold looks wonderful.. and you have a few cards ready for Christmas.. which is coming up wayyyy too quickly!!

  5. Yes: sometimes you have to make it wrong so that you can make it right. Not that I do think there is anything wrong with the first ones! The final one? I feel like I could reach out and touch the pine needles, just like on a real tree

  6. so beautiful cards Lizzy! the last one is my fav with these great colours! ))) but I like all of them! )))

  7. Creating is a process after all. (And a collections of oopses!) But the end result is fab! Beautiful cards Lizzy!

  8. Again with the Christmas cards Miss Lizzy? Thanks for sharing your process. I would not have know how to change the first one, but you certainly did. The last two are gorgeous :)

  9. Lizzy I love these with the process photos that you posted! They really make me happy! Doesn't even freak me out that they are Christmas! I am starting to get into that mode too! Eeek!

  10. You did a fabulous job with the script writing and two tone too. Thanks for sharing at OLCCC.

  11. My fav handwritten words that too watercolor look ..Awesome cards Lizzy !

  12. Fabulous Christmas cards...and I love your handwritten (hand painted?) words.

  13. Beautiful one layer card design! Thank you for sharing with us at OLCCC.

  14. Love these cards Lizzy. Your script writing like a pro already, such a cool hombre effect.

  15. These are wonderful cards! Thank you for joining the Rubber Dance September Challenge. Hugs, Susanne.

  16. How fun to see your different cards and how you wanted to improve the first try. Love them all, but the last one is perhaps the best ;-)
    I apologize for not having left a comment for you before. I've been sick for the past 3 weeks. Better now, though! Thank you so much for joining our challenge - always nice to see you there! :-)


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