Hello there! Finally, finally I have a little time to put together
some of my thoughts and photos from Camp Mojo.
Sherry Mendoza holds these camps in both the USA and the one in
the Hunter Valley, Australia - the one I was blessed to be able to attend.
I went with my scrappy friends Mary B and Jo T & Mary's BFF, Leanne.
I'm glad we had our little 'group' ~ there were close to 60 scrappers there,
& I think if I'd gone alone I'd have gotten 'lost' in the mob:)
So Lisca M...hoping this answers some of your questions!! 
The setting was pretty much Aussie bush. Most mornings I walked up to Platypus creek,
a 30-45 minute walk. 
That way I had a bit of exercise before sitting at our tables [we each had a 6 foot one!]
& scrapping.
We had a shared room - basic, but it was fine. I shared with Jo & a girl
we didn't know. But she was an 'all night scrapper' [dunno HOW they
do that! 11pm was the latest I could manage!!!] we didn't see much
of her!
The toilets and showers were in the corridor
outside our room. It worked fine like that,
I never had to wait to use any of the facilities.
The food was WONDERFUL! Tea/coffee available all the time
as well. Could NOT complain about that .....
The sticky date pudding was SOOOOO good I had 2 servings....but shhhhh!
Don't tell on me:)
I managed to do 22 LOs cos I spent a LOT of time creating 'kits'
for myself before I left. Some of the backgrounds I prepped, too.
It made it simple. It meant I could chat and scrap, cos I didn't have to think
too much about what I wanted to create. It was all there, ready to go!
It was a bit of work [LOT] before I got there. But well worth it!
 This was as we were starting up. The empty table in the foreground was for
our scrappy mate Cheryl, who couldn't make it at the last minute, sadly.
Having the extra table was a bonus, though! This is our 'group'.
 This is what sort of happened by the Saturday. The camp
started Wednesday, but we arrived on the Thursday - it finished on
Sunday after lunch. It was GREAT to have that time to settle in and scrap.
And the girls were AMAZING scrappers. I walked around a couple of
times, oggling their work!!!
One night was '70s' night.....pretty much when I grew that was a bit
of laid back, no drama fun.
I was also lucky to do the extra workshops. They cost extra,
but I figured this opportunity may not come again, so I did the Naomi Cox
one [using Distress ink reinkers as watercolours] & the one with
Jen Hall - watercolour techniques with your Project Life.
Both were really good!
Then Jo showed us how to use that new Fuse Tool.
And I showed Leanne and Jo how to do the Bokeh technique.
Nothing like sharing!!!
Finally, I'll leave you with some of the flowers I came across on my walks....
I hope you enjoyed this snap shot into Camp Mojo.
I really enjoyed it.......Oh! And there was a BIG, WELL STOCKED scrap
shop there as well!!!! Dangerous. But I was good. TRULY;)
Cheers, Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Lizzy I LOOOOVED this post! Oh I really need something like this right now. My stash is bleak & boring & I have so little time to create!!! I have to fix this problem but life is running amok on me!! Wow 22 layouts - you are rolling girl! And I love the look of Pinot - it looks really cute!!!

  2. SO fun!!!!!!! I loved all the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Good on you for documenting and sharing our lovely time away. A lovely post

  4. you went prepared! Glad you had fun with fellow scrappers and got so much done. And yum for the sticky date pudding. :)

  5. Oh!!! This is so fun to see !!! You seemed to have had a great time at that Camp. Loooking very well organised. What is date pudding??!! Looking really tasty.... YAM!! Have to Google that, LOL :) Thanks for sharing !!Hugs Anna :)

  6. great photo Lizzy! glad you have so much fun ))))

  7. This was so interesting for me to see and read. I've never been to any kind of a crop! I'm so glad you had a nice group to hang out with

  8. Thanks for the photos from the scrap camp. It looks like a lot of fun and friendship! A lot of talent in that room for sure! A lovely country setting too! And getting all those layouts done was amazing! Maybe one day I might get to go! Have a good week!

  9. 22 layouts!!!!!!!!! WOW i am truly impressed. Looks amazing - wish I could have been there with you - maybe one day eh?

  10. I'm so jealous! Someday when I'm all rich and stuff I'm going to crash your camp. ;)

  11. Aren't they fun! Yes they are a boat load of work to get ready for but wow, look at that production! Super cool! So glad you got to have so much fun and got some classes in too! Hugs!

  12. WOW, Lizzy! I wish I could have been there with you! It looks absolutely amazing! I love, LOVE your photos! And you made 22 layouts?! That is an amazing accomplishment!!!!!

  13. Great to hear you had such a great time :) 22! Haha & there I was excited about my 10 ;) I love your scenery shots, it certainly is a beautiful spot.

  14. Camp Mojo looks awesome and some stunning photo's! I am jealous indeed! ;-)

  15. I finally got round and sat down to enjoy the tour of Camp Mojo. I enjoyed it so much! Wow! Lots of people! As you say the preparation is important so you can put your brain on zero and chat away while you scrap away without thinking.
    The place looks stunning and a walk before really sets you up for the day. I enjoyed the photos of the environment and of the flowers.
    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is clear that you had a really good time. (I'm a teensy bit jealous...)
    A thank you hug!

  16. My all time favourite post by you. I loved "seeing" everything and hearing all about the all the pretty photos. Thank you for sharing. xx

  17. Sounds like so much fun. 22 layouts , you are super efficient Lizzy. Thanks for sharing all these pictures and your style of storytelling I really enjoyed.

  18. Great post Lizzy - it almost felt like I was there !

  19. Looks SO FUN Lizzy! I love looking at your wilderness photos what a fantastic setting to get creating....22 LO's ???????? WOWSERS!!!! that is an amazing accomplishment! I can't talk and create at the same glad you had fun xo


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