Me on Monday...

don't usually do these posts - but I just fancied a change & I really do enjoy Sian's
Besides, not a lot of scrapping is happening cos I'm busy packing my
own "kits" to take to my first ever scrap camp.
Camp Mojo, up in the Hunter Valley!
Whilst Wally soaks up the occasional weekend sunshine!
And atm our local Mangrove Mountain oranges are ripe - we bought these
at the local Farmer's Market. 
So I've been squeezing!!
And the other exciting thing is we might be tripping off to England in 2016.
So I'm doing some research while DH struggles with one of those awful colds
that leaves you with a ticklish throat.
I wonder... Which is worse - that, a blocked nose...
or runny one? Or stuffed up head?
Just hoping he doesn't share it. I intend to be scrapping hard from Thursday of this week;)
Anyways, apparently nothing matters when the Rugby (Union) is on TV!
Boring... I took the opportunity to print, cut & paste all those Pinterest
cards I'd pinned. It's not even a pretty book - but it's a great reference:) 
And 'play' with Moldiv, a new photo collage app
I've got on my iPhone!!! 
The top 2 I did with the Project Life app,
before I downloaded Moldiv;)
So, all in all a busy weekend:)
Waving from Aussie on Monday!!!!
Blessings - Lizzy xo


  1. I think you should trek of to the US in 2016... just sayin'... :D

  2. Wow..Scrap camp !! Sounds very interesting..Enjoy :)

  3. It's lovely to be waving at you this Monday! Scrap Camp..little bit envious here..

    Thanks for the good wishes. We are heading back to the hospital after lunch.

    Have a great week!

  4. Loving the photos!!! How fun to have a trip to England!!! Hope Hubby feels better soon!! And YAY for a weekend crop!!!!!!

  5. .. and a wave to you from Adelaide!! Lovely post Lizzy .. sometimes nice to hear what people are doing besides scrapping. Envious about the scrap camp and the trip to the UK!! Not envious of your hubby's cold though .. hopin' he feels better soon. Lovely read!! xx

  6. Really enjoyed snippets of your day and Wally bless him, they always find the sun. Sorry to hear Tom is not well, hope he is on the mend now and Yay not long till Mojo, that is if I EVER get organised

  7. know off course, that I love these posts that gives a glimpse into the life of the scrapper that I follow? I loved reading a bit more about you :) I believe a stuffed nose and stuffed head go together...and I hate the feeling. You must be so excited about your upcoming scrap away xx

  8. Loved this post Lizzy. It was nice knowing you a bit more..... Hope ur hubby feels better soon so u can enjoy ur weekend away. I wish I'd booked in to camp mojo too. Lemme know how it is. Mayb next year 😛

  9. beautiful photos Lizzy! hope you'll enjoy Scrap Camp! and trip to England - sounds great! )))

  10. Hi Lizzy, I enjoyed reading about your day, hope you have lots of fun at Camp Mojo - and hey you may be coming to England wooHOO! How exciting :o)xxx

  11. Lucky girl to be off to camp mojo. Enjoyed reading about your day too. I'm with you on the boring Rugby. Ooooooh how exciting about the possible travel plans!!!!

  12. LOL...a cool post and nice to know what you up to! Your scrap camp sounds awesome...packing kits takes time..last time I packed finished me off! LOL... Hopefully DH is better soon and how exciting to start planning a trip. Great idea to have a book of Pinned inspiration....


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