Time for my July Tim Tag & One Layer Christmas Card:

Yes! It's July. Which means  TIM'S 12 TAGS 2015 will [naturally]
have a distinctly American flavour.
So I made some subtle changes [choke.]
And I almost managed to follow all his steps. [snort.]
So, instead of this Fabulous July 4th inspired tag of Tim's:
I made a tag that would fit on the front of a man's birthday card.
You  can see I've followed the colour combo as closely as possible [tongue firmly in cheek]
  Actually, I've merely added an Australian Nationalistic Twist.
It's all blue sky and sea & sand here...hence our colours. 
Something amazing like 85% of Australians live within 50km of our coastline!
You can't really see it, but that bg encyclopaedia paper? It's got EISENHOWER
on it!!! LOL....unfortunately, most of it got covered up!
No Matter. I know the USA connection is there [winks].
And I've kept the whole design the same...give or take a 
few bits!
Not only is this a fab challenge to get those Chrissy cards
underway. But keeping them one layer means they post so much
more easily.
The optional twist is PRESENTS.
 Lovely glittery ones. With nail polish glitter, then I sprinkled a bit more on whilst it was still wet!
I also used a gold sparkly pen I bought from Typo, to add some 'zing' to the ribbon
& to the stars:
Gotta love doing a stamped card!
Cheers for now ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. stunning both of them... and you did a fab job making that tag your own and to the christmas card, well what can I say
    but you can make the most out of next to nothing :)

  2. ERmagerhd!!! That tag is so yummy with all of its sandy textures. I love that you personalized it to your own homeplace with that little wink to the US. And your one-layer Christmas card? Shiny, graphic, and soooo cool!

  3. AND, your one layer Christmas card is sooooo beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us at the OLCCC using the optional twist.

  4. Haha...love that your man tag looks nothing like Tim's! LOVE the colours and textures. :)
    Love the glitter on your one-layer card!

  5. Loved your "version" of TIM's Tag ! Yes the sand is distinctly visible and imparts beautiful texture to the tag .Lovely card too :)

  6. your tag is beautiful Lizzy! love the colours and the details, those hot air balloons are great )))) and Christmas card is sooo pretty! love the glitter accents!

  7. Hi Lizzy! Just love your tag, can totally see the inspiration in your tag... Well it is an Aussie version!!! And fabulous creating for your chrissy card.. Love the stars and the pressies look great! I hope it is not too cold down your way! Cold here, but no snow or sleet here! Have a good week!

  8. These are both GORGEOUS!! I love love love the balloons on the tag, and loving the presents on the card!! And LOL to having Eisenhower on the paper!! Too funny!!!!!!!

  9. Looooove the tag Lizzy! Gorgeous colours too! The one layer Christmas card is such a super idea...definitely cost effective, but still so pretty! ;-)

  10. Hehehhehe - I am smiling BIG Lizzy - you are so cute!!!! Well.... all of these are just SUPER. Love the one layer card... makes me want to make a card! I sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to add layer after layer on a card so this was good medicine for me!!! LOVE Tim's tag replication - eheheheh! It is REALLY GREAT. And can't leave out the balloons... fab too. THREE is a CHARM!!! j.

  11. Love the gold sparkly zings you've added to the card & the nail polish glitter...wow, looks more glittery than proper scrapbooking stuff!
    Your tag looks fabulous too...great representation of AUS :D :D

  12. I like you tag best . Nice to use the colours of the sand and sea and Oh I wish I lived closer to the sea. Good idea with the one layer for the Christmas Card, because I always forget and then postage is a pain, They don't make it easy to try and send more mail

  13. I LOVE that USA tag, and the card is beautiful! But since I am not a big christmas fan..........shock.......I cant hide for it :) . About the pocketletters...you should make them now and than, there are so many possiblities and it takes no time at all, really! Most of the time I take the ready white ATC cards and make the cards inbetween work (oh if my boss would read this ) . Or I take backgrounds from my inky , painty adventures . I have tons of embellishments( and I am sure you have them too :) ) I will never use anymore. And I also find little cute things in driftstores and dollarstores, markets etc . It is SO fun to have real mail when the postman comes. Normally I just get bills, and now there are surprises in my mailbox. Untill now I just got one letter that was horro. She just added scrapbookpaper and wrote a songtext on it. Nothing else, no efford, nothing. But that was the only time. There are many PL groups , there are for example people who try to collect a letter from every country or with a theme like art or doodling. Oh, I am in a hurry now, bye bye, thanks for your comments on my blog! x

  14. *LOVE* your twist on the tim tag and your ONE LAYER (!!!) xmas card is so impressive! (i think one layer is the hardest thing IN THE WORLD, so extra "well done" that you've made yours sooooooooo awesome!) :)

  15. *LOVE* your twist on the tim tag and your ONE LAYER (!!!) xmas card is so impressive! (i think one layer is the hardest thing IN THE WORLD, so extra "well done" that you've made yours sooooooooo awesome!) :)

  16. Hi Lizzy! I love how you took Tim's tag and made it your own! Yours is gorgeous and will look amazing on a guy's birthday card! And your one layer Christmas card is spectacular! I would find it very hard to do just one layer! You ROCKED it, my friend!!

  17. Oh!! This is lovely :-) You are so good at this Lizzy!!!
    So many beautiful details to discover even on that one layer chistmas card. Just love it!!! Hugs Anna :-)

  18. Do NOT tell Tim, but I like your tag better! Super cool stitching! The Christmas card is cool too, but I'm really much more in the beachy mood like your tag! Hugs!

  19. WOW!! Beautiful great take of July tag, love it!!

  20. Loving all the sparkle on that gorgeous one layer Christmas card! So happy you could join us at the OLCC challenge!

  21. Ahh, mixed media heaven - love the colour flow of this and the design - such an amazing take on Tim's xx

  22. Just one word, FAN TAB U LOUS. TFS.

  23. Great projects. Love your Aussie take on the tag!

  24. Beautiful tag with the hot air balloon!
    Great idea.Love your Australian colors.


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