Get your SHABBY CHIC on - a card tutorial for you!

Those of you who know me will know that flowers aren't my 'thing'. I find them hard to use at the best of times.
You will also know I ADORE a challenge. Even a self imposed one.
I was blessed to receive a good dose of flowers in my DA kit.
So, I figured it would be fun to see if I could use them. And I think I've done OK.
 A couple of the cards I made you can see HERE.
This is the third of the batch, which I saved so I could do a step by step.
So here we go!
I gessoed over some white card stock, then added a stencil.
The seed beads stick well to wet molding paste!
I'm using the card on the right below:
Next I added some DUSTY ATTIC RAISIN  & DENIM PAINTS, watered down, with a sponge brush:
You can see I've dabbed off with a bit of paper towel, if the colour was too strong.
I've also used a water mister to keep my paper dampish, so the paint didn't dry too quickly.
Then using my finger, I added some CASHMERE into the mix, to lighten it all up:

I decided to cover my background with Gel Medium - to make sure the seed beads stayed in place.
Inspiration struck & I added some glitter at this stage!
While this was drying, I fussied up my Elegant Swirls #3 & #13 with gesso, then some DA paint:
Then added these & some DA flowers [Smokey Blue, Vintage Rose & Evening Blush]:
My sentiment was stamped, fussy cut, then dabbed with some of the left over paint.
 Once this was attached, I went over all the flowers with some gesso on a sponge.
Et voila! The bird cages can be found HERE.
 I've also added a few sequins:

 The whole card:
Hope this makes you itchy to get scrapping!
And remember, Dusty Attic goodies are available online HERE.
Cheers ~ Lizzy


  1. Oh. Em. Geeeeeee! This is a splattery enigma of incredibleness!!! I'm pretty sure I just made up half of those words, but I don't care. You sure proved you can rock those flowers! I bet you'll be using them all the time now!

  2. Wow Wow Wow! What a gorgeous shabby, beautiful, glittery, seeded card! Love every element you used. Gosh, I still wanna be you when I grow up! You are sooooo creative!

  3. Soooooooooo gorgeous! LOVING the flowers and the birdcages!!!!!!

  4. Well :) some more connections here, the flower issue LOL!!! But You, OF COURSE, made it work perfect!! Mybee this is the way to go :) Awesome card indeed!!! Have a nice friday and a beautiful weekend Lizzy!! Hugs Anna :)

  5. It is gorgeous! And you do use flowers well. As you do chipboard. :)

  6. what a fun way to use flowers Lizzy! ))) beautiful card, love this colours and background, so stunning! ))) need to take my paints and just create )))

  7. Loved it ..I am more in love with the interesting bg than the flowers ;) !

  8. So pretty the colours you used here and the design is fabulous! ;-)

  9. Gosh you are making some gorgeous cards. This looks great and I really love the beautiful card I received from you today , feathers and all ;)

  10. So cool to see how you did this

  11. Wow you have to be making flowers more your thing... this is just gorgeous, who wouldn't love to receive this!! Stunning!!!!!!! xx

  12. dude! I always love it when you use flowers...even tho it's grudgingly! Love these! I have that pin of your beads in gesso on my pinterest...have plans to do it someday! Hugs!

  13. In a word "fabulous". Stunning layers and those blooms are so pretty I would never be able to resist them. A stunning card xx

  14. See you can do flowers!!!! This looks magnificent! Love the step by steps fabulous background too! Love your card Lizzy! Very pretty!

  15. Could have sworn I commented here .. must be old age getting to me .. LOL!! Loooveee this card .. so gorgeous .. and you say you don't do flowers ..huh!! Love the step by step .. totally brilliant!! Fabulous colour, magic background and a totally stunning card!! Love, love, love!! xx


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