Couple more CwiC Cards...then it's TIM TIME!!

...weeeeell.....phonetically I could get away with 'quick' like that, couldn't I??!!!
And then I've got a nice line of alliteration.......
ANYWAAAAAYS. I've declared June Card Month!
Anything goes as long as it's a card.
Christmas!!! Of COURSE;)
 Lots of embossing....lovely, lovely stars - thanks Linda E for that v handy stencil!!!
Then.........over at
 The colour scheme is obligatory; the SUN / SEA theme is optional, which I didn't go with.
This is why:
 You see, I wanted to use my Rubber Dance Stamps man-stamp!!!
Amongst others [the crackle bg one is from Creative Embellishments
This WAS cream cardstock to start with;)
And I got my brads out. And USED them. Such a GOOOOOOD feeling;)
And finally...
Now, I don't think I'm a 'big note it' person.....but secretly,
in my heart of hearts....I prefer my tag to Tim's!!!!
I'm not going to ask you what you think, cos you're probably
already rolling your eyes and snorting in your coffee!!
As usual, I didn't have the stuff to use that Tim has. But I used Distress ink
to create my 'plaid' bg
& was REALLY pleased I managed to [just]
stamp 'coffee' on the round bit!

Lizzy C gave me that yummy coffee stain stamp [thank you!]
which I thought just 'had' to be added
I liked my twine take around the cup!
So, there's your lot for today;)
Thanks for looking
Cheers ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥
PS: Since I wrote this post, I was also VERY lucky to win a Giveaway over at Rubber Dance Art a BIG thank you & congratulations to Bibi for her first anniversary!!!


  1. Wow wow wow!! These are gorgeous!! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Lizzy, congrats on your Rubber Dance win. What loverly rubber. I like your tag. Great take on Tim's. Hugz

  3. You just had to sneak a Christmas Card in there didn't you ? lol. Love that stamp from Rubber Dance and you did a great job with the card, I like the crackle look. The tag is super also , oh and right no pressure hey, I haven't seen Tim's tag , so that lets me off comparing ;)
    Mary x

  4. shhhhhh, don't tell Tim, but I didn't notice it was a drink with a straw until I looked at your tag! Super cool take on your tag and I agree! June is card month! Especially because I killed my printer so I'll be making cards for a bit until the new one comes!

  5. Gotta say .. I love your tag better than Tim's too!! Love the Chrissy card and specially loooove the 'man' card. Brilliant colours and design!! Totally gorgeous .. every one!! xx

  6. Christmas card with gold embossing is gorgeous.
    The image and color scheme fabulous for card in second post.
    Your Tim Tag is my fave! Love the way you used the twine on the cup!

  7. Two awesome cards, Lizzy! Great Christmas card inspiration (thank you) and excellent masculine number! As for your tag, bravo! Well done making your tag better'n Tim's! (Oooh, that sacrilege to some folks!) Hugs, Darnell

  8. I love your cards..but this time The Tag is my favorite ! Its wonderfully coffee themed..loved it to the bits !

  9. the Christmas card is my fav! love this palette and gold embossing, so great! and tag with coffe is pretty too )))

  10. You always bring a huge smile to my face :) Lovely cards , even if I don't longing for Chrismas now.. LOL!! And your happy writing in your blog posts is just awesome.... Wish I had more and richer knowledge in english so I better could describe what I meaning.... Any way, THANKS!! Hugs Anna :)

  11. You are very welcome! I love that stamp and it is perfect for your coffee themed tag! and all the other cards.. look awesome! and a Christmas card.. well i guess the way the year is flying we will be sending them off before we know it.. love the masculine card too... and brads.. now thats something that I have lots of... somewhere... buried... must find them and get em on a page or something... anyway.. I hope your monday has been great..

  12. Awesome cards!! I'm always wondering what others do with their cards ... do you actually send them?? I have piles and piles of cards and (almost) never ever send one of them!!

  13. Some great makes Lizzy!! That tag is awesome!! And a Christmas card, boy are you on the ball - wish I was lol! xx

  14. Ooh: a start on Christmas. I like that! I love how varied your cards are..different styles all beautifully done: you'll never be lost for exactly the right one for the right person

  15. You are killing me with your productivity! These are fabulous!

  16. Could you stop terrorising with the Christmas cards already! lol! I know, I know, I should join in, but it's too cold and unChristmasy right now. However your star card is gorgeous and masculine one, just perfect for the blokes in your life. Yep, I agree, I prefer your tag. Can't go wrong with a cup of coffee and the stain to go with it. As always, it's such fun to pop in and see what you've been up too :D

  17. Gorgeous Helen says make me worried with all the Christmas cards!!!! LOL... I love the tag....that's a really gorgeous one too! ;-)

  18. Awesomeness! All are fab, and my fave has got to the the one where you've used my stamp - of course! ;-)
    Thank you so much for entering our June challenge!

  19. How on earth have I missed this much over here?! *Slaps own wrists* You've got to know that I'm just drooooooling over that last coffee card. A) because it's coffee B) because it's Tim Holtz and C) because it's distressed. Yep, pretty perfect. And I love the vintage man on your second card. I can't believe you're making Christmas cards already! I feel so behind!

  20. Such lovely cards
    Thank you for playing along at BGC!

  21. Wow! Wonderful Christmas card! Great colours.
    Thank you for playing along at BGC!


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