BOSTIK. The Last Post:

Yep! It's been 12 month since I started doing my monthly BOSTIK posts.
I've explored a heap of their WONDERFUL adhesives & products, including their hot glue gun
and their Blu Tak.
For my last post, I just wanted to share a really simple project.
You see, my step Grand-kids were fortunate enough to go on a big holiday to the USA.
I nabbed a few of their FB photos to create 3 little 'remember' albums.
I know they have lots of media these days, but I still think holding photos in your hands
is the best way of bringing back those memories!
 And I used my 3 fave products for these minis!
 They are all different, cos I used what I had. This is the year of Using Up the Stash!
 I used some coloured index cards that I had so the kids can write their own memories in their own books!
And of course, even if I'm not being an ambassador for BOSTIK. I shall still, ALWAYS use 
my FIRST and LAST love.....their Glu Stiks!!!
Had to pop in my other FAVE glue!!! The Multi Bond is, like, my 'Go To Guru' when nothing else will make it stick!!!!!
Thanks for reading....& don't forget - not all your projects have to be 'high maintenance'.
I'm sure the kids will get just as much enjoyment from these than if I'd gone OTT with embellishing!
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. I can't believe it has been12mths! You have done Bostik proud with some great uses of their products

  2. I got all excited thinking YOU had visited the US and then wondered why you didn't arrange to meet ... but then I read closer and wellllllll all is forgiven! LOL!!! I love love love this album!! Soooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. All 3 albums are adorable; what a great way to give the gift of vacation memories.

  4. Its always sad to say goodbye to a DT and scrappy place (weeell in your case - gluey place!) Love the little thank you card at the end, that's sweet. And yay for shopping with your prize from Jennifer!!! Ha!!

  5. Oh.... what wonderful ways to preserve the memories for those kiddos. I'm sure they will have a super fun time writing their own thoughts and experiences down.

  6. Well you have done fabulous projects with Bostik products! What a sweet mini for those great memories!

  7. I think you are absolutely right.

    I have really enjoyed seeing how you stick on the other side of the world!

  8. I have a mild obsession with adhesives so loved reading your post
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  9. Super fun project Lizzy and love the fun photies! ;-)

  10. Great projects Lizzie! Love that card at the end :)

  11. Gorgeous keepsake mini albums...and a wonderful way to use up the stash xx

  12. I long to do simple, low-key projects just for myself - one day!! Wonderful to have had Bostik supplied. Here we don't get those but we do have a Bostik gel that is very popular with scrappers!

  13. Yep I am on the hunt for good glue too. Fabulous projects for the kids to remember their holiday. You are so good with this stuff too. Love the card too. I need to do this to use up some of my stash. Thanks for the great ideas...


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