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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Ode to Chantelle H...

...can you have an 'Ode' to an alive person? I HOPE so. Well, I am, so there!
You see, Chantelle H has a fun-tabulous blog where every now and then she
shares photos she has taken with her 50mm camera lense.
And she takes STUNNING shots. See HERE.
And I keep saying I'm going to take some too. And never get around with it.
Well, I finally did!
So, this is a non-scrappy post. Sozzy folks! Gotta break outta the mould occasionally!!!
 Our azalea is flowering beautifully atm....
I can't believe the fixed lense can take photos like this!!!
 My GF gave me a succulent for Chrissy. I HATE them.....but it's got a pretty flower;)
 Now, camellias.....right up my alley. Love them!
 Had a tidy up in my scrap room & re-sorted my flower storage....
 Just a few leeks growing in Tom's little vegie patch!
 The view from our verandah. With our new-old distressed table Tom made.
MY favest spot in the whole wide world!!!
And of course, Wally had to get in on the act! Wally loves the verandah too!!!
So, if you've got a Fixed 50mm lense.....I'd recommend giving it a work out.
You might be surprised like I was!
And thanks Chantelle for the inspiration:)
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Beautiful blooms! I bet your yard smells sooooo fantastic! And Wally is so photogenic, how could you NOT take a pic?

  2. Oh Lizzy, fabulous pictures; your veranda is so inviting! Hope you are having a relaxing day!

  3. Hi Lizzy! Thanks for sharing your pictures! They look amazing! Beautiful focus! And of course Wally looks pretty good too! I hope your weekend is going well!

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! Wally looks great! =)

  5. Lovely clicks Lizzy !! I loved the blooms n the mode of capturing it :)

  6. I'm very interested to see this. I have a new 50mm for my camera and I've been experimenting with it this week too

  7. ps: if I had a dog, that's exactly the kind of dog I'd have

  8. Love your photos and of course Wally is just to cute. I can see why the front verandah is your fave place to sit , I hope I get to sit there one day with you enjoying a chat and a cuppa. PS I don't even know what a 50mm fixed camera is ! Oh I am so knowledgeable ! (It's ok the photographer son , just explained ) He even gave me a demo !

  9. PS I have to say I like the pics it takes

  10. Stunning pics Lizzy - love the view from your veranda Its just gorgeous!

  11. Stunning pics Lizzy - love the view from your veranda Its just gorgeous!

  12. Prime lens' are the best ones in my opinion. You got some great shots here Lizzy... have fun with it and love seeing a non-scrappy post.

  13. Stunning photo's Lizzy! Wow...you are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place and that distressed table is in the perfect spot! ;-)

  14. Stunning photos Lizzy...that lens isn't called a Nifty Fifty for nothing. I use mine all the time. Love your porch...maybe we will have a cup of coffee there one day xx

  15. So Super Happy with these photos! I love the wally dog to bits from here!

  16. wonderful photos Lizzy! love these beautiful flowers (including succulent too)))))
    all my photos (from November) were made with 50mm lens - because we have very short day-light most time of the year and this one is most aperture ratio lens

  17. Oh Lizzy, these are wonderful. I feel a bit honored to be mentioned in your post. You have made my week. Your photos are just beautiful and a lovely peek into your world. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you continue doing it 😊 xx

  18. Beautiful photos of a beautiful part of the world.

  19. Beautiful photos of a beautiful part of the world.

  20. I have that lovely lens but usually too busy to attach it. You must get one. The photos are stunning! Your place looks so peaceful I don't know how you are so productive!!


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