My Selfie Album Part 2 and Let's Get Arty challenge:

Well, I managed it! I didn't do every day.
But I got the essence of my life atm, I think.
And scrapped me!!!
Thanks #selfiescrapbook girls!!!
Even though I finished my little album... it has no 'ending'. I mean, life doesn't end just cos my album
or the month does!
I kept the 'flow' with the idea of stamping around the page & lots of journaling.
 I really haven't added much else - the odd PL card...
Another look into the life of Lizzy, eh? That's it. I promise!
I must say, because I often join in with Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge.
And cos I was lucky enough to get the associated Little Moments App free, on Australia Day
I found myself using some of the photos from that....
it worked for me!
The challenge this month:
 Use this 'label' site called ACME LABEL MAKER
where you can use all different kinds of fonts, colours and effects
 by copying and pasting your choices for printing out
and applying it to your arty project

 It is REALLY a fun site!
I'm loving the 'learning' I'm doing from joining in with
Let's Get Arty challenges.
This is the font I've printed out from the site. I'm sorry I don't remember it's name.
I was just mucking around - like I say, great fun!
I mentioned on FB my 'new' way of fussying up the Dusty Attic Pebble 'so beautiful', above.
I run over the chippy with my white texta.
Then add an expoxy sticky bubble [thanks Sandra S!]
I LOOOOVE the look it gives them!
The background MME paper, from Ronda Palazzari, & blue 7 Dots  Studio papers were both
from giveaway wins.
The little stars I've had in my stash for ages.
Monica Brady will remember them well;)
This is Trinity, looking fabulous, with her horse Anya, who sadly
died last year.
I am so glad she got this lovely photo taken before this happened.
I really felt the bg paper 'spoke' to me, as did the idea of the big side title!
That's it from me for today!
Thanks for looking ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥
Kellie Winnell [Winter-ish stamps]
The Scrap Sisters Challenge [stamp 'chuuuut' win!]


  1. Wow! Fabulous You! Love each layout and selfie!

    The Let's Get Arty page is gorgeous. What a beautiful memory.

  2. Oooooo! I love that font you have used Lizzy.....looks absolutely perfect on your beautiful page. A gorgeous mix of colours you have on there too and such a lovely photo. Thanks for joining in with us at Let's Get Arty. AND I totally love your selfie pages.

  3. wow you have created some awesome pages, love the one with you and the words on photo :Start Today: fabulous ideas here. How you are all cleaned up from the flooding and that no more will be happening. take care xx

  4. These are GORGEOUS!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee the colors, the photos and the journaling!!!!!!!!!

  5. It's lovely to see some snippets of your life right now. It's something I don't do often. My heart was in my mouth as you waited for the student and then a cancellation - oh no! I look forward to hearing how it goes next time. I'm sure you will be amazing. Love your style, always arty and eclectic.

  6. Love your selfie album! And got to say I chuckled at the two of you with the selfie stick....I got one last year too but never got round to using it.
    That layout is gorgeous! You had me with the map paper....and the title work.:)

  7. Am reading you blog at brekkie time here in the UK. Awesome design and your style is so cool. I just love your journaling, you make me giggle and that my favourite way to start the day so thankyou ;)

  8. loved every page you shared here and u def nailed the documenting the essence of your life bit. ive always admired your journalling, love ur style.

  9. Its different ! Never came across a selfie album that too scrapped so wonderfully :) Loved the Lo everything on it is tied together the map,title ,colors n the photo.

  10. The selfie pages are wonderful Lizzy, they have an almost dear diary feel to them, your personal thoughts and fabulous photos! I hope your fear of flooding settles down, even though it has been over 4 years since the 2011 floods here, heavy rain at night still makes me nervous.. And such a beautiful photo in your last layout, and love the title down the side of your page like that.. Have a lovely Friday!

  11. wowo Lizzy your selfie album is so wonderful! love to read your stories in journalling )))))
    and your layout with Trinity and her horse is amazing too! love these details (and title is gorgeous!) and your way to use Dusty Attic chippies great too! I can't wait to see my order with these beautiful designs)))

  12. wow Lizzy!! Selfie album... you are too cool!! I love the honesty in your scrapping and photo sharing... and I KNOW you would be the BEST tutor!!! What a precious precious photo of Trinity and her very loved horse - you can see her joy, wonder photo to scrap - and scrapped beautifully! Fabulous font you've created!! Perfect and fun!! So glad you had fun with the acme label maker!! And thanks for supporting us at Let's Get Arty!

  13. Super you finished the book of me. I think you have to do it every 5 years or so. Because our lives change But for now you have a great keepsake to give your children when you are oldddddddddd :) Have a great weekend! x

  14. Very inspirational! I am loving your Me album - so arty and stylish. And that layout is amazing!!! Wow - that has to be my new Lizzy fave!

  15. These are so super Lizzy! ;-) Each one special and gorgeous! I really love your journalling...

  16. Awesome pages Lizzy - I love how much journal work you do - such a great record of your thoughts :)

  17. I love the way you used that big print paper!

    And the selfie album? Can you just imagine someone finding that on a shelf some way into the future and loving what they find out about you? I can! "selfie stick" there a more horrible phrase doing the rounds anywhere? There's something about it..

  18. Wow Lizzy, I love the artsy feel of your selfie album, really cool colours and style :o)xxx

  19. I love the way you use your own handwriting throughout your album! I keep trying this technique but it never works out for me. Your pages are beautiful.

  20. Loads of inspiration here! Love your hand journaling & your gorgeous jumper & glad you are enjoying it!!

  21. Very beautiful:)
    Thanks for playing along with Lets Get Arty!

  22. Great layout, well-used background, subtitles are perfect. Beautiful photo of course;) Thank you for playing with Lets Get Arty!

  23. Beautiful page Lizzy..... such a sweet the font you chose to use.....(and I love your selfie pages too)....Thanks for playing along with us at Let's Get Arty. :)


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