FUNKY FLAIRS STUDIO - the NOT a page project!

Here I am, with my 3rd FUNKY FLAIRS STUDIO project for May as their GDT!
This time around I wanted to step outside the LO idea.
I want to show you how easy it is to pop a flair [or 2!] on a card.
Do you remember that background paper which was created by slapping on some left-over bits?
The one I used for my first FUNKY FLAIRS project HERE?
Well, I've used the same idea with a different bit of paper here.
And gone with the colours the paper dictated:
 Such LOVELY glitter.
I didn't want to completely hide it, so used vellum & heat embossed the gold sentiment:
 And my whole card, with the lovely little flair tucked in.
Sometimes the flair can tuck in neatly & does not need to be the 'highlight':
 At other times the flair can be the statement piece. 
Like on the wedding card below:
The FUNKY FLAIR STUDIO has such a wide & continually expanding choice of badges.

 I wanted to do a banner...but I really didn't like how the twine looked. 
So I left it off!! I think it works fine:)
Unfortunately, no-one guessed I'd be making a card or two....
seems I can certainly keep you guessing;)
Thanks for looking.......back to a LO for next  week's post!!!


  1. Gorgeous Lizzy, I love the gold embossing and the glittery gold against the artsy painty background, beautiful!

  2. You can sure keep us guessing and drooling and loving everything you do, that's for sure! There is some great texture going on in these projects. Love the glittery gorgeousness and sparkly amazingness!

  3. Whats not to love on this card ? The color,backgroung and yes the fair everything looks beautiful ! !

  4. I love the colours and texture on this card, girl you are just uber talented :) that glitter is so cool, am just loving your not a page project ;)

  5. These look wonderful Lizzy! Love the flair just popped onto your cards. A lovely embellishment and you use them so well! I hope you have a good week ahead!

  6. You amaze me!! These are just gorgeous! I love love love the colors and the textures!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. These are super Lizzy! I love the colouring and design of both! can certainly keep us guessing....and that's a good thing too! ;-)

  8. Gorgeous times 2! Love the colors you used for both cards and the beautiful ribbon flowers with the flair tucked in.

    Love all the texture on the second card with the flair making the statement!

    Wow Wow Triple Wow! :)

  9. YOU are a very creative gal these days Lizzy!!! LOVELY - both are LOVELY and fun too!! j.

  10. Lizzy these are the bomb!! The colour scheme is gorgeous & I cannot imagine a world without flairs ♥

  11. wonderful cards Lizzy! love your backgrounds and colour palettes - look like summer sky ))) I love flair buttons too )))

  12. Two scrumptious and on trend cards Lizzy. Especially love the little yellow bicycle. TFS

  13. Oh I do love flair on a card! It makes it feel as special as the cards with "age badges" when I was little. And if anyone is going to get me embossing, it's you.. that gold is so pretty

  14. wonderful and lovely cards, great flairs to play with but love all the glitter and sparkle :) have a good week

  15. Oooh, I LOVE these, Lizzy! Yes, that glitter is to-die-for, and the gold embossing and hues of blues makes these the whole package. Love the mixed media look, but used on cards!

  16. soft and pretty! I spy some familiar blooms...glad they got used up! :P

  17. I love it when you do flowers....and shiny gold bling. Gorgeous projects.

  18. Love these cards Lizzy! Beautiful colours & textures!! I know I always say that but I love the tactile deliciousness of your creations!!!


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