Tim's Tag, Cardabilities #120 & Scrap Africa #38...

... so, this month for my challenge entries, I'm going to try for BREVITY. I did say TRY;)
I started with this:
Problem: No die cut sentiment that would fit where those hearts are, like in Tim's Tag here:
Sigh. Anyway. I started again & was happier with this:
I guess I shouldn't have added that little cluster. But it looked a bit PLAIN....what can I say?
And of course, you know what I did with both these tags once they were finished, don't you?
I like 'em to be "useful"!!!
Thanks Tim! You ALWAYS make me think outta the box:)
I'd also tried a couple of other flowers for the above tag. 
They didn't work out, but I used 'em for the 

 Ended up with this:
And quite happy!!
Then, for a complete change, I tried the 
And made this card.
The bg is one of those 'added to over a number of months' bit of paper;)
Yvonne Y has a LOT to answer for with these little bg bits of paper I'm collecting!!!
How'd I do? Not too much talk!!!
And 3 challenges down so far, LOL:)
Happy Scrapping, my friends ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Wow wow wow wow!!! These are all gorgeous! LOVING the colors and all the flowers!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow you have been busy though! Love the tags, and love the card, especially all the FLOWERS!!!! Have a great friday!!

  3. Lizzy, what are you trying to do to my eyes?! You've got a whole string of amazing creations here and you've ruined them for any other card makers. Just wow. LOVE the tag - especially the crackly hearts (so I'm glad you didn't have a die cut word).

  4. One post full of lovely and different than usual creations ! I just store my tags Glad you found use for them that to quickly :)

  5. Hey Lizzy, I love both your takes on Tim's tag, maybe the second one just pips the first one, the cards worked out great too - they all match the lovely springtime feeling here today:o) Your posts always get me itching to play!

  6. I sometimes have a picture of you with half a dozen projects lined up on your desk at the same time. You flit from one to the other adding a dob of this and a flick of that, just as the mood takes you. Then you wave a magic wand, everything assembles in just the right spot and voila, it's a wrap! You are indefatigable!!! And inspirational - yes, I know I've said it before, but this is inspirational central 😀

  7. I agree with Helen on this one. Wowsers Lizzy. You are cranking them out. I love the Tims Tags both of them... The cardabilities card is fabulous and the SA on is soooo moody. So much eye candy. Thank you for the inspiration <3

  8. Wowzers Lizzy! Your tags are fabulous! The cardabilities card is gorgeous; love the colors you used. And, your blue background and floral card is stunning! I am always inspired when I step into your blog! :)

  9. It's always reassuring to hear that things don't work out first time every time for someone else too! But you certainly got there

  10. Such lovely texture and gorgeous colours. Beautiful card. Thank you for playing at Scrap Africa.

  11. Those tags are fab, those hearts look perfectly placed. I'm in love with the colours in the scrap Africa card. The deep blues and ochre yellow flowers, so pretty. The combo just draws someone into it.

  12. Amazing Lizzy!!!!
    The blue with yellow looks fabulous!
    Thanks for playing with us at Scrap Africa!

  13. Oh wow!!! I love the colour combo. Such a beautiful choice. Wow. girl you rock. Thanks for playing along at Scrap Africa.

  14. wonderful projects Lizzy! looks so great and fresh! your tags and cardare so bright, looks like summer is on the corner )))
    and when I see at your card with Scrap Africa sketch I see a sea ))) deep blue sea that I adore )))

    1. oh and thank you foe playing along with us at Scrap Africa!

  15. wow!those colours! great project!Thank you for sharing with us at Scrap Africa.
    xoxo, Asica

  16. LOL...you have been a busy girl Lizzy! ;-) I love the two tags....these are just amazing! Sunflowers and poppies are my favourite flowers! 2 beautiful cards too....the one for Scrap Africa is a beaut...the dark blue and yellow is so striking! Amazing background too! Thanks so much Lizzy for playing along with us at Scrap Africa! ;-)

  17. Wow Lizzy, I'm in love with those flowers. Your colour combo is just beautiful. Thanks for joining us at Scrap Africa :)

  18. What a gorgeous layout Lizzy! I love the pretty cluster of flowers. Thank you so much for sharing and playing along with us at Scrap Africa. http://ericahoughton.blogspot.com/


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