Is it too late for Valentine's Day?

>>> too bad!
You see, way back then [which only seems a nano-second ago], I joined in with Sian Fair's VALENTINE'S DAY POST CARD exchange.
And I got lotsa love-ly postcards from all over t'place.
And I never linked in to it.
So, now's the time!
Better late'n'never, right?!!!

The BRILL London crown post card came from Ruth aka FURRYPIG [don't ask me why!!!]
The DIVINE heart with the lavender [my all-time fave smell] came from RINDA in Canada, I think..
The DELICIOUS orange card came from RACHEL B in England.
The FABULOUS quote one was from SCRAP DREAMS [Cheri, really!] who often joins in with Sian at 'Me on Mondays' eg HERE....
And last, last, lucky last I got a bit of mail lovin' from BARBARA V also from England.
Now, I'm not sure if this is actually the correct Barbara...but the blog fits with that LUSCIOUS LANDSCAPE card, right? 
We can always pretend........ it's the closest I could find!
Since this is looking like an almost unrelated scrappy post I may as well continue... I took this outside a shop.
Displaying their wares.
Nice, eh? As for the following, heavily edited photo...
It's obvious Easter is the season for miracles, cos I SEWED!
I made a throw for the bed and some cushions.
Heavily edited so you actually can't see the crappy job I did!
If this was a Monday post [to join in with Sian's ME ON MONDAY idea], then I would say it had been a 
sweet first time ever the DH gave me an Easter Egg, industrious sewing even though I HATEHATEHATE it [& that's putting it mildly] weekend with Macca's for breakfast and even a church service thrown in.
The egg was MUCH nicer. And made in Poland. Just a little trivia for you;)
But it's not Monday.
I've never done a Monday post - it's my aim, one day...
so til then, we can say this is a draft attempt!!!
A Bientot!
Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. It's never too late to share! That's a lovely lot of postcards :)

  2. LOVING the post cards and CONGRATS on getting that throw done!! More than I have attempted! LOL!!!

  3. What a lovely idea to share postcards from around the world... Some wonderful cards too! And you sewed! I used to love seeing...I made all sorts of things, especially dresses for the girls... But then I discovered best and less and the girls though home made clothes were so uncool I stopped... Now the only time I use my machine is for scrap layouts!!! What you made looks good! And I hope your egg was yummy! I get gluten free biscuits that are made in Israel so the world is a small place when it comes to international trade! Have a good day Lizzy!

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    “U.S. Embassy – Tokyo, Japan “Got it.

  5. Sewing, just the thought gives me shudders....Lovely post there Miss Lizzy Hill!

  6. such a beautiful cards Lizzy! and sewing is not easy as scpar for example, but when you see finish things you can proud by yourself ))))

  7. That was such an entertaining post Lizzy, made me smile as always :o)xxx

  8. Lol Lizzie - I love your snippets on life! That card swap looks like fabulous fun!

  9. Love this post! lol Thanks so much for showing us the cards and carrying us along on a post of fun. It looks like you got five cards? I checked my list and your final one was to come from Colombia..maybe it will turn up soon. But I'll make sure you get a sixth: that's the Sian Swap guarantee. Thanks for joining in.. It was fun wasn't it?

    ps,,love the sewing!

  10. LOL....such a great post Lizzy! ;-) It's like sitting down and having a natter with you! ;-) Love the postcards and your sewing looks very cool! Heavily edited or not!!!!! LOL ;-)


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