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Friday, 3 April 2015


Hi y'all! Today is Good Friday, on the Christian calendar!
I'd like to wish all my fellow Christian's out there a wonderful, blessed time:)
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So, onto my BOSTIK project for April.
This month I'm featuring one of my fave BOSTIK products:
Yep! You can see it's not quite in pristine condition! The little nozzle is easy to work with......but you can unscrew the cap if you need a decent dollop:) 
I thought I'd show you how I made these little fridge magnets. They'd be quite fun to do with the kids or grandkids over the school holidays, too. They're simple to create!
Patterned paper scraps
Sturdy cardboard - the back off a writing pad, for example
Archival ink [eg StazOn, Ranger Archival, Memento]
Any stamps, extra embellishments - I've used mini doilies, a flair & washi tape
magnetic strips

Gather materials:
You can use any sorts of magnets. The roll is from KMart here in Aussie; I've cut some strips off those old Real Estate fridge calendars that get handed out! The square sheets come from a Dollar store.
STEP TWO: Cut your cardboard to 5.5cm square.
STEP THREE: Smother one side of your cardboard square in glue, then lay it onto your patterned paper - which needs to be cut larger:

Don't worry if the glue squidges out the edges. It will dry clear and means your paper is well stuck down!
Trim to size and sand your edges:
Add your stamping and embellishments now. For example:
Coat the front with a good coat of BOSTIK Hobby Craft glue. This will give added strength & a completely clear coating to protect your project:
I used a sponge for this step.
Coat the back, then whilst still sticky, add the magnet:
Allow to dry. Then you have finished!
The 'latte' flair is from A Flair for Buttons - a lucky win from Monique Liedtke!
The whole bunch:
This glue is SO good. It doesn't smudge or distort the stamping at all! And to show you the sheen/coating:
There is some washi tape behind this stamp.....the Hobby Craft PVA glue binds it all together very well.
It's also water resistant, sticks to material, wood, ceramics & porous materials! 
Excellent for decoupage, leather & suede & sticking down sequins:)
Thanks for looking and I hope this gives you some ideas in your own creating!
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Love this, Lizzy! I know what my May altered project is going to be! :) Thank you for the tut! I'll be sure to link back here when I post my May altered fridge magnet project. Your magnets are fun and gorgeous!

  2. have to get me some of that ! Great tutorial , I love the little fridge magnets and when I get back I am inspired to make some

  3. Ohhhhhhhh these are just fabulous!! LOVING them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Such a neat and cool idea Lizzy! ;-) And using BoBunny papers.....you are the doll!!!!!!! ;-)

  5. ummm they are rather awesome.... love the magnets... cool! thanks for popping by... yep i am slowly making my way back into the paper world... !

  6. Blessed easter to you too Lizzy! Your magnets look wonderful and so practical too! Have a good weekend!

  7. These look brilliant Lizzy, great fun and simple to do. They would be great for a fund raiser too. Happy Easter weekend to you and your family :o)xxx

  8. great idea Lizzy! love this magnets )))

  9. You certainly know your way round a bottle of glue (or two!).

    Wishing you a lovely Easter

  10. Wow This is Beautiful n useful too ! Loved it !

  11. WOWZAS! These are amazingly cool projects! Your fridge has got to be the best dressed kid on the block.

  12. Cute magnets & always good to actually be able to use & show off what we make!

  13. Love your magnets Lizzy...such a cool & clever idea!! Hope you've had a great Easter weekend :)

  14. I love this Lizzy!
    Hope you had a good Easter :)

  15. That is such a cool idea although I think my grandies are still a bit young :P hahahahahahaha seriously though I love this idea... want to play with it...<3


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