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Wednesday, 18 March 2015


I am just sneaking this one in. I had difficulty with the SCRAPPY CANARY sketch...but persevered:
And came up with this:
I was VERY fortunate to win some goodies from Ronda Palazzari, including a PILE [& I mean that in the literal sense!] of scrappy papers from MME. 
New stash. Gotta LOOOOVE that!!

 The stars below have been coloured with 'white out' or 'liquid paper', as it's also called!
 That bit of yellow paper got pulled outta the bin & into service!!
The 'happy' is an SRM sticker.
 I don't have a lot of photos of Geordie these days.
He's at the 'SERIOUSLY? Stop snapping me' stage.
Sigh. Shame they become teenagers in some ways!!! Still, at least I've got SOME, eh??!!!
Thanks for looking
Scrappy Canary always have lovely sketches, & a delish DT...it's just too many challenges and not enough time!
Check them out, though. You'll enjoy, for sure:)
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Yeah that's definitely outside your typically crafty style, but you sure pulled it off! Isn't it fun to stretch creative muscles? Love the little pockets you created. You always know how to stow things in layouts so well!

  2. Love the layout and your page is fabulous! Love the embellishments and colors you used!

  3. You are right about the time and challenges.. so ya just do what you can hey!! This is a wonderful take on the sketch, love each square, they are interesting and great colors for a male page.. and it is not just a male teenage thing.. I got it with my older ones... and am on the verge of it with my youngest... sigh.. i almost get the hand up in front of the face treatment when I get the camera out now.. but the joy of the older ones is... I pinch the photos off facebook..hehe.. that is a great beach too.. enjoy your Wednesday!!

  4. Please tell him he's adorable! I love this page! Super cool with the grid! I'd struggle with that too! Hugs Miss Lizzy all the way over there from here!

  5. Lizzy what a great layout! these photos are so cute, and this composition match perfectly with them, I think )))) cork embellishments are so wonderful, just love them!

  6. Too many challenges and not enough time? You think! I don't know how you manage to get so many done with all your other stuff. SERIOUSLY! :0
    I do love this one. Clean for you :D Love the PL feel to it and the colours are great. I get that with my hubby and kids too... even the babies sometimes... but now those pics get snapped too.....:P Love this Lizzy.

  7. Wow...this is so different from your usual style...but I love all the details...and the way you took each square and made is unique and embellished to perfection. xx

  8. Hey Lizzy, I wouldn't have recognised this page as yours to start with, but I love it - what a fun way to scrap multiple photos and it has lots of those quirky Lizzy touches! I think I've managed to get three smiling photos of my eldest son since he was ten - and he's thirty two now! :o)xxx

  9. You stuck with it and totally different to what you started lol. Could be a PL spread , and a great way to get a story told, well done .

  10. Good for you Lizzy - you rose to the challenge and turned out a fab Man/child page.....sure can be tricky when they get to that stage...what am I talking about the four year olds pull that stunt now. If all else fails, then bribery is the go! Great job with a tricky sketch. I did a Lizzie with some Christmas stars today....glammed them up with some gold nail polish over red....they look gorgeous. Thanks for the tip :D

  11. How cool is this! It just screams happy! That is a really tricky sketch and you did awesome job!

  12. Another cool and fabulous page! I love the PL styling...and the photo's so gorgeous! ;-)

  13. So gorgeous! LOVING the colors, the grid design and the photos!!!!!!!!!!

  14. oooh love a grid and the way you pull this one together looks so good - all those small embellies leading the eye around the photos on the page.

  15. love your take on the sketch Lizzy - each section looks like a mini scrapbook page! well done and thanks for playing along :)

  16. Very nice! Great way to get lots in!! I love your sketchy outlines!

  17. such a fun take on the sketch :) love how you have put this together!


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