LESSology Challenge MARCH 15 ~ RIBBON FANTASY...

Yeah, right. Ribbons. Hmmmnnnn...pretty sure I just off-loaded a pile in a giveaway late last year!!!
The irony.....
However, the Challenge Queen in me took front seat. And the Practical Queen went along for the drive.
So, remember my tiny study, with the shelf of boxes that are slowly, slowly being made Pretty?
Well, another one got a make-over for this challenge.
So, I really ought to thank Yvonne Y for taking me outta that comfort zone.......LOL!!!!
 Guess which box I tackled? Originally it held Tim Tams in it, I think!!!
 And after! A bit better, eh? NOTE: Ribbon has been used!!!
And 'blinged up' with silver glitter NAIL POLISH. Of Course!!!
 I even added in seam binding and tulle ribbon BESIDES the ribbon 'flowers' I created...
 It's easy to make ribbon flowers using Glubers as a base, I find.
I hadn't played with them for ages, so it was actually fun. But don't tell on me!!!
 And to 'switch it up', I used all 3 of these in the one flower....to give it added texture......
 ...& of course, gessoed over the top to add  a softer colour, a layer of protection & stiffness....
 The tin was covered in old paper from Zeus & Zoe, with my BOSTIK PVA glue.
Worked a treat!

 The Glam Shot!!!!! Ric-Rac got a look in, too!!
The metal was a lovely gift from Rebecca over at SCRAPPING ON THE EDGE....yummm;)
So, what can YOU do with ribbon?
We'd love to see your take over at LESSology this month - & remember, you just need to use one upcycled or recycled element.
Here's what you could win!
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Lizzy, I bet you're just constantly inspired by your pretty boxes! And I'm glad you gave away those ribbons - it's how we first met!!! Ahhhh nostalgia.

  2. *sigh* sooooooooooo gorgeous! LOVING the vintage feeling and the flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love this so very pretty! Nice way to use up some of that ribbon! Mine is still out of control, I am holding out for a visit from you to get it straight! ;-)

  4. Oh Lusciousness incorporated! Luuurve the blowsy blooms and the slurps of silver. Scrumptious. Thanks for the inspiration :D

  5. Another Wow! I LOVE your ribbon flowers and the box is gorgeous! I must make a note to dig out that glitter nail polish!

  6. Oh wow love your tin much better than looking at tim tams all the time! And the big ric rak looks wonderful.. And the ribbon rose is very impressive, I love it, no need to worry about the bulk of it either on a layout... Really lovely take on the challenge.. And yes weekend again.. I hope it is a good one for you too! And thanks Lizzy for your wonderful comments that always make me smile!

  7. Well look at you going all girly and playing with ribbon and nail polish. I love that idea. I have a draw FULL of nail polish :D looks so pretty and great way to co-ordinate stuff for your studio if you want it that way. Lovely Lizzy

  8. I've definitely never thought of nail varnishing it! But I'm so convinced..it looks wonderful.

  9. Oh my goodness Lizzy - you did what you needed to then did some more! You're incredibly resourceful. And the end result is stunning! I adore this!

  10. So creative and such a pretty result! You are getting a nice collection of tins and boxes now! ;-)

  11. Wow!! How gorgeous is this?? Love it!! That ribbon rose is awesome and I love it when you use your nail polish! Fabulous makeover Lizzy!! You rock!! ox

  12. these flowers are so beautifu Lizzy! great way to make something beautiful from simple boxes ))

  13. Ahhhh...one day....one day I just might have one of my own Lizzy Hill upcycled tin box to put my pretties in. *winks*
    Brilliant work! And the craft space must be looking fabulous now with the new "additions". :)

  14. You have a way with words Lizzy . I think I notice a touch of Paris about this tin :) You are going to have the prettiest collection of storage containers around


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