That would be TIM TAG TIME!!!
I am soooo enjoying them! Mine is sooo not like His this month.
See, I read the post. Then I jot down my notes. Then I do it. With the supplies I have.
Wanna see my notes? I actually write down all the challenges in this old unused diary.
Works for me!
Obv I'm gonna sort of go off the track at some stage. 
So, the GOOD thing this month? I BOUGHT some Tim Tissue Tape [ooooh! another TRIPLE T!!!]
The BAD thing? None of his paints. So I used the Distress Stain.
Sigh. The ink does NOT cover the tape at all. Well, I know for sure that Gesso does. See?
Soooo mine's a soft, subtle spring tag!!!
Then you had to do the stamping. Well, I was HEADING for a butterfly. But this bee got in the way:
Now, Tim has this wonderful sticky paper to mask your animal with. I used some plastic from a stamp pack. And I had to use Blu Tak to stick it on. Worked FINE:
And THEN the theory is you use a mask and texture paste. Add your embossing powder when it's wet, then allow to dry.
Like allowing anything to dry is gonna happen in this scrappy space!!! 
I am an IMpatient scrapper. 
Naturally, the texture paste smudged. And the embossing powder sort of got everywhere.
But hey! I LIKE the messy look. Should see my house;)

And then I added STUFF..
 To finish it off! Thanks Nat M, Mitra & Bexta 76
 And TA-DA!
Thanks for taking this journey with me!
Hoping it inspired you to become a Tagger!!!
And of course, tags are GREAT - they make a really quick card. Just plop 'em on front.
So they are useful:):)
Blessings ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. This is gorgeous! LOVING the GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HAHAHAHA - I definitely snorted at your snort! You and I both have the impatient genes when it comes to waiting for things to dry. LOVE your take on the tag and the shimmery glitteryness of that raised embossing paste.

  3. Snorting along with you Lizzie - you are such a wag! No not one of those woman that tag along with the sports people, the original Aussie version. aka dag....oh you know what I mean!! Love the way you wrangled this into submission and what a triumph. You have magic fingers. Love it :D

  4. Hi Lizzy! Your tag looks great, and I loved the journey you took to make it. The embossing looks fabulous and gesso is a good fix er upper er too! (Had to type it out like that or goodness knows what the spell check on my iPad will write!) always enjoy your posts, love your creative process... Like I have said before.... Art is alive, it just grows before our eyes! And I hope your Friday is going well!

  5. OMG - no wonder you pump out these challenges... I think when I get back from my holiday I seriously need to get organised like this. Such a good idea.
    YOUR TAG! is amazing. I love the colours and I love that you did what suited you. I also used blue tack to mask mine. AND yes - snort - like I waited for mine to dry too... heat gun worked perfectly :D and I don't care about the bubbles. This is fabulous. I love everything about it.

  6. wonderful creation Lizzy! love this combination of colours with gold accents - looks so posh! )))

  7. hehehhe that was a fun post to read - I've tried this month's tag twice and just can't make it come out right, but yours is beautiful Lizzy, and I think it's great that it's so different from Tim's - to my mind, the idea is to try his techniques and make your own creation with what you have, no point in just copying is there? You've inspired me to have one more go ... :o)

  8. LOL....too funny reading your fun posts! Your tag turned out just beautifully and love the beautiful embossing and colouring! ;-)

  9. Love love love it! Gorgeous tag with all the detail....priceless! And, love all the detail you include in your notes!

  10. Love your tag . I am so with you on the drying part, who has patience for that. I enjoyed the journey of your tag as much as the tag itself

  11. Eeeeek that gold is BEE-utiful! :-) Really dig that Tim! Tag. ;-) You rock girlie!

  12. Wow Lizzy! You are so talanted! Love your work. And I want to say a heartfelt THANKS for your nice and encouraging words to me on your blog! You realy made my day ♡ Bless Anna :-)

  13. How beautiful is that tag!!! You are amazing...I love your twist on the tag.

  14. This is so cool! I really like your presonal twist on Tim's tag. Turned out great!!

  15. Oooh well I think it looks really lush! Why do you think I chose mixed media Lizzy?? Because that way you get to be guilt free messy hahaha. I can't wait for stuff to dry either... Booooring!!!

  16. your thinking process. Messy sometimes produces cool results. Like yours. You make me almost want to try gold embossing. Almost. The heat tool is...just...too....far....away! lol

  17. I really love the soft subtle tones...AND the smudges embossing powder too. It just makes it even more unique!


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