Dusty Attic March EXTRA post - Peace, Man - ALex surfing

Hello there, Dusty Attic fans!
Today I'm using one of the pages I created when doing this post HERE.
For the photo I wanted to use, this was a bit strong. So Gesso came out to play!
Then, I worked out where I wanted said photo to 'sit'. Do you scrap that way?
I often slide my photos around the page.
Then usually pencil off the area, so I don't waste 'making it pretty' where it won't be seen.
I used LOTS of DUSTY ATTIC PAINTS on my background.
The really neat thing about the containers is that you can squirt them out.
OR unscrew the whole top.
   Image 1    Image 1     Image 1  
Often I'll squirt out too much paint. But these make it easy-peasy to scrape the paint back into them again. No waste!
 The ARROWS #1 pack have been painted as have the MINI SEAGULLS - all with DA paints.
That lovely grey-blue 'drop' is NAIL POLISH!
Loooove that stuff. Replaces enamel dots beautifully *winks*!!
 Naturally. The day you got married. You surfed. Didn't you????!!!!!!!!
 I figured since this was a boy page, I could sneak in some of the lovely SPARK PLUGS, alongside the LIGHTHOUSE.
 Of course, the SEAGULLS are there watching the surfers.
Thinking they'll have hot chips to share, no doubt!!
Once again, painted with DA paints!
 I had been 'saving' these STRING FRAMES.
They are my ABSOLUTE FAVE DA product.
They worked sooo well, given a coat of SILVER DA paint.....
And I used the PEACE from the WORD PACK #5.
Painted & outlined.....you've been very patient!
Here's my whole page:
So there you have it! DUSTY ATTIC chippies ROCK.
I've hardly needed to use anything else on this page!
They're available ONLINE HERE......
don't forget our MARCH CHALLENGE, either!
As always ~ happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Wow..The circles on the bg look like surfwaves .Loved how the sparkplugs,lighthouse and the seagulls complement the photo to complete the scene ! Fab job !

  2. Another fabulous page LIzzy - it has a wonderful feeling of fresh air and the sea! the background looks so cool and I love all those DA pieces, especially the spark plugs :o)xxx

  3. Love the background and the whole laid back Aussie vibe to this page. I agree, the perfect way to start a wedding day. Great showcasing of the Chippies :)

  4. HI.. I saw this over at DA and thought I was on your blog.. oops. but I did leave a nice comment!! hehe.. I really do love this one.. love the back ground, great photo. and love the light house and gulls.. and I have done the march mood board.. just gotta get a photograph, edit it, and put it on my blog then link it over.. easy!hehe.. it all takes time.. which seems to be flying by at the moment... happy wednesday!

  5. I love love love love this!!!!!!!!!!! LOVING the colors and loveeeeeeeeeeee all the beach themed chipboard!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  6. so wonderful photo Lizzy! and your work with background and chippies are great!

  7. perfectly perfect and spectacular colors and texture , great work Lizzy x

  8. Nobody else MAKES chipboard rock quite like you do

  9. You did it again my friend. Stunning background...you do it with so much flair. You know that I have a chipboard addiction...yes? Gorgeous page...love all the chipboard xx

  10. How pretty Lizzy! I love how you muted the paper down & the whole rustic feel of this page!

  11. Oh Wow that background is perfect. Love all the chippie on there as well. Gorgeous page.

  12. Very pretty! And the background and chippies used are so perfect. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Fabulous Lizzy! I love the paint work and I had a chuckle at a vision of you squirting out too much paint - could be messy! ANd no, I don;t know of anyone else who went surfing on their wedding day!

  14. LOL...I´ve just commented on Dusty Attic´s blog like it was your blog - ooopppsss :). But I loved the technique! gorgeous background image you created there! and I love this layout, it is fabulous and captures the surfer feelin´ very well! gorgeous work!

  15. This is one of the quintessential displays of why I love your work so much. It's got everything - chipboard, texture, paint and such an amazing layout. You have such an eye for design, it constantly astounds me. Thanks for being such a source of inspiration.

  16. Love your rustic and beachy page! The background and colouring so perfect! Just like you...I also pencil off my photo area...cause I also dont want to waste materials where they will not be seen! You're a gal after my own heart!!!! ;-)

  17. This one is just amazing. I think this is one of my faves of yours. That background is just stunning. Gesso is amazing stuff. Love the circles and the birds. Too cool and I can't think of a nicer way to spend the wedding morning :D

  18. The background is perfect for your surfing page. I love how you turn it into a story ( seagulls waiting for hot chips) Love string circles, I love circles :) I reckon a surf to start the day of your wedding is perfect if you are a surfer ( I would drown) Fabulous page Lizzy

  19. Oh this one looks amazingggg, it has a whitewashed beachy look about it.....one of my new fav's!! Love all the chippie pieces you've used & the background looks fabulous too!! Yep, I do that too with my pages...mark off where photo & papers will go & then leave that area blank :)


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