Hullo my friends! It's time for my monthly BOSTIK I'm sharing with you how I've used their CLAG CLEAR GUM.
Since Easter isn't that far away, I thought I'd share a little 'retro' Easter card with you.
This gum is quite runny, & if you use it behind photos on a LO, for example, it will probably wrinkle & crinkle's GREAT for thicker cardboard....& for creating your own glitter glue.
Pretty simple - pour some glitter over some glue & mix! For a stronger glitter, simply add more to the mix!
I created glittery eggs:
 Just roughly draw an egg shape, then using it as a template, cut out a can make some bigger, by just cutting away from the pencil marks.
 Below, you can see I use old bits of sandpaper to 'shabby' up the edges...
And you need to do TWO sides & paste the eggs together, then I glitter glued up just ONE side:
 I used the brush that was with the washes out really easily!
Since I was making eggs, it occurred to me a basket card might be fun.....
 Sort of vaguely sketched in the shape, then made sure it was 'even' on both sides!
 Sooo easy - & it looks really cute, I reckon.....then I added some patterned paper with my trusty Bostik Glue Stik:

 And below, some different paper for the handle:
 Now I just had to put it all together!
 I was so pleased with this! The back has the plain eggs, below:
 A close up of the glittery eggs - you can see I've also glittered up some of the flowers, too:
 And below you can see the 'basket' on the inside:
There's enough room below to write a greeting...finally, a top down view:
And there you have it!
BOSTIK have a WONDERFUL range of products!
I feel so privileged & am VERY happy to share just of few of them with you:):)
Thanks for looking & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. What an awesome little easter basket! Add some chocolate to that and it would be sheer perfection! :) And we all know how much I adore glitter!

  2. That's a very clever little card and super cute too.

  3. This is adorable! Love your Easter basket and eggs!

    Lizzy, I just read your comment on my birdcage card about using the bokeh technique for one of your problem! It is a fun technique! :)

  4. This card looks wonderful Lizzy, so cute and love the idea of making your own glitter glue..The glittery eggs look so cute! I used to buy gallons of that glue when the kids were at school and made school projects and things.. it is a good glue for that!! Happy Tuesday!

  5. Lovely just lovely! Those sanded glittered eggs rock!

  6. OMYGOSH!! This is soooooooooooooo fun! I love love love the basket and those eggs!!!!!!

  7. Such a cute Easter basket...but seriously, arrgh, I can't think about Easter!!! ;)

  8. What a clever and creative little bunny you are!! So cute, any child or grown up still in touch with their inner child would love it. Sorry about the sentence construction. Hope YKWIM 💝

  9. so easy and fun way to do easter card! you rock Lizzy )))

  10. Such a fun egg basket ! Loved the idea of making our own glitter glue :)

  11. That is such a cute card/box. Love the look of the glitter on the eggs... you are so good at re-cycling and making your own stuff... love this Lizzy

  12. Oh this is EGGSelent! You're such a clever little CHICKEN!

  13. How fun is this! Great way to use glitter this as it can get really messy.

  14. I love that this card has a back as well as a front and that its behind is worth a peep!! (I used to have a needlework teacher who always turned our work over to see how neat it was on the back. That's why I noticed, I think!)

  15. oh what a sweet idea Lizzy, I love the retro feel to it and that glitter glue works really well :o)xxx

  16. I have said it before , but Bostik could not have a better ambassador . Such a cool idea, Love this Lizzy

  17. Great idea Lizzy! Looks really cute!! I wish Bosrik here would make me a brand ambassador LOL - I go through adhesives at quite the rate!!

  18. What a stunning little Easter basket...and what an amazing way to make your own glitter glue.

  19. Such a super design and a very cute resultant card! Beautiful! ;-)


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