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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

I ♥♥♥ my Bostik Glue Gun!

G'day! Today I'm featuring BOSTIK GLUE GUNS...they have 2 suitable for craft - because I'm gluing buttons, I'm using the littler one in this pic::
Bostik Glue Guns
In fact, I am BLESSED to have a big scrap room [1/2 the garage!]....so I have a 'Gun Space' where it sits all the time:
I know, I know...little gun...big space....but it works for me;)
Anyways, you can use these little beauties for all sorts of sticking - from buttons, to flowers, to lace, to leather, from metal to wood, ceramics to foam.
But I have a LOT of buttons. And since Valentine's Day is around the corner....I went to work!!!
THANK YOU Melinda Spinks for the inspiration for these cards!
I tried a few variations on this card....the above one has a patterned paper base under the buttons....
but then I was in 'creative mode' & decided to try this:
And this is the result:
 I rather liked the 'shabby' style with ripping around the heart....
BTW...how did I get the heart shape to start with? If you're clever, you can simply draw a free hand one...I had a Heidi Swapp ephemera one in my stash, so used that as a template. There are heaps on the 'net, too:
Then for my 3rd card, I used some BOSTIK GLITTER GLUE under my heart...I'm not showing you that one finished, 'cos it's earmarked for someone special!
BUT I will show you my 3 'back grounds' here:
And again, before I made them into cards:
I hope this gives you some ideas of your own!
For Mother's Day, I reckon they'd look cute with flowers.  Course, I don't 'do' flowers....but would LOOOVE to see what you come up with if you do!
And of course, it's so quick & easy to make these using a BOSTIK Glue Gun!!!!
Thanks for looking & happy scrapping, my friends ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. I don't think I'd exist without a glue gun. My fingers would probably have fewer scars, but I wouldn't be able to create much. :D This card is cute as a button!

  2. love these , so whimsical and gorgeous x

  3. I love these button cards, very lucky "someone special" x.... now what did you use to stick them down with... ;) Beautiful work I must go for a rummage through my button jar :)

  4. Love the buttons and hearts! Great backgrounds! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love love love this! LOVING that heart-o-buttons!!!!!!!

  6. I love buttons and have stacks of them too.. Your cards look wonderful.. and I am sure the glue gun has great sticking of all those buttons!! Happy Tuesday!

  7. Great use of those buttons! I love my glue guns...I have 2 sizes too! *high fives*

  8. A great way to use buttons Lizzy and your glue gun looks awesome! I don't have one yet...but must really make a plan! ;-)

  9. Lizzy, it's great idea for those who have a lot of buttons )))

  10. Love these heart button cards. So vibrant and each one is unique. I have Kilograms of buttons, which I inherited from my Mum, so I may have to scrap lift this idea.

  11. Hey Lizzy, love those cards, especially the one with the torn heart and the jute twine - I'm a sucker for buttons! You're a lucky girl having all that space, I'm sure I would use lots of things more than I do if there was room to leave them out - glue gun, sewing machine, cricut ... :o)

  12. What gorgeous cards, Lizzy!! You totally rocked the buttons!!
    ~ Blessings, Tracey

    Garden of Grace

  13. Bostik could not have picked a better person to promote their products. You are lucky to have such a big space to leave your glue gun out !

  14. Too cute!!! I have a million buttons too so think I'll make a canvas one - thanks for the idea!! The embossing looks lovely - that's my favourite!!

  15. So adorable Lizzy! Love love your cards, and I have a huge jar of vintage buttons too so what a great idea to use them, thanks for all the details you've shown....Lisa xo

  16. I love seeing buttons on projects but when I use them I always think they look lame :P I also have a little glue gun just like that which has been relegated to the back of the cupboard because I am tired of burning myself :P again... These cards are just so sweet and I think I am going to give it a go.

  17. Beautiful cards...so creative. Thank you for the inspiration. About your space...that is big. I can't imagine having a glue gun space :-P


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