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Hey there fellow scrappers! Sharing with you my take on our current FEBRUARY CHALLENGE.
It's a CORKER!
So's the $100 Prize up for grabs!!
Now there's a story to  this one, which is why I've got a PILE of journaling on my page.
Suffice to say my Dad wasn't the easiest man to have around the house when he drank:/
But he was a good Dad in many other ways...enough guff!
So, here's my journaling. Just skip if you're not 'into' this sort of stuff:
Dad....dude with attitude...& not always good, at that! Generous to a fault
[but usually with his drinking buddies] - our relationship
was problematic. I loved him. I hated his drinking & how 
this made my Mum unhappy. But there y'go.
It's all in the past. He was VERY proud of me
& soooo excited to be 'Dad of the bride'!
...And he behaved himself beautifully all day.
PHEW!!! Sadly, he never had time to mellow.
About 4 years later he died of cancer.
So, I remember him for the mixture of what he was.
And what we all are, really....
This photo is from my 1st marriage waaaaay back in the 80's. Yes, I know, many of you weren't even BORN then. The colours just fitted the challenge to a 'tee'. And we lived on a farm. And it was time I 'faced' how I felt about my Dad. So I went with that:
Some yummy 7 Dots Studio papers. Glimmer Mist. A torn bit of cardboard [already gessoed - must've been for something else in the dim, dim past??!!!]. And lost of journaling. Which I TOYED with making private. But in the end, I decided, for me, scrapping is about the STORY as much as the picture and the creativity. Hence, the words became part of the design:)
Some closies of the YUMMY DA goodies I've used:
Birds on a wire. Lightly coated in DA paint [RAISIN]...the houses I left raw. I could get deep and meaningful & say something like "Doing this page left me a bit emotionally raw...hence, the houses..."
But [puke!]...I won't!!!!
I'm not a great flower user. But I find myself reaching for these VINTAGE ROSES ones all the time. Weird. Still, you can't blame me. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL??? Those buttons in the bg were 'raw' too. But I used stamps to print on the them. And I didn't smudge them. PHEW!!!
 Some of my journaling..... more of the 'Main Street' house set. There are sooo many uses for these chippies!
 In my title I used most of the words from the Word Pack #6:
 The washi behind made it stand out nicely!
And one more shot of that GORGEOUS barbed wire. I added cross stitches in quite coarse twine. I'm sure there's some symbolism in there, too, if you can be bothered thinking about it!!!
 I really hope you get to join in with this challenge. Not only is the prize of $100 of Dusty Attic products AWESOME - but it's a fabulous mood board - just take the bits that 'speak' to you & get scrappy, I say. You don't have to follow it to a tee - it's for YOUR inspiration!
And remember, you can buy DA products direct from the web now HERE.
Thanks for looking & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Lovely page with so much symbolism. We have another thing in common. I had a difficult relationship with my dad too. He was an alcoholic and died in 2012 of lung cancer. Barb wire would have suited a layout of him xx

  2. Lovely page with so much symbolism. We have another thing in common. I had a difficult relationship with my dad too. He was an alcoholic and died in 2012 of lung cancer. Barb wire would have suited a layout of him xx

  3. Sending you huggers my dear friend. I'm sure this was one of those pages that was very cathartic but very difficult to create. I love that your scrapbook pages are just so filled with truth and realness, too. The yummy texture of that corrugated cardboard is a fantastic backdrop to set the scene.

  4. Oh LIzzy, what a beautiful page with all that yummy texture! The journaling, like you said, it's all part of it! Kinda like a Clint Eastwood movie, the good, the bad, and the ugly! LOL I can identify, only change dad to mom. Not ready to scrap it but I can say that before she passed away we were friends and mother/daughter again.

  5. Such touching journaling Lizzy, I love the page as a while but the words really speak to me, thank you so much for braving the share x There is no such thing as fixer upper ppl, we love them for who they are or move on... sounds simples but was a really tough lesson for me. I love my Dad too, for all that he is... no mellowing going on tho ;) x awesome project hun x

  6. That was whole... Love the page as a whole... ;)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing an incredible page and a personal story. I find it difficult to balance the private and public journaling. I've recently started journaling on the back of pages because I found myself becoming quite impersonal and superficial because I knew people would see it. On the back of a page I easily fill a 12x12 sheet with words! Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your post. The page is a perfect demonstration of why we scrapbook :)

  8. Lovely embellishments and layout for your page Lizzy.

    Hugs Diane

  9. Miss Lizzy, I am quite proud of you taking on this emotional challenge! Super pretty page and I love that flower to bits! It's just enough and goes well with all those delicious chippies! Hugs!

  10. Wow wow wow!! This is gorgeous! LOVING the little houses and the title work!! And loving the photo too!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lizzy, it's a great layout! love these details and your journalling... we can't choose our parents, but we love them in any case
    and you're right about ages - I was born in 1983 )))

  12. Awesome layout!! Lol about the "raw" comment…. !!

  13. Oh Lizzy, this is your finest page ever! Your honest journalling is the hero of the layout IMHO. It makes the beautiful photo seem quite bitter sweet. The barbed wire and the tumbling houses are perfect symbols for the story of your relationship with your Dad. Thanks for trusting us with your heart. Bravo 💝

  14. Yes I agree with Helen on this one and I think for me it was the journalling too. I really resonated with it.. .that is another story entirely and one that I still need to deal with. There is nothing on this that I don't like. I love that you are using purple (eeeek) the houses are wonderful and that photos is splendid. <3 this

  15. Such a wonderfully honest and powerful page. It's one I'm not going to forget for a very long time

  16. Beautiful layout Lizzy! I was just stopping by to check if my postcard from Sian's swap made it to you on time?

  17. Love the colouring on this page Lizzy! Its so soft and beautiful....and the photo a sure walk down memory lane! Love the little bits and bobs....makes for a very special page! ;-)

  18. Lovelovelove how you used the chipboard pieces! This is beautiful.

    Glad you documented this moment.

  19. It touched me so much to read your journaling about your dad. I admire how brave you are to share something that's this personal as so many of us tend to present only the happy, lovely things in our pages. Just inspirational!


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