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Friday, 9 January 2015

LESSology #43 - JAN 2015 - RIBBON HOLDER 'Cardboard Central'

Our first LESSology challenge for 2015 is up! I really enjoyed this one. Because I was absolutely 'over' this:
And that is NO 'set up' photo.....I simply rarely use ribbon, & when I do get so frustrated, I just rummage through it then close the drawer. No more. This is what I made - using an old piece of cardboard:
Yup, a ribbon holder. Simple. Effective. MESS FREEEEEEE...gotta ♥♥♥ that!!!
 Bit of a box.....covered it with cut offs of pp:
Did those cut outs on the side so that the ribbon would stay in place, using a craft knife & Tim Holtz scissors:
Then, using my BOSTIK blu tak [in a bright colour so I could find the ends of the ribbon easily], I started filling it with the ribbon/lace I think I'll use:)
It was such an easy project, that will save me a great deal of angst & annoyance!
 I made the little cut outs 1" wide - most ribbons are that width or less...here's where I now keep it....
...and maybe use them more, since they're in sight! We'll see about that!!!!
There are some VERY creative uses of cardboard from our LESSology DT up on the blog.
I hope you're inspired by some of the ideas and join in this month....here's the YUM prize:
 Thanks for looking & happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. GENIUS!! I may have to do this now. If I can get my crafty self organized, that is.

  2. You need to visit me and put my stuff in order. LOL.

  3. Ohhhhhhh this is PURE GENIUS! I love love love it!!!!!!

  4. Thats exactly how I store my lace.

  5. You're awesome mate! This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing this with us! It helps! Great upcycled ideas! Hugs x

  6. So brilliant! Now come over and help me get organised! *winks*

  7. What a clever Lizzy! The end result looks wonderful and it is all neat and tidy! I hope you had a good day with the grand boy today!

  8. Hey Lizzy you must have channeled my Mum ! she usned to do this, but she didn't make hers pretty like yours. It is a brilliant idea

  9. That looks really cool LIzzy and doesn't it just make you want to actually USE that ribbon??!? Love it :o)xxx

  10. OH Lizzy, you need to come work on MY ribbon mess...tomorrow I'll post it for you! We may be ribbon hoarders....you never know! ;-) Love your new holder!

  11. Clever idea.... :D I need to do my ribbons at the moment I have them all pinned by colour onto BIG nappy pins - you know the ones we used to use for our kids before disposable nappies :P and the are on a few coat hangers... :P OK I have a lot of ribbon.

  12. That's an easy and such an effective way of stashing ribbons.

  13. Ah this is very cool....and such a great idea! I have a lot of ribbon that needs using up...but really doubt I could get it to look so neat and tidy! I have a lot of small bits...which I just can't throw out!!!! ;-))

  14. Great job there Lizzy! I use TWELVE big glass cookie jars for my ribbon & still not happy with my organisation system!! I hope you get to use yours more now!!

  15. Clever girl....love how neat those are.


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