DUSTY ATTIC January 15. The Layout that Morphed into cards...

Hey there my scrappy friends. It's DUSTY ATTIC post time! Painting time, actually, as I've had an absolute BLAST playing with their SUPERB range of acrylic paints
Initially, I was going to do this, for my first 'extra' post:
I gathered my bits & bobs... 
Not mentioning the youngster with the bottle of port.....that's for another post!!!!!...
...then I just needed to create my back ground by splotting on some 'free form' circles with the paints on my card stock.
EASY PEASY.....all sorted. HA!
Does this happen to you? You start on a Mission...& end up somewhere completely OPPOSITE.
Like, I ended up making CARDS. I kid you NOT!!!! 
 So, I merrily slapped on this most magical of paints - it went on beautifully! I just squeezed it out of the nozzle straight on.
Such fun!  Such a simple...errr...'Technique'!!!

The paint was fairly thick, so...
...I ended up 'patting off' some of the paint, so it wouldn't take all week to dry, using some other card stock, along with some A4 sheets.
Instant backgrounds!
Oooh! YUMMY....& this is where I went off on my merry tangent.
I had some lovely wooden dolls, gifted to me by the also lovely Rebecca Morris, sitting right by me...
This is what eventuated:
I mean, seriously - I could NOT stop that girl partying, now could I?!!!
I added some of DA's much easier to use than Glossy Accents 'CLEAR GLOSS VARNISH' inside the stars.
Then sprinkled on some glitter:
And did the same at the top & on the sentiment:
Then...this girl got on in the act:
She STOLE my birds & my stars from my planned LO....aaah well..... 
As you can see, I was on a roll & I'm afraid I got carried away.
Thought I should try for a Man Card so the girls had someone to keep 'em company:
Pulled out these yummies. And since this is all about the paints. I painted! And I am NO artist.
No idea how to do shading. Just dabbed a bit.
And I must say, I am tickled PINK [or should that be blue??!!!]
at the result.
What do you think?
A couple of closies:
I cut those DA fence posts to size....ADORE them!!!! The 'nails' are liquid pearls....inked up sentiment.....
Sooooo.....lotsa DA goodies used. I'm in serious ♥♥♥ with the paints....& having a ball with the chippies.
List is below.
Thanks so much for looking. Long post, I know. Sozzy.
But those girls 'had' to have their time in the spotlight:)
For the month of JANUARY ONLY, you can get 20% of ALL DUSTY GOODIES!!!
Just use the code: happy2015
Sooo....get yourself a few & try out for the $100 PRIZE, up for grabs in our DA current challenge!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Happy Scrapping my friends ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥
DA 0904 - Cashmere
DA 0912 - Oceania
DA 0913 - Faded Denim
DA 0914 - Denim
DA 0922 - Gingernut
DA 0924 - Storm Cloud
Dusty Attic Chipboard:


  1. WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE DOLLS?!!? Sorry for yelling, I just think I'm in love with them and would like to take them for a spin or two. I seriously admire your creative process and how you just let your creations take you places far, far away from the starting idea. And I totally did a double-take at the port. :)

  2. Lizzy I LOVE that you went off on a tangent ! I LOVE these cards and those Dolls , I love them. I so enjoyed this post , as I do with all your posts. Such cool cards , I really love them. Gosh we would have so much fun getting messy if we lived near each other.

  3. Oh I was just over at DA and saw these.. fabulous cards Lizzy, that back ground is wonderful.. and love the lighthouse and fence too.. brilliant inspiration!! Have a good weekend!

  4. Wow Wow and another Wow! Love the colorful paint-swirled background for each layout turned card; I especially LOVE the lighthouse and fence!

  5. Fab cards lizzy - honestly they are cute enough to frame!!! Love the paint swirl effect too!

  6. Wow wow wow!! Those backgrounds you created are AMAZING!!!!!!

  7. Amazing cards Lizzy!! The backgrounds are just awesome! Isn't it great when things like this happen and you end up with something spectacular by accident. Love it!! Love those dolls and that lighthouse too. Simply awesome work!! ox

  8. i love this messy with colors :)
    I have some and never use them... thanks for the idea

  9. Oh how cool do those backgrounds look. I love that idea... I am way behind already and have so much on my plate with the twins and the wedding. Cool background for project life cards too ... will have to find some time to play. Beautiful cards Lizzy.

  10. Ooooh...Dusty Attic has paints? How fun!
    My projects NEVER end up the way I've envisioned it and I think it stretches my creativity..[that's my story and I'm sticking to it! *winks*]
    I LOVE the artsy background you just with all the swirls and paint! And you are totally rocking the chippies! Those cards are looking mighty fabulous! :)

    Happy week ahead sista!

  11. I love your paint technique. May have to give that a go LOL. Gorgeous cards. The ladies look like they are having a blast. The lighthouse is really striking. Hugz

  12. Haha...off on a tangent indeed. Lovely artsy cards...now what did you do with that cute photo of the little man with the BEEG bottle ? ;-)

  13. And what OUTSTANDING cards they are, Lizzy!! I have some bottles of paint that look like those from when I painted by stamp cabinet. I never ever thought to squirt them on paper and make backgrounds!! I am SO pleased that Serena Dipity brought me here today to learn this cool thing!! Thank you!! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Darnell

  14. These are amazing Lizzy and the technique really so cool! Can't believe how the first 2 cards are a bit retro and 60's and then the last one...a seaside card....and yet, the same technique...waaay cool! Beautiful work! ;-)

  15. LOL! LOVE this 'technique' of yours. Looks fabulous, especially with the party girls!


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