Now, you all know how I LOOOVE my BOSTIK Glu, of course, their BLU GLU STIKS are even better....because they go on blue - then dry clear! So you can see EXACTLY where you're gluing for those 'must get into the corner' moments:)
Of course, I'm not being fussy here... but you can see the colour:) Handy, handy!
And as for the Blu Tack - well, I'm pretty sure it's a well known & used product - both the traditional grey-blue coloured one & the coloured one:
In my scrapping, I find it REALLY handy to hold stuff in when I've got a LO that I KNOW I'm gonna want to make sure that things are placed on straight!
I'm a lazy sod when it comes to scrapping.....but honestly, it takes 2 secs to attach a bit of BLU TACK to the back of your page....& then you can temporarily attach it to your grid mat, square, so everything stays firmly in place & will be straight!
This saves a whole lotta tears later on, when you're trying to rip stuff off 'cos it's crooked!
For this page, I wanted to place my photo in the I used a random piece of 12x12 paper, with some BLU TACK attached, across the page - using the grid lines at the edges as my guide:
Then I simply placed my photo in position, attached it, & removed the paper below it!
Easy peasy! I had FUN creating this page, with a whole bunch of goodies sent to me in a RAK from the LOVELY, talented MITRA P.... thank you, my friend:):)
The back ground paper is SODAlicious:
On the left of the photo, a little piece of paper is peeking out.
  Now, I don't believe in wasting paper you can't see, so I ripped off only the end bit that I needed!!!
A couple more closies:
 This is my boy who is now a boat builder - shipwright - & I am very proud of him! He's changed a bit from here....but he STILL loves fishing just as much! That's one thing my brother has been excellent at teaching my boys:)
 Loooove those waves, & the sticker sun & triangles sort of 'broke up' the quite busy bg pp....I sprayed some mists on for that reason, too:)
All the little tabs are from FLUTTERBY DESIGNS.....I adore them! They worked so well here:)
I hope this shows you how you can use these WONDERFUL Bostik products [which I wouldn't be surprised if you had lurking around!] in a scrappy way:)
Thanks so much for taking a look at this post......happy scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Happy New Year Lizzy!! Beautiful & Creative layout Lizzy!!

  2. wow, this is an awesome page, I sooo luv how you are using those torn scraps, tucking them away to see the words..soooo cuuute!

    sparkle & shine *~*

  3. A vibrant and joy filled page Lizzy. Especially love the Sodalicious background paper. I watched the Sydney to Hobart with renewed interest this year after seeing you on the deck of the yacht. You must be so proud of your Son. TFS

  4. Love love love love this! LOVING the colors, the layers and the torn papers!!!!!!!!

  5. Clever girl. I can't do a straight line if you paid me. I always try to match it up with the grid on my mat, but the blue tac is a great idea. All the bits and pieces make up a fabulous layout. Love the yellow down the centre, it really makes your photo shine

  6. Love the vibrant colour on this layout. Clever tips with the blu tack. That is such a good idea. I go through bottles of undo :P will give this a try. Love the papers you used. Cute photo of your boy too.

  7. Fabulous layout Lizzy, and I never thought about using blu tack to hold my page on the mat.. brilliant idea!! and I hope your weekend is going well...

  8. I have to echo all the other comments...this is so vibrant and it. I don't know blu tack at all.

  9. Another fun-filled page with lots of Lizzy details - love it, thanks for all the little hints and tips too, what a great idea to use the blu tack that way :o)

  10. Beautiful, vibrant and fun page! Love it! I use Prestick, as we call it also keeps my pages in place on the board, and is also used when I photograph my pages! LOL...sure is handy! ;-)

  11. A wonderfully vibrant page Lizzy!! Brilliant using blu tack to hold the page straight ... never would have thought of that!! Beautiful work as always!! ox

  12. Love the vibrant colours and the great tip with the blu tack.

  13. Great layout and tip for using Blu-tak. The added mist on the background really brightens the page, too. Looks fabulous!


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