An Idea or Two ~ Displaying your projects

Well, as you read this I'll be on hol's at my BFF's..... perfect time to schedule a post with what I'd been hoping to do this year. Which is share some ideas. I'm hoping to do this monthly. And I'm hoping they're helpful in some small way on your creative journey :)
So, how do you display what you make? DO you? I hope you do! I'd hate to think they just moulder away in your albums. Or [EEEK!!!] .....piles waiting patiently for an album! 
I have particular spots around my house, where each week I change my display of pages.
Here they are:
On top of my china cabinet. On an old music stand of the boys' that I 'fussied up' a whiles back:)
 From a distance:
 On the side of my fridge. Luckily mine isn't built in! Those pegs are from TYPO. They have magnets on their back! Clever idea. And inexpensive:
 On our lounge room wall. Simply hooked a page protector over a cup hook, then I slide my new page in each week!
This space is dedicated to Our Trips. So I pop a holiday LO here, to remember where we went....

 Beneath is a wooden MM project I did a whiles back, using the image transfer method. DH actually wanted it inside! That made me feel pretty smug:)
On our wall unit shelves:
 The perfect spot for smaller projects that will sit in a stand!
And finally, a while ago, in my kitchen, I'd done up an old cork notice board. Another plastic page holder [side on].
This time I've simply used drawing pins to hold it in place.
This page was actually published by Scrapbooking Memories last year, in memory of my Aunt who died from breast cancer:

 When I'm doing the dishes I have something fun to look at!
And finally, on the table near our phone. 
This is a little stand I picked up at the Op Shop, fussied up. Added some clips to match, to hold the pages on. On this stand, I generally place my A4 pages, which are mostly flowers or landscape photos of our local area, or from on holidays too. More 'scenery' type photos:
 The stand takes both landscape & portrait pages. This is a cut down one that I 'rescued' from an old calendar I had it's actually of Nervi, in Italy, when we were on holidays! And it's only about 6 inches in length...
So, there you have how I display my projects. I'm hoping if you don't, that this will inspire you to DO!!
Happy Scrapping ~ Lizzy ♥♥♥


  1. Awesome display ideas. I have a stack of about 15 inches that need albums...just can't win.

  2. Good ideas and I will be looking forward to your monthly tips. Apart from having one on display in my craft room (because it won't fit in an album) mine are all tucked away in cupboards :( I love that you get the enjoyment from yours and change them around. Have fun on your holiday. I already know you are getting spoilt !

  3. Awesome display ideas. .They give such a lovely artistic touch to the nooks and corners! I have a giveaway at my blog. .do check it out if it interest you :)

  4. Love those giant pegs Lizzy!! I think it's the year to celebrate DIY and other ideas, I couldn't agree more with you there ;-) Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog makeover - it's a work in progress!

  5. Great ideas on ways to display our work! LOVING them!!!!!!

  6. What a fun way to keep your art on display all the time! I bet guests just love coming to peruse what you've done lately!

  7. That is a wonderful idea.. and gives you a chance to enjoy them for a while.. cos we all know how much work we put into the layouts.. I have 2 small easels on the piano and I display 2 layouts at a time.. but it would be good to have more around the house before they disappear into albums... enjoy today!

  8. What a fabulous idea and you certainly have inspired me to DO!! Love it Lizzy!! I don't have scrapbook pages and I don't keep my cards but I can display my art journal pages and my off the page projects. Awesome!! Looking forward to more of your amazing ideas!!! ox

  9. great ideas, Lizzy! I love that LO's in files )))

  10. Great way to showcase your creations:) I have an old cookbook stand that could use a re-vamp, thanks for the inspiration Lizzy and dropping by my blog too:) Mwah x

  11. what a great post this is. You have some lovely items to use, but you have also reminded me how well a very simple thing can work too - the cuphook plan is fiendishly clever in its simplicity and effectiveness

  12. Oh wow Lizzy...some great ideas for displaying one's projects...I will definitely use some of these! I have decided to display my projects semi-permanently in my long hall way, that runs through the middle of the house! I also feel it's a waste for the projects to be in albums or boxes, packed away...because then no-one ever see's them.

  13. Clever, clever ideas - now I want to go and find my fave layouts and put them on display - thanks for the inspiration!! And it is a great pleasure to meet you - I came over from Becca Cruger's blog where you were just a HOOT in your interview!! Looking forward to seeing more from you!!!

  14. Some great ideas there Lizzy and a fully interesting read! My layouts go into albums but I have some catching up to do! I display only 2 at a time each week in recipe book holders in our dining room. Out house is small so space is short unfortunately!

  15. WOW! Lizzy, your display areas look amazing. You have inspired me to display some of mine. I love typo pegs too.......bought some recently to tidy up the grandies art work display on my fridge. I'd be fighting for space if I wanted to display mine there too lol.

  16. Love all the fabulous ways you've been displaying your hard work! :)

  17. What stunning ideas. I think it is awesome to display your stuff around the house. Nice that you can change it too..... xx


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